forklift driver jobsNow that you’ve finished taking your forklift training and you are off looking for forklift driver job, but do not know where to start to prospect for a good one, we’ve prepared this guide for you. The best idea when convincing a hiring manager to employing you is prove that you have the right skill and persona for the position, hence, getting license first is the key part of it.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has mentioned already, there will be a consistent demand for forklift operator in the coming years. Forklift drivers are needed in construction sites, ports, docks, warehouses, transport, storage, logistics and other similar businesses, these places will be teeming with busy activities, you will find yourself in the middle of the action as forklift driver. If you want to advance your career path, you could be a team leader, maintenance supervisor, a forklift instructor, or you can also take forklift mechanic jobs.

Where Can You Get Employed as Forklift Operator

Forklift operator job listings are everywhere is you know where to seek. You won’t be having a hard time looking for one. You can easily brows the internet or do the conventional job application by search for vacancies of the companies in person.

The first option is online job application. If you opted to take the online process, here are the job boards or websites you can begin searching for:,,,, (local in Canada), (for Australia),,,,,,, (for UK job seekers), and many more.

The job boards have a system to create an applicant profile and can easily submit your resume in just a click of the compute mouse. You can sift through prospective employers that give better opportunities over the other.

The second option you could take is in-person application. Applying for a forklift operator vacancy in person convinced employer that you really want the job. If you come to the company from a long drive just to submit your resume/CV, it’s a strong sign for the employer that you really are interested and you’ve done research about the company. Personal dropping off at the employer’s business shows commitment and perseverance, an uncommon attribute of today’s applicants . If employer can notice the traits you have, you may be in luck, the company can offer you the job on the spot.

Employers want to know if applicant has better interest with their business. Employers are more likely to hire someone with good interest with the company. You can stand among other applicants if you show your interest toward the company.

Forklift Truck Driver Jobs Can Be Demanding

Certified forklift operator before he can get a job, should go through the rigorous process. The nature of the job may seem and easy, but when you do this everyday, it demands good physical and mental conditioning.

The minimum requirements is you just have to be 18 years old and above, completed high school or had GED certificate to prove his education, must be forklift certified or better yet had experienced driving forklifts. You must have basic analytical knowledge maintaining record keeping and inventory.

The scope of your daily tasks include loading, transporting and unloading in your eight-hour shift. You will do mostly moving goods in the warehouse, making correct recording of inventories. When performing your job, you need to follow safety instruction and not to go off course. Operator must give importance on safety because driving forklifts can be dangerous. Prioritize safety over production.

Working hours could be 40 – 50 hours per week. But if business is in full swing of production, you may be asked to do more work.

Forklift Drivers are Wanted for Immediate Employment

With the scarcity of the skilled operators, employers are willing to pay much higher wages to those who can prove their value to the company. If you’ve got what it takes to do the work requires, then you could easily be employed.

An ideal candidate for immediate employment is someone who has gained lots of experience. Those who have the capacity and skills operating various types of forklift trucks are surely get employed very easily.

Now, the question is, could be employed in short period of time if you just have forklift certificate in possession and no prior work experience? No one knows the answer for that. The decision will solely depend on the appreciation of your ability by the company.

Counterbalance Forklift Jobs is the Most Common

Counterbalance forklifts are the most utilized type of truck. You can easily spot one in warehouses, ports and docks. With that being said, the job vacancies for this type of truck could accumulate to hundreds. Just search Google and type “counterbalance forklift jobs,” there are literally hundreds of available job openings.

With the simplicity to operate counterbalance forklift, you can easily be hired even if you don’t have prior experience driving one. Entry level operator can progress his career by driving this type of truck, and from there, he could take a more advanced training so that he can be skillful to operate other types of forklifts. Once he got the experience, he then can demand for better and higher salary.

Telescopic Forklift Driver Jobs

Telescopic forklift is very rigid machine. You can find trucks like these in construction sites and agricultural industries. Telescopic has a kind of boom that fold and expand, hence the name telescopic.

If you want to take a job to operate this truck, then the training could be more rigorous and comprehensive than counterbalance because of its nature, characteristics and purpose. It is much more dangerous to operate but it less likely to get involved in an accident because it is intended to use outdoors.

The wage of operator driving this forklift is much higher. Job vacancies are less compare to counterbalance.

The best option for an operator is to have several trainings to get certified to different types of trucks. I would strongly suggest to spend more time and money getting certified to operate others trucks than to be able to drive one only.


Forklift driver jobs could be lurking in the corner. You just have to get on the internet and search Google, and voila, you can easily find that suits your needs. If you want to take a more conventional route, you can survey nearby companies, drop your resume, and wait for them to call you.


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