Basic Safety in Construction SitesEvery construction site shall have several safety officers and health and safety committee program implemented by the company. In the application of any safety program and procedure, the size and composition of the workers are need to be taken into consideration so that an effective execution of the procedure can be carried out more effectively.

There are many trades in a construction site – piping, structure electrical, engineer, civil. These trader workers shall be given priority due to the reason that they are more exposed to danger on site. Before any project can be commenced and more especially during the execution of the project, safety procedures should be in place and enforced by the safety officers. The steps are needed to prevent dangers to the workers.

The aspects that need to be given priority in a construction site project are fire protection, adequate lighting of work areas, lifting of weights, pipelines, protection of the public, protection from falling objects, protruding nails and loose materials, protection against collapsed structure, safety means of access at height, proper storage of waste materials, storage of gas cylinders, traffic control, loading of materials, traffic management, and provision of the personal protective equipment, shoring and timbering, minimum bern, tools and machinery, provision of barricades, means of access and escape, inspection and examination of excavation, inspection and examination of excavation, supervision fn execution of timbering and other work, harmful dust gases, fumes, sizes and spacing of members, scaffoldings, maintenance of scaffolds, supervision and inspection of scaffolds, strength and stability of scaffolds, construction timber scaffolds, types of scaffolds.

Fire Protection

Fire protection equipments shall be provided by the company to become effective in the event of fire accidents. Fire extinguishers shall be distributed in all places of work and maintenance of them shall be carried out.

Lighting of Dim Workplace Areas

When construction works are 24x7, adequate lighting should be provided to workers at night. Those workers who are doing more dangerous work such lifting and rigging of heavy materials shall be given more priority due to the nature of their work.

Lifting of Weights

When lifting are necessary, workers shall be given training on safe lifting of heavy objects to prevent back injury. As standard, a worker should not lift objects that are 50 kilograms in weight as it may cause spinal injury. Objects that need to be carried, shall be handled by more than one people.

Protection of Public

Signs and warning posters should be attached to designated places to caution workers of the dangers in the area.

Protection from Falling Materials

Steps shall be taken into consideration to protect workers from falling debris in construction site such as nets and barricades. Tools, objects and materials should be assured kept and should not be thrown from height. Large objects should be lowered with crane. In as much as possible, when lowering objects with cranes, the areas should be barricaded with fence so that workers would not pass.

Protruding Nails and Loose Materials

Material such as woods with protruding nails shall be kept in one place and should not be allowed in the work area. Loose materials shall not be kept on platforms, walkways, or in any areas where workers are around. Materials shall not be stacked in a way where it could accumulate in a large pile.

Protection Against Collapsed of Structure

All structure whether permanent or temporary, shall be supported by the use of guys and stays making them more stable during construction. In the risk assessment, if construction structures found to pose risk in adjacent structure, shoring shall be carried out protect the collapse of the structure.

Safe Mean of Access

Coordination to the superior is an effective mean to voice out concern for the provision of safe mean of access. This kind of access is for people whose are working at height. Scaffolding and ladders shall be provided to make them safe.

Storage of Materials

Construction materials and waster materials should not be kept in a place that exceeds it capacity. Wood lumbers, steels and bars, other similar heavy materials shall be kept stored and secured to prevent workers from tipping over them. Tipping over is one of the most common accidents.

Storage of Gas Cylinders

Compressed gas cylinders shall be kept in its proper place. They should be positioned upright and protected against heat and sparks. Cylinders can become missiles when it is accidentally ignited, with its sheer weight, it could cause severe danger.

Traffic Control

Traffic control is one of the aspects that need to be given priority in a large construction site. Vehicles come in and go in the area. An effective traffic management is crucial to prevent collision. Traffic controller should be installed in designated places, warning signs should be attached in places, and road pains and cat’s eyes should be installed when necessary.

Personal Protective Equipment

The provision of PPE to workers is effective to combat risk and danger. PPE such as steel-toed boots, coverall, eye protection, hard hats and gloves are the common issues in construction site project.


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