OSHA forklift certification standard as per authority rules and legislation

Employers are the ones responsible to provide training for their forklift operators, but when company does not have an internal instructor, the employer can an instructor from the training school to conduct the training either at the school’s facility or at the employer’s workplace. The latter is the best place to receive the training because the instructor can modify the training course to agree with current work settings, correct bad habits of forklift operators, teach trainees to properly operate the trucks if there are several of these being used, and obtain good lessons from recent accidents and near misses.

Driving a forklift requires skill and certification. It’s slower than a car but it’s the cause of hundred fatalities and thousand severe accidents each year in the US alone. This is the reason why you need forklift training in Arizona before you can get hired to operate one.

The objective of the forklift safety training is to comply with OSHA requirements and to maintain zero accident in the workplace. Appropriately trained operators can be a big asset for the company. They can generate much more productions, efficient doing their jobs, can reduce accidents and property damages as a result employer can save lots of insurance money and there are countless number of benefits of having properly certified forklift drivers.

Contents of the Forklift Training

As per OSHA standard, the forklift certification course must contain three parts:

Formal education – This is done inside the classroom. This is the theoretical part of the training. Lectures, power point and video presentation, written materials, and computer learning are the contents that tackle the forklift operation and safety implementation.

Practical Training- This when you need to prove your skill driving the forklift. The instructor will teach you the basic controls and proper driving. You then simulate his performance. You will be given set of instruction to follow, accomplish those and you are at the best chance to become forklift certified.

Evaluation – The evaluation is where you need to pass the written test and practice test. To gauge the skill you acquired, the instructor will observe your performance during the practice test and how much rating you get on the written test.

Proofs of Your OSHA Certification

Upon completion of the training, you will be given certificate training completion and an operator card. You can present those when applying for a job.

These are your evidence that you completed an OSHA-required forklift training. You can get easily employed by an employer in Alaska when you have these.

Qualifications To Land A Forklift Job

OSHA and Fair Labor Standards Act prohibit companies from employing lift truck drivers under the 18 years old. But there’s an exemption, if forklift operators will work in agricultural sector, employers can hire employees not below 16 years old.

Employers demand applicants to be a high school graduate or with GED certificate as proof of their education. Driving forklifts is not just loading and moving of materials, there’s much more than that. You must maintain proper inventory and records. This means operators must be literate enough to understand instruction.

You must be properly trained to operate forklift trucks. You must have a readied forklift license and certification. You can be selected easily for the job if you can complete your training. Employers avoid OSHA penalties when inspected and extra expenses sending their operators without forklift license to training. If you have prepared your own prior to application, then you have biggest chance of getting hired.

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