How to get forklift training in CanadaThe main duties as a lift truck operators are to move and transport heavy loads from place to place, from one pile to another. If you think the job easy, you are correct. But is it safe at all times? No! Forklifts are the cause of hundred of deaths and thousands of injuries of workers each year. That’s why there are laws and regulations set and must be followed to inhibit the occurrence of industrial accidents.

Lift trucks are vital part of the company. The workers handling these equipments must be assured of its safe operation. They must learn the essentials of controls and operations of each type of equipment, workplace-specific hazards and conditions and health and safety protocols. These areas are important to ensure accident-free environments.

Taking the Forklift Training Course

In Canada, the operation of forklift varies from province to province and there are many training providers from each territory.

We have simplified to explain to you the forklift license regulation in each province. We also have the list of training providers near where you are, the present salary rate you can receive. We also have lots of learning materials to help you pass the exams and evaluations. We also have lots of resources about landing or switching to new forklift job.

Forklift training has four elements when taking it.

Forklift Training Varies from Province to Province in Canada

Select your province where you are situated to see the list of training schools, steps to take the training, essential compoents of the course, present laws and regulations.

Ontario   British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia


New Brunswick Alberta
Manitoba Newfoundland and Labrador

Forklift Legislations in Canada

Ministry of Labor (MOL) conducts regular inspection of companies to ensure compliance to current forklift certification standards. The objective is to increase the advocacy and awareness to prevent industrial accidents, damage, injuries and fatality.

According to the present legislation, MOL will focus on lifting devices specifically to its regular inspection and proper maintenance. They will also prioritize the assessment of the forklift operators and supervisor to ensure that they adequate knowledge to operate the truck and oversee the operation, respectively.

Training records will be inspected upon inspection to check if the employer incorporate the lift truck training to health and safety program of the company. The implications for these are not for the disadvantage, if many of you might think. Workers can be assured of regular provision of training ensuring ability and skill to drive the machine. While, employer implement safety program, they may notice drops in accident hence, company can save tons of money for insurance.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) oversee the implementation of the safety standard. The latest regulation Safety Standard B335-15 details the elements and specifics of the lift truck operator training program, trainer’s requirements and truck maintenance procedure for company to obey with. This regulation has been released to update the existing one. If the company is following the Occupation Health and Safety Act, then the employer might need to shift to this current regulation to stay current and safe.

Passing the Training and Evaluation

We have several articles in the blog section for you read and learn from about acing the forklift training test and evaluation. There are guidance you can read and you can apply when taking a course. So don’t forget to read them.

Forklift Training Providers

We have made available for you the forklift training providers in different provinces of Canada. Just select the province where you are situated, read the article, and you could find list of companies with address and contact for you easily get in touch with them to make an inquiry.

Landing a New Forklift Driving Job

If you aren’t satisfied with your present line of work, then you surely want to change your situation right now by finding a new job. If you feel you’re not getting the kind of support and financial reward you need from you company, then you surely also to find a forklift job. There are lots of them out there. But are you equipped with knowledge to find one in Canada? Do you have the proper lift truck training?

We can assist you about it. Just read our blog section, and you can read lots of articles about advices and suggestions.

Wrapping It Up

Obtaining your license in Canada must convenient for you, and make sure that regulation and standard followed. You cannot be fully certified if you did not consider them as priorities.

We wish you good luck in your career. We also hope that you can get much information from us.


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