Forklift Training in Christchurch and the Two Basic RequirementsForklift is not a toy that you can play and enjoy. The most common misconception about operating it is that it is very easy to drive just a like a go cart, but in reality it isn’t easy. It is heavy piece of machinery that help you out in your work. When driving forklift, the number one priority is to be safe and protected at all times when you’re behind of its wheel.

If you want to become a forklift operator in Christchurch, NZ, great, but you need to have an operator certificate that allows you to legal drive it in the workplace. Aside from the certificate, there are other prerequisites you need to know, hence, we gathered the basics in this one tutorial.

Basically, in order for you to be allowed to drive forklift, you need two requirements: operator certificate that everyone must have and an F endorsement when operator wants to drive in public areas.

Once you get trained and issued with license, you will be prepared to go out in the market to prospect for job, you will be sought-after by employer and offered with high paying and exciting job.

How to Get Forklift Operator Certificate

  1. The very first thing you need to do is to enroll for a training course. Decide where you can take the training from, below is the list of training providers in Christchurch with addresses and contact numbers, select one that is most convenient for you.

  2. Attending the in-class discussions. One of the component of the course is the formal education. Trainee will undergo this to learn the basics and presently implemented rules and regulations.

  3. Taking of hands-on or actual demonstration. It is the second important part of the course. Here, you will learn practical driving. You will operate the forklift and learn what it feels like behind the wheel. The instructor will oversee your performance and will ask you to do some instructions.

  4. Your knowledge and performance will be assessed. The trainer will give you questionnaire. Pass the test. The passing rate will depend on the standard that school follows.

  5. When you passed the exam, you will receive your forklift operator certificate.

Forklift Training Centres in Christchurch

If you need operator certificate, you can get one by completing a course with a WorkSafe-approved training provider. If you plan to take forklift training course, here are the schools in Christchurch where you can enroll:

  • Mainland Driving School Ltd. - 3/6 William Lewis Drive, Sockburn, Christchurch, Tel: 03 338 4242
  • FTC South (NZ) Ltd. - 100 Carmen Road, Hornby, Christchurch, Phone: 03 344 5001, Mobile: 027 604 8080
  • Pro Driver Training Ltd - Unit 12/19 Nga Mahi Road, Sockburn, Christchurch, Ph (03) 343 6730, Cell 027 449 3642
  • AMS Group - 12 Centrum Lane, Rolleston, Christchurch, Phone: 0800 267 476
  • Passrite Driving Academy - Unit 1 No 6, Alloy Street, Sockburn, Christchurch, Ph: 027 242 6066, Free Ph: 0508776374, Fax: 03 6666331
  • Vertical Horizonz - Unit 7, 2 William Lewis Drive, Sockburn, Christchurch, 8042, Ph: 0800 031 080
  • DriveTech Ltd. – 8 Jipcho Road, Wigram, Phone: 348-8481
  • Industrial Training Centre - 23 C Birmingham Drive Middleton Christchurch, 03-338-2850, Mobile: 021-421-420
  • Master Driver Services - 57 Lunns Road, Middleton, Christchurch 8443, Phone: (03) 348 8212, Fax: (03) 348 8253
  • South Island Forklifts - PO Box 2383, 709 Halswell Junction Road, Islington, Christchurch, New Zealand, Freephone: 0800 743 675, Tel: 03 348 2060, Fax: 03 341 2705
  • Agoge Training - Office 2 - Ground Floor, 306 Port Hills Road, Hillsborough, Christchurch, Phone: 03 423 9697
  • Canterbury Driver Training Ltd - P: 03 313 6567 or 0508 226 374, servicing Christchurch
  • BestQuote Forklift Training – Ph: 0845 867 5603, provides service in and around Christchurch area
  • Training Solutions Ltd – also run forklift training courses in this area, Call 03 579 5509
  • Applied Driving - Christchurch based driving school, Phone/text: 0274 335849

Once you have your certificate, you are allowed to operate any forklift under 18,000 kilograms. But if you want to drive larger forklifts, you will need class 2 or above driver’s license.

Forklift Operator Requirements

New Zealand Transport Agency Regulation Regarding Driving Forklift

With just operator certificate, you can operate in many areas where the public don’t have access such as private lands, warehouses, factories, or construction sites.

When this piece of heavy equipment will be operated on the public road, the driver should have a valid driver’s license and an F endorsement authorizing him to operate it on the public road.

The forklift must also be registered and should have a warrant of fitness (WoF) if it is to be driven on public road. It is exempted from registration when its purpose is to be utilized in privately-owned land.

The certificate will need to be renewed every three years while the F endorsement expires the same as your driver’ license.

A Word for Employer

Trained forklift operators are important members of the organization. By giving them the much needed training, you eliminate the risk of negative impacts and you will reap the benefits such as reduction in accidents, equipment damage, materials damage and overall operating cost. The benefit is not only for you, but for the workers as well, they will get boost in self-esteem and confidence and feel valued by the company.

Forklift training for your workers can be conducted on-site. This course aims to provide workers practical ability and information for the safe and professional operation of the forklift. As a matter of fact, on-site training is the best choice for every employer. With this method, you will eliminate work process interruption because you don’t have to send the operators away to training school for a day or two. Aside from that, the training instructor can change the course contents so that it matches up with the present condition of the workplace and manners of the operators.

If an accident happens, the employer is liable and could be severely penalized, you could be fined and or imprisoned. Your insurance firm may not cover liability because of your failure to train the workers.

To Finalize This

Forklift training is one of the most important investments and it can have long term effect both for employers and workers. Though you may see it as additional cost, but its benefits are more important than the money you spent.

Taking of forklift training reaps good rewards in the long run. You can get easily hired and offered with better pay by employers in Christchurch.

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