forklift schoolI would like to express my appreciation to those workers struggling everyday and continue to improve to become at their career. Thanks to your wisdom so that you and everyone around you leave the workplace safe and arrive at your homes sound. You dedication to your work is incomparable! We salute you for doing the hard work to earn a good living to provide for the family.

We all know the workers are the lifeblood of the company. The company will never run without your effort and dedication towards your work. I am very grateful that I once like you. I felt the pain and I experience the hardship! Becoming a lowly worker is one of things I am proud of. Because of it, I was able to feel the sacrifice that makes me a better man right now.

One of the things of being a forklift operator taught me is to be humble. I always tell to myself whenever I teach trainees is to be at their shoes because I was once like them. This is where I got my dedication to my work as a trainer. I told myself that teaching them is not a vocation but a strong motivation!

I started working as an intern operator when I was 19 years old back in 1993. I worked for a warehousing and logistics company in Ohio. That company gave me the opportunity to work for them when I applied for an inventory clerk position. That’s when it all begun. That time OSHA inspector visited out site. He cited some safety violations, one of those is not providing training for forklift driver. To comply and rectify the citation, the company scheduled an in-house forklift training. My boss told me to attend the training. It took a day to complete. Well, I kind of liking it. I asked permission to my boss if I could drive one the counterbalance truck we have in the warehouse. He let me drove it since I already had the training. That’s when it all started! I learned driving! I was not only maintaining our inventory but I was also transporting goods when needed using the forklifts.

Then, I thought of making leveling up my career. I took several forklift trainings, from the standard counterbalance, to reach truck, to rough terrain. I fell in love with it! Then, I took forklift trainer course, if my memory serves my right that was October 1996. I finished it, I accomplished the requirements!

Then, in January 1999, table is turned. My boss told me that he was promoting me to become an internal trainer since our consultant has retired. I was shocked! I told myself that it is the time to prove to myself and to the company my worth. Just after a week, I began training our drivers.

Years passed. I was still working for the company. But sad news came. The company will be dissolved and many of us will be retrenched. Only few of the drivers were retained. Since, there were only a handful, having me in the company is no longer required. Sadly, I received the letter informing me of the bad news. There is nothing I can do. There is no one to blame of my fate that I suffered.

I was jobless for six months.
Then an opportunity came when we transferred to Kentucky. My neighbor who was working as forklift operator told me that their company was looking for a trainer because they’ve been inspected and cited with violations. Since, the company cannot afford to be cited with severe violation again, they were not looking an in-house consultant. I told my neighbor, can I apply? Yes you can, with affirmation.

Two days passed, I came to the company dressed and armed. I was greeted by the secretary. I submitted my resume and other credentials. I waited for 30 minutes before I was called. The administrator began interviewing me. I never thought I will be interviewed. At the end of it, I was told, come back tomorrow to start the job. Woah! I was surprised!

During my first few days of the job, I started observing the forklift operators. I wanted to notice how they behave and how they perform. Because this is where I will source my lesson plans from. After that, I was able to formulate my course of action. I presented my observation and proposals to my boss. He was happy about it. I told him, I needed his support and some finances so that we can but materials and construct to conduct the training in. I even told him that this is for long term and the company will benefit from it.

After a month, I was called by my boss. My proposal was ok’d. OK! Then another month passed. Everything is all set – the materials and the training room. I started novice operators and those workers who’ve been involved in accidents to give them the refresher training course. I also gave training for new workers to induct them of what would they will expect.

Several months passed. My boss noticed considerable decrease in accidents. He was happy with the outcome. He told me whenever I need something just tell to him.

Years have gone by. I was still working with the same company. During the years I’ve worked for, I’ve handled many positions and situations. I was given many awards and citations to commemorate my loyalty and professionalism. I never missed a beat when it comes to work.

Then, in April 2010, my boss, who became my closed friend, told me that he will be retiring. He told it to vice-president and he was permitted to leave the company for good. He told me that he was recommended me to replace him in the position.

Two weeks passed, we, together with the vice president, had a meeting. The VP was promoting me not as OIC but a full-pledged warehouse manager. I was ecstatic! Well, anyone who was in that situation, will be happy too.

Now, it is May 2017, I was still working for the same company.


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