Completing forklift training in London is prerequisite and must haveIn London, we all know that forklift training is a first requirement for every individual who are involved operating forklifts. Employing companies and individuals seeking employment must give or complete a certification course. Under the HSE ACOP L117, it is the company that is responsible to supplement the training to the workers. While, individuals without prior experience, can enroll at the training school (listed below) to get certified.

We’ve made this guide or tutorial for you to understand the fundamentals of taking the forklift training course.

Advantages of Having Forklift Training

Forklifts are very powerful piece of machinery, it can lift load heavier that its own weight, its operation should be handled by a trained operator, otherwise, the trucks can post greatest risks and hazards for its driver and workers around in the area, taking the training course to get acquainted with its safe operation is a must to do.

  • If you are trained individual, your productivity and work output is high because you know how to intelligently maneuver that truck at work, it consumes a little time to transport loads, making the work fast and convenient.
  • Operating a fork truck is dangerous, sometimes workplace accidents, like mishaps and near misses, do happen, being a certified personnel, meaning you are skilled to handle the truck with safety.
  • Forklift certification can enhance your career goal. If you are a beginner, and wishing to go into this vocation, having certification can increase your probability of getting a job. While seasoned personnel with advanced forklift training, can achieve promotion and better salary wage.
  • Forklift training can dramatically decrease business operation cost. Having the workers certified to drive forklifts can cut insurance policy money and can save preventive maintenance cost.
  • It can boost morale of the workers. Getting them trained can improve the confidence of the operators thus making them more proficient to perform the work and more happy and satisfied with their job.

How To Get Forklift Certified

The training is aimed at providing students the necessary knowledge to become responsible driving the machine. Getting certified does make a better driver. If want to get trained here are the simple steps to take:

  1. If you are an employer or individual, find out on what type of forklift truck you or your workers want to get trained on. There are several types of forklifts, the course to be delivered by the trainer must be detailed and exact to that type.
  2. There are three course choices: novice, conversion and refresher. You need to assess yourself what do you need. A beginner course is for absolute beginner without prior skills, the conversion course is intended for personnel who are trained to drive a specific type of forklift and needing training to get certified to operate other types of trucks and the refresher course is aimed at providing review knowledge of basic training and for those intending to renew their license to operate the forklift.
  3. All courses, as per HSE code L117, must consist theory or in-class discussion, an assessment or testing and practical training evaluation. These three important elements are very significant when taking the course that need to be completed.
  4. Upon completing the certification course, students who have successfully passed, will receive their certificate and licence, with validity of three years.

If you’ve taken the course following a RTITB standard, your profile details will be listed to NORS registry for three years, it is the central registration for operator validation.

A word of advice for employer: refresher course should be taken when operators are engaged in accidents, when employer assigned worker to drive other forklift the worker is not familiarized with, If employer changes workplaces or whenever there are changes in workplace environment applicable when the place become tighter, when worker is absent for long period of time or become disabled, and when previous licence expire and needing recertification.

The length of the course will depend on what level the trainee has. If novice, the course is much lengthier, it could take as long as five days to complete the course, while the refresher only take a day, the conversion course could also last several days.

Forklift Training Schools in London

Registering for a course at the school is the best thing you can do if you are a novice. An employer, can hire an instructor from the school, and provide the training at their premises. Here are some of the training providers in London:

  • Forklift Training London - 44 Broadway, Stratford, London, 0203 514 9056
  • Free2Learn - 263 Mare Street, London, 02085259430
  • R J B Training Limited - Unit 26 Uplands Business Park, Tel: 020 3479 9731
  • Forklift Training Expert - 22 Alpine Way, tel: 0800 6890152
  • Lindley Forklift – Serves many locations including London, call: 020 3005 2479
  • The HGV Training Centre - Shropshire House, 179 Tottenham Court Road, contact: 0800 6529485
  • Mainport Training Ltd - Gate 17, Albert Basin Royal Docks, P: 020 7511 7881
  • National Training Service - 943 Green Lanes, 020 8360 9745
  • Wallace Training - Edmund Halley Way, Coach Park Of The O2 Arena, 020 3375 3213
  • Forklift Driving School - Docklands Business Centre, 10-16 Tiller Rd, 0800 856 4670
  • HireMech - Unit 1, Tariff Road, Tottenham,020 8880 3322
  • HGV Centre - 12 Regis Rd., 0330 088 0000
  • Wallace Transport - 8 Steele Road, Park Royal, 0208 453 3440, 0800 612 8948
  • Avantgarde Training Ltd. - Unit 22, The Hawthorn Centre, Elmgrove Road, Harros, 08443510816
  • Kent MEtro Ltd. - 0800 7317277 or 01634 255905
  • The Forkway Group - 0844 854 8899
  • Associated Trainers - offers training across London and Sussex, 0800 072 0088
  • Affordable Forklift Instruction - 0845 263 3840
  • FT Services - London, 020 8573 1112
  • Industrial Training Services - 01268 560400
  • New Wave Driving School - Devonshire House, 84-88 Pinner Road, 0208 904 0002
  • Mainport Training - London, Phone: 02075 117881
  • MK Training - 07968 702243
  • Neckar Forklifts - 01753 622260

Ways of Forklift Certification Course Delivery

The training is commonly administered at the school’s premise. But the training can be flexible, it could be delivered onsite in the actual busy worksites. This is the most effective mean of delivery, due to obvious reason that the safety trainer can organize a course to match with the present condition of the site, equipments being utilized and behavior of pedestrians and other people around. Tackling these site-specific issues in the training are important.


Taking and completing the training don’t have disadvantage, it is all for your advantage. Whenever you are novice or trained individual, spending some amount of money and time taking the course can improve your goal in the long term. Getting a better job as forklift driver in London gives you a brighter future if you have your forklift certification.


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