How to Take Forklift training Portsmouth? Here are the steps and the training schoolsBoth the forklift operator and the company he works for can reap great benefits from forklift training. The most obvious reason is that the worker commits fewer mistakes and accidents during the performance of his job which reduces the incidences of property and materials damages and lost time injury. A well trained forklift operator is normally more efficient on his work and is more safety-oriented than those who are uneducated. Having formal training is the primary basis for employer in Portsmouth to hire candidates for forklift driving jobs.

The more experience and information a worker has about driving forklifts, the better they understand duties and responsibilities and the more likely you land a high paying job.

If you are looking for a career in this field and you have no prior experience or you just forget the skill, then you may opt to take a prescribed forklift training course.

Before you go you go out there to enroll for a course, you must understand first the four classifications of forklift courses that suit to your level of experience: Novice (for absolute beginner who never had experience driving fork trucks), Semi Experienced/Untested (for people with skills and experience in forklift operation but without formal training), Conversion (for trainees who know how to operate a certain type of truck and who want learn to drive other types) and Refresher (for those who have had a training some time ago and may have forget the knowledge about HSE regulations and operational techniques).

How to Take Forklift Training

  1. You must assess first yourself. As mentioned above, the training course will depend on the skill you already had. Decide whether you are a total novice, a semi-experienced operator, whether you need conversion training to extend your knowledge or you just need a refresher course to become up-to-date to the current trends.

  2. Since the forklift training course should be exact to the type of truck you are intending to operate in your job, choose a type of forklift you want to be trained on. There are reach truck, counterbalance forklift, rough terrain truck, side loader, telescopic handler.

  3. Once you have assessed your skill and decided on what type of truck you want to be trained for, then here is the difficult part – looking for a school to get training from. You may find a lot of training centres in Portsmouth, but finding a school that can give you quality training can be tricky. To go through this, you can as a colleague, personally visit their training facility or just look for a review online. Below are the training centres in Portsmouth where you make an enquiry from.

  4. After making the decision of choosing the right forklift training school and once you are enrolled, you will be attending formal training (classroom education) and practical driving (demonstration). The length of the course will depend on the type of truck you’ve chosen to operate and the level of experience you had. The cost of the training will also be based on these two factors.

  5. Take and pass the tests and you will be guaranteed to receive your forklift training certificate and wallet size operator card. Cheers! You are now a trained operator! You can now present the certificate to your prospective employer if you are looking for a job or to your superior if you want to get promoted.

Forklift Training Centres in Portsmouth

  • 2 Start Ltd. – Call 02392 123 555 (Portsmouth), course are in accordance with ITSSAR, LOLER 98, PUWER 98 and Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • Ace Trainers Ltd – Serves Portsmouth, Phone: 01256 351581, Fax: 01256 816551
  • PETA Ltd - 1 Access Point Northarbour Road, Portsmouth, Contact 023 9253 8700, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Forklift Training 4 U – training is in line with RTITB, can be provided at the company’s premises, provide training in the South including Portsmouth, Contact 0845 130 7424 or Mobile: 07929 001 208
  • National Forklift Training Association – This company specializes in counterbalance forklift training, contact 07387 851 811
  • Luft Training Services Ltd - Specialized in Reach Truck Training and Counterbalance Forklift Truck Training, Call: 01903 725626
  • Relmes – provide training for novice, refresher and conversion, phone: 02380 740 630, Mobile: 07803 619 029
  • BestQuote - This company serves in and around Portsmouth, for enquiry call 0845 867 5603
  • XYZ Training Group – Provide training in counterbalance forklift, Contact: 0844 335 8882, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., also serves nearby areas.
  • Trailer Training UK Ltd – Contact Mobile: 07840 454 617, email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • John Gibson Training – Approved by ITSSAR and registered in RTITB, Call: 07752 223 572 or 01494 864 452 to make an enquiry
  • Morgan Training Solutions Ltd – ITSSAR accredited, offers training in Portsmouth and serves other areas as well, operator training can be conducted at the client’s premises, for more info contact: 01787 375455, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • C & P Training and Development – specialized in on-site training, serves other areas in the South as well, call: 07775 796674 or Fax on 02392 520721
  • JCoates (H.G.V. Services Ltd) - Contact: 02392008440, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Ash Vale Training - Specialized in lorry mounted forklift training, call: 01252 332213 or 07957 890 406 to make an enquiry
  • Roadwise-lgv - 1 Interchange Park, Robinson Way, Portsmouth, Tel: +44 2392 664963, Mobile: 07973 185615, Fax: +44 2392 593393
  • PMB Training – Provide training in many areas including Portsmouth, training is RTITB accredited, novice, experienced and conversion course are available, Contact: 07748 346212, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • A & M Training Services – offers novice, refresher and conversion forklift training courses, call: 01304 842682, they serve many nearby locations as well

Forklift Operator Training Requirements

  • Operators should be above the minimum school leaving age. If you will be working in ports, then you should be above 18 years old.

  • Be at suitable level of medical and physical fitness. According to HSE Approved Code of Practice. #49 - operators must be reasonably fit both physically and mentally to safely control and operate the truck, #59 - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that the current medical fitness required for lift truck operators is the same to that for the Group 1 entitlement (ordinary driving licence holders), #53 – medical screening of every five years should be done from the age of 45 and every three years from the age of 65. When operator is 65 years old and above, the medical exam should be done in line with forklift training renewal.

  • Having a sound understanding of the English language and mathematical skill will make it easy for you to understand the concepts and topics of the training course. Likewise, having a skill in English and math can definitely be used in actual job performance as you need to communicate well to others and do some inventory counting.

  • By the way, you don't need a driver's licence unless of course you will operate in public roads then traffic regulations will apply.

Forklift Operator Salary and Career Advancement

According to, you can earn as much as £9.68 per hour. If you are an experienced one, you can make as much as £22,000 to £28,000 per year.

If you gain much experience, you could be a warehouse supervisor, a team leader, or work controller. If you can take more training and education, you could be your own company’s forklift trainer or safety consultant.

A Brief Word for Employer About On-Site Training

If you use fork trucks in your business, it is very important for your workers to receive formal forklift training. Having the skill is not enough, they have to be trained professionally. You are responsible to send them to a specific forklift training course. The most appropriate way is to conduct the training on-site.

With it, you don’t need to send your workers off-site lessening the downtime and production halt. It is much more convenient for you and the workers to conduct the training in actual work environment.

One of the significant advantages of on-site training is that the trainer can adjust the training course based on the condition of the workplace, behavior and manners of the forklift operators, and the types of trucks being used in the workplace.

By the way, if you conduct on-site training, you need to keep the training record of individual operator. What you need to keep? Just a copy of the operator certificate indicating the name of the trainee and trainer, date of the training, specifics of the training, and other relevant information necessary to identify the nature of the course content and worker’s details.

To Make a Conclusion

Forklift training is one of the pillars of safety at work. It can definitely boost the productivity and efficiency of the workers. Having trained personnel can maintain safe working environment.

Having certified forklift operators can benefit all the parties involved: the worker, company and the government. The forklift training ensures operators and employers in Portsmouth have established compliance to the present ACOR and HSE regulations.


Image Attribution:By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Chief Petty Officer Ryan C. Delcore [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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