forklift operator position cover letter

When you submit your application for a forklift job, you are also required to submit along with the resume the letter of application. This is the front of the application documents you submit to the employer. The letter serves as your intention to apply for the job. It is the first document the employer reads before going through all of your details. This is the reason why the cover letter must be made thoroughly and properly. This makes you more attractive to the employer, it is your introduction to your whole self as applicant.
Many employers provide the name of the person and its position to who to address the cover letter, this makes it easy for the applicant to write it.

A well written cover letter has the following in order:

  • Date when the letter wrote
  • Name, title/position, and the mailing address of the person who will receive it, it usually the HR head or manager
  • Just like the normal letter, it follows by salutation like Dear and the surname of the recipient
  • Main body of the letter follows, it must be well written, free from grammatical errors and spellings
  • The closing is the next, just like the ordinary letter (sincerely yours, yours truly, etc.)
  • Signature of the applicant over its printed name

Just like I said, focus on crafting the body of the letter, it is important because it is your personality that are being discussed inside. Through the body of letter, the employer can easily evaluated you as an employer through this portion. The content must be honed and properly thought of. Do not make the body long and lengthy, make the content short but it must tell the whole story. The content could make or break your chance for an interview. The cover letter must impress the reader (representative from the company), otherwise, it could land in the trash bin. The time to read the cover letter is precious, so don’t waste the reader’s time. It should worth to read. Make everything precise and straight forward.

When writing your own cover letter, take note of the following aspects:

The body of the letter must only composed of three to four paragraphs

Start the paragraph with by describing your interest about the position you are applying for. The succeeding paragraphs must tell the whole story of what you can contribute to the job by highlighting the skills and talents you have that can contribute for the attainment of the mission of the company. You can write the paragraphs with three to four paragraphs each. Just like I said make it brief and short but precise and complete.

Start with an active preliminary sentence.

Instead of saying the phrase “I am applying for the position of ....” You can start telling how did you find the job advertisement, you can start with “I read your advertisement from.... And you are looking for the right worker for the position of...”

Conduct a review or study about the company

Gather as much information about the company, you can start with their website. Gather the facts about their mission, vision, where they are location, their main line of business, their nature of business, their clients, their physical address and branch locations. This will impress the interview that you are studying them as your prospective employer. Some of the information you can gather can be included in your cover letter.

Offer what you can provide them, not only what the company can provide you

By telling your what can you offer for the advantage of the company can make more attractive and the likelihood of landing a job can be sure of. Describe your skills and talents that can contribute for the company. You can highlight your leadership skills, certification completed, licenses attained, and many others. You can summarize what you’re written in your resume.

After you have written the cover letter and resume, what to do next?

A little information about writing resume: don’t write the resume to impress the employer, never include details that are not real, don’t give fake specifics, in short do not lie. I advise you to write from your heart, put details that you have completed and attained. Put everything the employer need to know about you.
When sending the cover letter and resume though online mean, it is better to make follow up call to the employer. Just tell them that you’ve have sent an application, and you just would like to verify if this was received by them.

When you submit the hard copy of the application documents, you can make a follow up letter, inquiring if the job position is still available and tell them that you are interested with it and you have just submitted an application.

Making a follow up does not harm your application, it makes you persuasive and the employer may notice it.


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