Can I retry if I fail forklift certification testForklift tests are performed to verify if students have acquired much needed skills and abilities handling forklifts they intend to operate. What if you fail the forklift certification tests, can you take a retry? This is the common question students have in mind if they fail. I won’t blame you, because since tests will be administered there are chances of failing.

We will try to answer that typical question in this guide.

But before that, I would like you to know what the training is composed of:

Forklift Training Components

If you opted to hire a training company where you can take the training from, the trainer will send you to grueling tasks. You will take the classroom lectures and practical skills training. In the training course, you will learn what you need to know, from workplace safety to actual operation of the forklift you are intending to use. Here is what the forklift certification consists of:

  • Theory or classroom discussion

This is the first step an operator must take. From the classroom lecture you will learn the basics, you will learn the current and related government legislation, best safety workplace practices, specific operation controls of the truck and its anatomy and parts, physics behind like center of gravity, load capacity and stability, driving and loading principles, good maintenance, equipment checking prior to operation, refueling and recharging, parking the forklift when not in operation.

  • Written Examination

Just like any training, a written test will be given to students. The written test is combination of multiple choice and fill in the blanks questions. The written test is basically some sort of evaluation in order to know if knowledge has passed to each student. The passing grade may differ from training school to another. Some school may set a passing rate of 80%, while others may be lower. If you fail this written test, you can ask the trainer, what to do. Usually, the trainer will give another set of questions which is slightly different from the one you’ve taken.

  • Hands-On Forklift Driving

This behind the wheel training will be carried in a simulated workplace environment so that students can have a feel what does it take to operate forklift in real world scenario.

The trainer will supervise you, he will instruct you to complete set of tasks. Some of the tasks you must do are pre-operational checks, start-up, picking up pallet, loading, unloading, transporting of loads from place to place, traveling in reverse, traveling while view is obstructed, driving near pedestrian, picking of material from rack in different elevation, and shutting down and proper parking.

The aim of hands-on driving is to familiarize students with forklift operational controls, features, capability and driving limitation.

  • Practical Skills Assessment

This is the final stage of the training course. If you perform well during the hands-on driving, then you won’t be having a hard time performing the skills assessment, you can easily pass it.

Most trainers will instruct the students in the same as he did in hands-on driving. You will be given set of instruction you need to follow. The set of tasks is basically the same as the hands-on driving. You just have to perform it solo. The instructor will rate you according to how good you are completing each task.

  • Receiving Your Certification

If you’ve passed both the written test and practical skills assessment, you will receive your certificate and/or license. The trainer will hand you over these documents as proof of your competency and training completion. You can now use these to your job or would-be job.

If You Fail One or Both of the Forklift Certification Tests, You Can Retake It

Yes, definitely! You can retry taking or repeat the test you failed. The training school or instructor may ask you to pay again, this is because the time and paper materials they have to spend for your retake.

Students hardly ever fail during forklift test retaking.

During my professional experience, I seldom see trainee failing the training tests. The course is very elementary and can easily be understood in just one taking especially if the trainer is good in delivering the topics and supervising the trainees.

A good trainer must know how to identify students who is performing poorly during the course, he must give a focus to this trainee. Let him raise issues he do not know and assist him in driving.

Remember, there’s no bad student, only a bad teacher.

Importance of Forklift Certification

Having been properly certified has a myriad of benefits. Successful training results to workers who know to practice safety, get off a good start at work, have a satisfaction toward his job, have feeling of gratitude to the company, and perform his job in the most efficient way. These are just some of the reasons why employers prefer those job applicants who have been certified.

In addition to that, hiring trained workers save time and money, as company do not have to send them to a training course. They can start the job right away without worrying if the workers will perform or not.

Forklift certification is also compliance to OSHA’s promulgated standard. Every employer has the obligation to train their workers to meet the standard that protects workers from occupational hazards.

Having properly trained is your key to a stable career. It could be your short term goal and long term vocation. Whichever it is, you can see brighter future in this field, because the logistics and transport industry will be in full swing in the coming years, you can expect a good tomorrow in this field.

How Long Should I Wait for the Retest

If you fail your first attempt at the forklift certification exams, you can retake. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to improve your chances of passing the second time around. First, make sure to review the material and brush up on your knowledge of forklift operation.

Second, take the test as soon as possible after your first attempt so that you don't forget what you learned. Finally, relax and don't let the pressure of the test get to you. If you can keep these things in mind, you should be able to pass the forklift certification test on your second try.

There is no limit to the number of times a candidate may retake the test. Candidates should study the forklift operator handbook and be familiar with the types of questions that will be asked on the test.

If you fail either the written or practical exam, you can retake the test immediately after the instructor informed you. If you fail the test, you can retake it, there is no waiting period from which you can retest. There is no limit to the number of times you can retake the test, but you may be required to take additional training courses if you continue to struggle.

The test is not difficult, but it is important to study and prepare for it. If you fail the test, you can retake it as many times as you need to.

Forklift Certification in Different States

There are a few states that have different requirements for forklift certification. Some states require that you have a valid driver's license, if you're going to drive the forklift on public roads, while others do not. In addition, some states require that you be at least 18 years old to obtain a forklift certification, while others only require that you be 16 years old.

The requirements for forklift certification can vary from state to state, so it is important to check with your local laws and regulations.

The school, where you're taking the training from, can help you earn your certifications. The school will tell you about the applicable regulations of the state you need to complied with - it is part of the course curriculum.



Operators who receive necessary forklift training are better able to execute their jobs. Workers, when properly trained, are more conscious to the company’s safety and health practices and proper measures in carrying out their everyday tasks. Every company has to periodically provide forklift training to all operators. This is the reason why, when you are a new entrant, you must have a prepared certification prior to applying for a forklift job.

Taking the forklift certification and passing the tests are the elements of a course. If you failed the test, a retry can be given.

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