How to Develop the Right Work Attitudes

As mentioned previously, no doubt you were hired because of your skills and talents. But another big reason your employers chose you is simply because of your attitudes. The dictionary defines attitude as “posture, position, behavior, relation of persons expressing thought, feeling, etc.” In short, your working attitude is the way or style you respond to your workload.

Your objective: try identify the right working attitudes that you can develop within yourself as you go about with your work everyday.

Develop a personal trademark. Learn to do things that can make you stand out. In the words of one successful businessman, a personal trademark is something that fits your personality, and the image you wish to project. It should be something that makes you simply unique. Example: make it a habit to submit reports ahead of the deadline. You will actually become famous for this.

Strive to make a difference. Once you have established your personal trademark, try to make a difference in your work. Try to find out how the person who previously held your job performed. Then, try to perform even better. Example: a computer sales executive visited previous clients who had not responded

Become people oriented. You can definitely stand out in the workplace by showing genuine interest in your co-workers. In other words, avoid becoming too work-oriented; interact with your co-workers often and learn more about them. It makes them feel and more comfortable working with you. Example: share your meal with other employees during lunchtime.

Be positive oriented. Negative attitudes about work could lead to poor performance, delayed promotions, higher inefficiency not-so good relationship with your colleagues. The key is to be positive about your work despite setbacks and challenges. Examples: when your co-workers are constantly complaining about work conditions, try to defuse some tension by smiling and concentrating on something positive.

Develop a sense of humor. Humor is a personality trait as well as at skill that can help you become well-rounded at work. You will definitely encounter a lot of problem in your work, and a simple joke, a hearty laugh or a wide smile helps project you as a calm, stable and reliable employee in times of trouble.

Be humble. You certainly have a right to be proud of what you have accomplished, but it pays to be humble. Showing humility to your superiors makes a lasting impression.

Develop self-respect. There are hardly any organization that are 100% perfect, and whenever you see some weakness or deficiency, think twice before criticizing it. If you want your workmates to respect you, learn to respect them first.

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