What does flt driver mean and how to get training and licenseAn flt driver simply means forklift operator. He is someone who is in chare in moving in and out of the warehouse, construction site, ports and yards and in places where forklifts are being utilized. Working as forklift driver may sounds easy, but there’s more than meets the eye. Driving forklift takes hard work, physical abilities, skills, and competency. It does require numerical literacy as well.

As a driver, you are exposed to environment, if you are assigned to work outside, your number one enemy is the temperature, at some places, it could be cold, while other could be extremely hot. Depending on the nature of business your employer has, the materials the operator will be moving maybe hazardous, you could be expose poisonous fumes, gases, noises, and dangerous substance.

Most flt driver works for eight (8) long hours a day. But doesn’t mean operator cannot work longer. At full swing of business operation, you may be required to work as long as 12 hours or more. It will take a toll on your physical ability. The work shift is 24 hours, seven days a week.

Driving forklift is considered hazardous occupation. Typical driver, do not know the danger and risk of driving the truck. This truck is the source of hundred of deaths and thousand injuries every year in the US alone. Hence, the OSHA has become stringent on their reinforcement of forklift related legislation.

How Much Does Flt Driver Make?

Because of the nature of the job, you could make as much as $16 per hour. If you can prove other competencies, experience and skills, the employer can offer more than that, you could receive as much as $20 per hour.

Forklift driver is very in demand for the coming years. The BLS projects that the demand for forklift operator will continue to climb to the next 15 years. If you are looking for a career in this field, you are assured of long term employability.

But that doesn’t mean, you could just simply go out there, submit resume and expect to get hired. No! You need to get forklift certified before employer could let operate the truck.

Flt Driver Training and OSHA Certification

Forklift training is what you need to get hired as flt operator. It doesn’t take much long to complete the training. It will only cost you small amount of investment but the reward of having one is more valuable than you think. If will boost your chance of getting hired, it will improve your probability of getting the promotion you want.

How to take the forklift training? If you are employed, it is your employer who is responsible to provide you the training. But if you are an individual, who has no prior skills about it, you can enroll at a forklift training school.

During the training course, you are expected to complete the three stages of the course. The formal education is the first state, where you will learn the basic controls and operations of the machine, specification and limitation of the truck, safety and health protocols, government legislations, workplace specific dangers and hazards, and other pertinent topics necessary to the course you are enroll for.

The second stage is the taking the forklift written test. You are required to pass the exam the trainer will administer to the students. The passing rate may depend on the school.

The third stage is trainer evaluation. This is where you are rated driving the forklift. The trainer will assess your performance, if you satisfy the trainer, he will make a recommendation for your certification. You will receive your certificate and license at the end of the course.

Some schools allocate time for student to actually drive the forklift so that they can learn and get familiarized with the controls and functions before the trainer evaluation.

The training course must be specific to the type of forklift an operator wants to use. Students who are planning to take the forklift training must determine first the type of truck they intending to operate. So that school or trainer can supply the right of course curriculum related to the type of truck.

Forklift License Means You Are Certified

Having a forklift license mean you have completed the certification. This also means that you are trained do your job more safely and efficiently. Having a license can prove your level of competency, ask for higher salary when applying for a job. It could also save you from OSHA citation and violation. OSHA inspector can make a surprise visit to the company, they will check each operator for competency, and showing your license prevents them from issuing you penalty.

Having your license always ready in your wallet can help you a lot in many ways.

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