forklift licence SydneyUndergoing a certification training course should be the first step to take before applying for a forklift Licence in Sydney. Getting hold of a forklift or order picker licence is very important if you are looking for a forklift driver position in construction, manufacturing, retail business, logistics or shipping company.

Likewise, if employer wants to increase level of competency of their operators, a training course is vital and having them licenced is required by WorkSafe to avoid fines and penalties if inspectors found employer to be disobedient to the legislation. The employer may even face criminal charges for not having licenced workers if such related accident may happen.

How to Apply for Forklift Licence 

  1. Evaluate which licence you need: TLILIC2001A licence (forklift truck) or TLILIC2002A licence (order-picking forklift truck). If you’re uncertain which one you need, please enquire with WorkSafe or RTO.
  2. Hire an RTO to provide training course. The TRO is the pathway to obtain certification. List of RTO in Sydney is listed below.
  3. The RTO will deliver the formal course (theory, lectures and discussions). The student must pass the written examination to proceed to practical forklift operation.
  4. During practical operation, student will be given set of tasks, completed tasks will be logged on the logbook with its corresponding hours taken to complete. The practical training is overseen by RTO’s licenced supervisor.
  5. Upon completion of the training course, student will be assessed. The RTO will issue certificate of course attainment to successful student.
  6. Student must submit necessary documents (certificate of attainment, AS1 Form, EOI and corresponding fee) to Australia Post for processing of WorkSafe plastic licence. The certificate of attainment is valid only for 60 days, it is recommended that student must submit application documents to Australia Post within this duration.

List of Registered Training Orgrnisations (RTO) in Sydney

The responsbility of the RTO is to provide sufficient knowledge to applicants. You may contact one of the RTOs listed below and explain what you need and inquire if they have schedule for the training. 

  • TCP Training
  • Absolute Forklift Training
  • Licences 4 Work
  • Training Aid Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • Australia Forklift Training
  • Infornt Staffing and Training
  • Forklift Driving School
  • Ace Forklift Assessing
  • Ferret
  • CoatesHire
  • MPOTS Pty. Ltd.
  • Royce Diver Training
  • ForkTime
  • Sydney Tafe
  • Traducation
  • Tag Training
  • Training Wheels

Requirements Before You Can Take Forklift Certification Course

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Literate in written and spoken English to communicate well
  • Ability to compute calculation of forklift safe working loads.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as coverall, helmet, safety shoes.
  • Proof of identify. You can show items list in 100 points Evidence of Identify (EOI). This EOI will be necessary upon submission of application to Australia Post for processing of WorkSafe Licence.
  • Some RTOs provide students with forklift manual and workbook. The questions in the workbook need to be answered before attending the course.

What Will You Learn from Forklift Training 

The Training course tackles formal lectures and competencies you need to become a skilled operator. The course covers broad topics and areas:

  • Safety measures
  • Hazard analysis in the place of work and preventive actions to neutralize hazards.
  • OHS Policy
  • Code of practice
  • Australia forklift-related legislations and policies
  • Start-up and post-operation checks of forklifts including troubleshooting
  • Actual operation of forklift with loads, moving of load, driving and maneuvering, and stacking up load at height.
  • Provide understand about stability triangle.
  • Work planning
  • Securing machine at workplace
  • Refueling safety
  • Battery check and charging

For more information regarding government legislations on forklift licencing in Sydney, wages and industry standards, you can visit WorkSafe, WorkCover, Workplace Health and Safety, Australia Skills Quality Authority websites.

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