Many of the professional safety trainers and consultant of big companies started small and worked their way up the steps of accomplishment. These professionals began only as forklift operators, warehousemen, warehouse clerks and assistants. The numerous companies have succeeded by providing the benefits of forklift training and compliance to OSHA legislation. Some few year ago, sometime in 1997, when many of the employers don’t know the privilege of the law, they just hire and employ individuals to operate forklifts and finish the production quota, that’s why the accident statistics rose, OSHA became alarmed and employ inspectors to see to it what’s happening. In 1998, they implement a new legislation affecting all the companies employing forklift operators. It is now in the legislation that forklift training must be extended to employed individuals by their employer.

Today, whenever accidents happened, especially those that resulted to fatalities and dismemberment, OSHA inspector will scrutinize the implementation of the safety program of the company, if violations have been found, they will issue stringent notice either for compliance or violation. The cited violation and penalty could be as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars or criminal charges or both.

The skills and experience needed by the workers is determined by what type of forklift they are operating. The forklift training must be specific to forklift otherwise, workers cannot be certified. There are workers that needed or little training because of their experience and level of competency. Whatever their level, one thing is for sure, they have to undergo a training somewhere in the future.

Basic training tasks and forklift operations can be learned as short as a day, others equipments that are more complicated to operate may require more time. Some company provide apprenticeship program of beginners, some workers learned by enrolling at the school.

The school is the right place to get certified to drive forklift. The school can extend quality training and can deliver it effectively. Those trainers hired by the school has lots knowledge and competency plus the fact the school has facilities where students can practice drive the forklift to familiarize with functions.

The best advice for everyone who are wanting to enter this field, is to prepare a forklift training certificate or license. In order to get these two documents, the worker may have to undertake a certification course. A solid general training is the best foundation for any forklift courses.

When an individual is employed, he can expand more his studies as much as possible. A good education will shape your future to becoming your own company’s professional consultant. Your education could include forklift train the trainer course. This route can take you anywhere. You can apply for other company that can offer you better salary, or remain in present employer and ask for promotion or raise. Whatever your intention may be, you need to prove your professionalism and hard work before employer could elevate your status.
It is also useful to have other training may or mat not be related to your job. This could increase your potential. Some employers hire talents not because candidate can perform the job, but because employers can see potential from them that could lead the company to its growth.

The advantages of having the education, related or irrelevant, can boost someone’s growth. It is your driving force to exponentially drive your career to new heights.


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