Taking forklift training in Manchester England, Tips and RegulationsForklifts are exceptionally useful in varieties of tasks, but the thing is the machine poses great risk to someone who operates this. Hence, the stringent forklift training is implemented. In Manchester, where there are big businesses, the demand for trained forklift operators is steady.

Taking the training is mandatory, whether you’re employed or not yet. Obtaining the certification is a must before you could put your hands on the controls.

Now, if you are looking for a forklift training in Manchester, we’ve provided this simple to tutorial to help you guide on your journey.

Forklift Training Legislations

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The HSE is very specific, the training must composed of three vital stages: basic training, job specific training and familiarization training. To better explain this, and expound the details more, here are the concepts behind:

  • The basic training is where trainee will learn different aspects about safety at the workplace and techniques on accomplishing the job more efficiently. This training includes computer learning, video presentation, reading of materials, trainer discussion and interaction.
  • The job specific training on the other hand, involves directly to actual forklift operation. This includes familiarization with the use of forklift controls and the forklift’s various purpose and use in the workplace.
  • The familiarization training is where you will make your hands dirty. This is the actual use of the machine. This practice demonstration must be done in the actual busy workplace or in a setting simulated as workplace under the keen supervision of the trainer.

The length of the training is uncertain, depending on many aspects such as operator’s level of competency, scope and depth of the course. Operator who is new obviously needed much needed time, while those who are converting to drive other type of truck may take lesser time.

The ratio of the students to trainer to machine must be 3:1:1, this only applies to hands-on driving and not in classroom discussion. This ratio will allow students to acquire the anticipated experience and competency.

Though the HSE did not specify the period, the refresher training or retest could be done in 3-5 years after the initial training, it is all up to the employer how often it will be done, the more frequent the better for forklift operators to remain competent.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation (PUWER) 98

This regulation applies to all types of business establishment and companies. This regulation does not apply to work being done in private household.

Under the PUWER 98, it is the employer who is responsible for the provision of forklift training.

Different training must be afforded if operator wishes or assigns to drive other type of truck and at the completion, the operator shall be issued with a forklift license indicating the type of truck he is capable to drive.

Forklift Training Providers in Manchester

Now, that you have fully decided taking the forklift training, the very first step to begin is to find a training provider where you can get properly educated. Here are the schools in Manchester where you can enroll for a course.

  • Excell Lift Truck Training Ltd - Suite 29 Hamill HQ Salford Quays, Clippers Quay, Manchester United Kingdom, +44 161 813 2575
  • FLT Training Manchester - 15 Pollard St E, Manchester, +44 161 494 5045
  • Mantra Learning Middleton - Greengate, Middleton, Manchester, +44 161 653 5767
  • Hiab Training Manchester - Pollard St E, 44 161 273 4353
  • Cheshire Training Solutions - +44 161 336 0612
  • C B Fork Lift Truck Training - 97 Spring Bank, Stalybridge SK15 2HL, +44 161 303 1151
  • System Training - Global House Central Park Estate, Mosley Rd, +44 161 872 7916
  • Red Rose Training Ltd - Europa Trading Estate, Stoneclough, Radcliffe, (01204) 864 000
  • Failsworth Training Services - 1 Lord Lane, Failsworth, 0844 844 7557, 0161 762 0834
  • North West Forklift – Serves many areas, 01524 421445, 07880993337
  • APL Training - 28 Longwood Road, Trafford Park, 0800 085 3709, 01942 262 993
  • AW Training - 90 Grosvenor Street, Kearsley, Bolton Gtr, 01204 579 504, 07985 416 350
  • Pro-Lift 24/7 - 07835 412045
  • Key Lift - Serves many locations including Manchester, 01282 787007
  • Rent A Lift - 0845 4000 500
  • Ace Truck Operator Guide – contact: 333-FORKLIFT
  • BK Forktrucks - South Manchester, 01625 612858
  • Norlift Ltd. - Bealey Industrial Estate, Dumers Ln, Radcliffe, 0161 724 0834
  • Enterprise LGV Tuition Centre - Pollard Street East, Ancoats, 0800 1 693 693 or 0161 273 4353
  • Alliance Lift Trucks - 5 Thorn Drive, Moss Nook, 0800 978 8069 - 0161 498 8249
  • Hargreaves Training Services Ltd - Hargreaves House, Kestrel Road, Trafford Park, 0161 8727916
  • Forklift Agency - 0845 226 7710
  • Bee Safe Training Limited - 6 Eckersley Precinct Atherton, 08848008

When training is to be carried out at the employer’s workplace, employer can achieve the best quality training due to the reason that the course can be modify to suit the needs of the operators and workplace conditions.

If employer cannot lend the forklift trucks or room space due to tight work operation, employer can send the workers to forklift training provider.

Tips on Choosing Training Provider

Before you make your final decision in enrolling for a course, you must know first facts and info about the training provider. You must ask them about the scope of the training, evaluation and assessment they provide, support services, and your rights and requirements and responsibility as trainee.

  • You can also confirm if the training school is registered and in compliance with HSE legislation or follows PUWER 98 rules to deliver the training you are interested in taking.
  • You can also ask the provider what accrediting bodies does they follow (RTITB, ITSSAR, CITB, AITT). The accrediting bodies may have a list of members you can find on their websites and may have additional information and profile about the provider that could he helpful to you.
  • Verify with the provider the skills and qualifications they can supply to you from the course and match those with the requirements you have in mind. The training course must be specific to the type of truck you are planning to operate.
  • You can scrutinize different training providers you desire to enroll to, and check what’s the best that suit your needs. You can make a list of 5 of them and verify what really matches your expectation.
  • When you choose one, read the enrollment agreement before you conform and pay for the enrollment fee. If there are aspects of the agreement you are unsure, you can discuss that with the training provider.
  • Be wary about paying money, ask for the receipt after payment.

To Conclude This

Knowing first what the regulations require can help you achieve the quality of forlift training you want to get. And before you delve into enrolling, it is better to know the tips to help you choose the best forklift training school. These are the two scopes we highlighted in this guide.

Goodluck and we wish you better career ahead! 


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