A forklift licence in Qld is a compulsory requirement in order for an operator to get accepted for a job in warehousing, construction and many other industries.

Forklift Licence QldTo get your HRW forklift licence, Worksafe Qld obliges applicant to complete the formal training conducted by an RTO and informal training administered by a licenced supervisor. If you are needing licence for yourself, training for your employees or need a competency upgrade, you have to hire a registered RTO to do the training and evaluation.

Breach to existing legislations has stiff fine for both operator and employer.

How to Apply for a Forklift Licence

  1. Look for a Registered Training Organization (RTO) offering the course you required. Some of registered RTOs are listed below. Select the one nearest to your location and provide the HRW training requirement you need. 
  2. RTO will conduct the formal and practical training. The applicant must attend the number of hours (40) of practical forklift operation and undertake lectures of formal training course. 
  3. Reserve for written examination and practical assessment with your chosen RTO. You should notify your RTO at least six (6) days in advance. 
  4. Applicant who passed the formal and practical trainings will receive assessment (AS1) from accredited supervisor and statement of attainment from the RTO.
  5. Submit application in person (within 60 days after passing) together with other documentary requirements (filled up F1 form, AS 1 from supervisor, any valid HRW licence or certificate relevant to it, 100 points ID, including your passport type photo and $74) to Australia Post. Workplace Health and Safety Qld allow Australia Post to process application on behalf of them.  
  6. Keep your AS1 and receipt issued by Australia Post. They are proofs that you properly submitted an application for a legal HRW forklift licence. You can present these to your prospective employer attesting that a pending licence application has been properly submitted and awaiting decision. 
Take notice that the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will not recognize by Workplace Health and Safety Qld if applicant is applying for HRW licence.

If you supply sufficient evidence proving you to be experienced operator, you can present that to adjust the type of training to achieve relevant to your competency.

You can discuss your level of skill with your RTO, so they can modify the type of training suitable to you.

Registered Training Organizations in Queensland

Here are some of the Workplace Health and Safety standard compliant RTOs. They provide training and refresher course at the workplace.

  • Industry Training Qld
  • Transqual
  • FMS Training
  • The Operator School
  • Get Skilled Qld
  • AG Training
  • One Stop Training
  • Set Solutions
  • Site Skills Training
  • Major Training Group
  • Traducation
  • Backlay Thomas
  • Tafe Queensland
  • AG Training
  • Dawson Training
  • CTAD
  • Alpha Truck Training
  • Staff Services
  • FMS Training
  • Wallace Forklift Training
  • Hunter’s Hunting
  • Morgan and Sons
  • The Operator School
  • Coates Hire
  • AAlert
  • Site Work Ready
  • Total Training
  • Sharp Training
  • JADS Assessing
  • NOVA
  • Industry Training QLD
  • New Horizons
  • Mt. Blue Training
  • Koolat Safety
  • ABC Driving School
  • Skills on Safety
  • Diverse Training
  • Civil Safety
  • Hi Reach Training Australia

Cost may vary depending on the course, length of training and the number of applicants an employer will apply.

Requirements of Forklift Training 

  1. At the time of application, applicant should be at 18 years old or above. Present proof of age.
  2. Physically fit and not suffering from any illness.
  3. Can communicate in written and verbal English language is a must.
  4. Other requirements may be needed, applicant must enquire with RTO for supplemental prerequisites.

How Much Doest it Cost for Forklift Licence Training 

Pricing will depend on the type of course you applied for. If you are a new student and no knowledge on forklift truck driving, then you may need to take some time taking the course, thus, it is more expensive, around AU$400 to AU$500.

However, if you are an experienced operator and needing only the formality of the RTO training course to get your licence, you will spend much lesser time, 1-2 days perhaps. You may need to pay as much as AU$200 to AU$350, depending on the RTO.

In addition to the RTO training course fee, you need to pay also AU$70 to Australia Post for processing of the plastic licence.

I wish you good luck and continue your endeavor to obtain a forklift licence.

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