taking of forklift training in Aberdeen, Scotland, UKBeing qualified for a forklift job is the first thing to accomplish. You can do this by taking of forklift training in Aberdeen. Being certified can open varied opportunities in warehousing, manufacturing, construction and logistics companies. Some of the advantages are the pay is good and you only need to take few days of training to get certified, you can easily find forklift jobs anywhere in UK.

No matter where you may want to work, whether in warehouses or in construction sites, you are required to complete a forklift training program. The training course will equip you the necessary skills and abilities to operate the forklift and perform your job safely.

It is reported that many industrial accidents involving lift trucks are caused primarily by the insufficiency or lack of training, resulting in injury to the forklift operators and to those people working around them most are serious and some lead to death.

Employers don’t want accidents, thus, they hire qualified individuals to be a member of their team. To become qualified, you can register in for a class offered by a training centre. Mentioned below are the training providers you can find in Aberdeen, Scotland.

How to Take The Forklift Training

  1. Assess yourself first what skill level do you have. Assess if you are a total novice with no prior skill in operating forklift. If you have some skills and underwent formal training before, you need a refresher course. Other trainings include conversion if you want to extend your knowledge operating other types of forklift. You can also take semi-experienced/untested skill training, this for individuals who are proficient in operating forklifts but without formal certification.

  2. Determine the type of forklift you want to be trained driving. This is crucial when enrolling for a course. Specifying what forklift you want to operate can save you time and money.

  3. There is no place as good as the training centre if you want to learn how to drive a forklift. The list of forklift training centres in Aberdeen is listed below with their contact details so that you can easily get in touch with. Enquire your requirements and register in for a course.

  4. When you are registered, you will take the classroom lecture and the hands-on driving parts of the course. During the lecture you will learn safety protocols and procedures and other specifics of the forklift you are having training on. During the hands-on driving, the instructor will supervise you. He will give you instructions about maneuvering, operational controls, operating in confined spaces, loading and unloading of materials, lifting of materials to/from elevation. Basically, you will practice everything what you’ve learned from the classroom lecture.

  5. Passing the written test and practical training. The instructor will administer a written test to gauge the knowledge and skill you’ve attained from the lecture and hands-on driving. He will also administer practical testing to assess how proficient you are operating the truck. If failed one or both the test, you can retake it.

  6. When you pass both the written and practical tests, you will receive your certification. The certification is your proof that you’ve undergone such training and you are qualified that type of forklift.

Forklift Training Centres in Aberdeen

You or your employees need forklift training – and that’s fact. But finding the right forklift training centre that will suit your need can be a daunting task. Where is the best forklift training centre where you can enroll at? Here, we’ve prepared a list one for you so that you won’t be having a hard time looking for one, we included their details so that you can contact them and enquire your needs.

Evolve Training & Conference Centre
Wellheads Crescent, Wellheads Industrial Estate
Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 7GA
Scotland, UK
Phone: (01224) 724008

Gray Forklift Services Limited
Minto Drive, Altens Industrial Estate
Aberdeen, AB12 3LW
Tel: 01224 873899; Fax: 01224 896193

Allied Training Services
20 - 24 Wellington Street
Aberdeen AB11 5BT
Telephone: 01224 596669

Gray Forklift Services Limited
Minto Drive, Altens Industrial Estate
Aberdeen AB12 3LW
Phone: (0)1224 873899; Fax: (0)1224 896193

Falck Safety Services Aberdeen
Foinavon Close, Aberdeen Airport East
Dyce, Aberdeen
Contact: 08444 142 142; If international, call: +44 (0)1224 725808

SPS Training Services
1 Baltic Place, Aberdeen, Scotland
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 569500

National Forklift Training Association
Courses available are telehandler, counterbalance, narrow aisle, side loader trainings. Novice and refresher courses are also offered
You can contact the training provider at 07387 851 811

J & D Training Ltd
Offers service in Aberdeen and other nearby areas
Tel: 01384 895448, 07508 020478

Circle of Safety Training Ltd.
Contact Brian Muir if you any enquiry regarding the training
Mob - 07787 178790, Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
AIS Training
Unit 3, Kingshill Commercial Park East, Venture Drive, Westhill, Aberdeen,
For assistance and enquiry contact: 01224 399 140, 01224 399 140

Jungheinrich Training Solutions
Provides service in five training centres across the UK, forklift training courses meet the HSE requirements
For more info and details, contact: 0800 63 40 242

Tillycroy Support Services
9 Morven View, Tarland, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire AB34 4UH
Contact: 013398 81014, 07890 307 257

Trace Learning Solutions Ltd
Training location is at EnerMech House, Howes Road
Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB16 7AG
Telephone: (01224) 959 445

Brian Mathers Forklift Training Services
The owner is a registered forklift training instructor
Telephone: 07738 937878 / 01464 821405 |This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialist Onsite Forklift/Plant Training
This training provider also provides service in Aberdeen and in other locations
They are specialized in onsite training
If you are needing their service contact: Call 07929 575 197 or 07929 573 212

Ecosse Lifting Services Limited
Their training centre is located at 23 miles from Inverurie & 41 miles from the centre of Aberdeen
They offer NPORS forklift training
Call: 01466 793104, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have enquiries

What Are the Requirements to Become a Forklift Operator?

  • Forklift licence and certificate is solid proof being a qualified operator. You can have this either by taking a forklift training course at the school or completing a certification program by the company if you are employed.

  • Basic English for communication and Math for basic computation may be beneficial in your job as forklift operator.

  • You cannot be accepted for forklift job if you are below the minimum school leaving age. Age is a significant requirement, you cannot be accepted for a course or in a job if you are under 18.

  • If you will drive on the public road, then, additional road regulations need to be abided as well.

  • The job is physically tiring, in order to last for the job, you must have physical vigor. Related law also requires forklift operator to be in good health. You need not have major illness or prevailing health condition that may impair your performance operating the forklift. Pre-employment and routine medical assessment could be done by employer.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Training

The length of time to complete the forklift certification course is based upon the skill level you have and the type of forklift you want to be certified driving.

If you are novice and absolute beginner, the length to complete the course will be longer, obviously, so that you can absorb as much knowledge and skill as possible. For refresher, semi-experienced/untested course and conversion training, it is much shorter and cheaper.

The second factor that comes into play is the type of truck you want to operate. If you will be just driving an ordinary counterbalance forklift, the training course is much shorter compare to having the rough terrain forklift training, let’s say for example.

How Long Does Your Forklift Operator Licence Last?

The forklift certificate that you received is your proof of completion of training. The proficiency that you’ve attained after taking a course will never expire. However, you need to take refresher course which is done every three years.

The HSE recommends that three years is the ideal span of time between your next refresher training to keep your proficiency up to date and current to maintained good driving practices.

Your personal information will be registered in centralized database of National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS) for three years from the date of taking the forklift training.

Generally, the employer will not accept job applicant with licence older than three years. If you are an experienced driver and you are looking for a forklift job, make sure you have your certificate renewed first.

How Much Can You Make as Forklift Operator in Aberdeen

According Indeed.co.uk, the salary of forklift operator in Aberdeen, Scotland £12.46 per hour, this figure is the most reported.

Meanwhile, the demand of forklift operators increases every year. As a matter of fact, the forklift jobs posted are 9% higher compare to last year. The industries that in need most of forklift operators are the warehousing and logistics industries and in construction sites.


Having a forklift certificate or licence is the number one priority of any individual before venturing out in the market to get employment. Employers are always in the look out for qualified individuals like you become part of their fleet.

You can demand for higher pay if you the experience and necessary training. Both of these are the factors employers are looking from an applicant.

Once you get the necessary forklift training in Aberdeen, you will be able to apply for a job with your head up high.

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