Forklift Licence BrisbaneWith the continuous progress of manufacturing, transport, logistics and construction industry, skilled operators with forklift licence in Brisbane are in high demand.

The nature of work an operator is classified high risk in Australia, there’s high potential of accident at the workplace, endangering the lives of the operator himself and other people in the work premises, likewise, property damage could occur which means loss in part of the employer.

For that reason, rigorous training and licence should be possessed by an operator wishing to perform work.

Applying for Forklift Licence 

  1. Select an RTO that will provide the training.
  2. Select the type of training course the RTO provides, depending on the level of competency, it may take 1 day to 2 days or more.
  3. Student need to complete the formal training. Lectures include subjects on health and safety, government legislations, planning of operation, risk and hazard analysis and identification, troubleshooting, operational inspections, and many others as required.
  4. Student must complete the training plan (list of tasks to perform), the hours and tasks should be logged, you will be provided with a logbook. You will do these at the direction of a licenced supervisor.
  5. A formal and practical assessment will be done by the RTO. New legislation requires you to notify the RTO 3 days before assessment.
  6. If student successfully complete the course and passed the assessment, RTO will issue certificate of attainment and AS1 Form to student.
  7. Student must submit in person the two documents together with 100 point Evidence of Identification to Australia Post within 60 days for your plastic licence card to be released. You need to pay the processing fee.

Where Can I Apply for Forklift Certification in Brisbane

An applicant in Brisbane, whether an individual or company, must hire a certified Registered Training Organization, they’re authorized and capable to conduct the formal and practical training and assessment. In case the company cannot let their operators lose precious work shifts because none can substitute to do their work, RTO trainers and supervisors could be summoned to undertake the training in company’s own site.

Here are the list RTOs in Brisbane you can enquire for:

  • Morgan and Sons
  • FMS Training
  • Lifting Skills Pty. Ltd.
  • Barclay Thomas Training Group
  • Major Training Group
  • ABC Driving School
  • AIMM Industrial Training
  • The Operator School
  • The Driving School
  • Site Skills Training
  • Traducation
  • GL Training
  • Help Training Institute
  • Affordable Driving School
  • Coates Hire
  • AptLee
  • Site Work Ready
  • Australian Forklift Training
  • AAlert

Forklift Training Requirements

Minimum requirements before getting accepted to undertake training are as follows:

  • Proof of Identification indicating name, age, address, and residency
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years and old.
  • Able to communicate well in English (speak and write).
  • Literate to follow instruction and command.

Other Information Concerning Forklift Licencing 

  • Forklift operation is classified as High Risk Work, by mean, an operator must hold a TLILIC2001A (forklify) or TLILIC2001A (order picker) Licence, depending on the machine they’re operating.
  • Forklift licence has validity of 5 years.
  • If you want to apply for new licence class, you need to follow the same steps as mentioned above.
  • Renewal notice will be sent to you from Worksafe 90 days before the expiry date indicated in your licence card. Submit requirements personally (the unsigned notice, 100 point of EOI, passport photo, and fee) at Australia Post.
  • If you change contact details, notify the Worksafe Licencing to submit form.

For further information, you can refer to work health and safety authority in Brisbane, contact WorkSafe Advisory Service by calling 1800 136 089, or 9641 1444.

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