Forklift Training in Dundee, Scotland

Forklift Training in DundeeWe all know the convenience forklifts bring to our daily tasks. They are used for moving heavy materials and transporting of precious goods.

Lift trucks are used in any workplace when there’s a need for lifting cargos. You cannot find a workplace that doesn’t use these trucks.

But they are involved in about a quarter of all workplace transport accidents in the UK. The consequence of improper use of this machine can ruin someone’s life. It can even affect the flow of the business.

For these reasons, if you are to operate this truck, you need to have forklift training. If you are driving lift trucks for a living, employers in Dundee and around Scotland, prefer those candidates with sufficient forklift training.

If you haven’t had such training and you are intending to take one, here are training providers you can enroll or hire:

Forklift Training Providers/Schools in Dundee

RDF Training
99 Turnberry Avenue, Dundee
Landline: 01382 884 611; Tel: 07813 370 105
Gives on-site training sessions, can be adjusted to your pace, offers 24-hour coverage

National Forklift Training Association
Contact: 07387 851 811
Offers refresher, novice, counterbalance, telehandler, narrow-aisle, side loader courses

Taylor Training
46 Drumlanrig Drive, Dundee, DD4 8HQ
Mobile: 07999 812 913
Can train at the client’s location, training can be altered to suit your needs

BB Training Services
Phone: (+44) 01236 843 708
Service Dundee and other areas; grants and funding can be applied to pay for your training,

Active Industrial Training
Contact: 0771 301 7661
Provide training in Dundee and other locations; RTITB standards is what they follow Specialized in Counterbalance, Reach truck, rough terrain, telehandler-, rough terrain, powered pedestrian pallet truck

James T Whitaker (Fork Truck Training) Ltd
Telephone: 0800 781 4739; Mobile: 07899 852 601
Courses available are novice, retesting, conversion, assessment of driving skills, familiarization of new equipment
Gives training for the following: Counterbalance, Reach Powered Pallet, Order Pickers, Man-down Narrow Aisle, Man-up Narrow Aisle, Rough Terrain – Fixed or Telescopic Mast, Container Handlers, Side Loaders

J & D Training Ltd
Phone: 01384 895448; Mobile: 07508 020478
Service areas include Dundee and many other locations
Courses available are c, reach truck, order picker, multidirectional, side loader, vehicle-mounted lift truck, VNA, pedestrian pallet truck, container handler, in-house forklift trainer

Successful training depends on the experience and skill of the instructor. You have to verify the competence of the instructor or school you chose. You can ask the instructor about their qualification, proof that they can train drivers for the type of truck concerned.

Requirements to be a Lift Truck Driver

  • Those who physically and mentally fit to safely operate the truck; you may undergo a medical screening to verify your fitness.
  • You will have to reliable and good attitude toward the job will have a great advantage of becoming a lift truck operator.
  • The age for a student to be able to get accepted into training is 16 years old, the school leaving age. However, to get employment, you need to be 18 years old and above.
  • You need to be able to understand basic English for communication and Math for basic calculation which are necessary for the job as a forklift operator.
  • If you will drive the truck on public roads, then additional requirements may have to be accomplished such as driver’s license.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Forklift Training

The time it takes to complete the forklift training will depend primarily on your skill level and the type of lift truck you want to have training on.

For new operators who don’t have any experience driving forklifts, the time for them to finish the course is 5 days. For experienced drivers who have had the skill but no formal training, the time for them to finish a course is 3 days.

For drivers who have been certified in the past, and now needing for refresher training, it will only take 1 day to complete the training.

So what would the forklift training course contain? The forklift training course is composed of three vital parts: the forklift theory which is to be conducted inside the classroom; you will learn the basic controls of the truck, design and specifications, the mechanics and physics how the trucks work, safety aspects, workplace safety, and many other topics. The second part of the course is the practical training, during this part, you will perform the hands-on operation in a simulated or actual work environment; you will do the maneuvering, lifting of cargos and transporting them to the designated location, you will lift/pick loads to/from height, etc. The practical training will enable you to acquire first-hand skill in the operation of the truck. The last part is the certification/assessment/evaluation. During this part, the instructor will administer a written test and practical exam for them to measure the knowledge and experience you have obtained. Past the tests, you will be guaranteed of receiving your training certificate.

How Much Would It Cost You To Take the Training

Again, the amount you will have to pay will greatly depend on the driving skill you have. The longer time you are in the training, the more pricey it will be. Another factor that comes into play that affects the cost of the training, is the type of lift truck you want to get your hands on.

We cannot exactly determine the amount for a novice, experienced and refresher training. But to give you a ballpark figure, in novice training it would cost around £600, so expect a cheaper tuition if you’re taking experienced and refresher courses. The tuition varies from school to school.

The tuition is just a small price to pay. If you have the education to operate lift trucks, you can easily recuperate that amount of you have spent in just a short period of time.

How Many salaries Would You Get if You’re Working in Dundee

Based on the latest August 23, 2018 survey of, forklift drivers who are working in Dundee can make £10.90 per hour on average.

However, you can expect job security and long-term employment in this field. You can easily find a job in construction projects, ports and in logistics companies. The demand for forklift operators in these sectors never ceases. Your skill will always be in demand.

So if you are hesitant to shifting career as a forklift driver, you will be motivated to hear that in the next coming years, the growth will continue to climb as more and more people retire; and construction structures being put up needing such talent like you.

To Make a Conclusion

Having a certification of training is one of the important credentials you can show to a prospective employer. This is your solid evidence that you’ve undergone a training program. Companies are always on the lookout for talents like you to be a member of their team.

Getting the right education by enrolling in forklift training in Dundee can definitely boost your chance of landing a good job as a forklift driver and receiving a good offer.

Take time and effort in finishing the course. The amount of resources you will spend outweighs by its benefits.