forklift license MaineIn Maine, your chances of getting a job as a forklift operator are in manufacturing and industrial factory.

If you’re a new to this field, and intending to make a career as licensed forklift driver, you need to get your certification in accordance with OSHA standard. Again, you need to apply for a training course to do this.

How? Follow this instruction, and you can obtain your license is just matters of days and spending little amount.

Obtaining your forklift license

  1. Only OSHA certified trainer can conduct forklift training. The training can be done on-site or at the employers workplace or can be conducted at training schools’ facility. The more ideal of the two is on-site training, as the trainer can specify the type of training programs to give based on working condition, behavior of operators, and machinery types.
  2. If you are a new with no prior working experience at all, getting your forklift license is the primary step before you go out there applying for the job. You need take the comprehensive course at the training schools or colleges, we’ve provided you the list below.
  3. When enrolled, you are tasked to complete two parts of the course: the classroom lessons and actual forklift operations. You need to pass the written exam and trainer’s evaluation.
  4. When completed, and you satisfied you trainer, you can receive your certification and license, present that to your prospective employer when hunting for a job.

You need to bear in mind that it is not the OSHA that issue certification, it is the trainer or training schools. OSHA regulates standards that all employers and operators must follow.

Forklift Training Centers and Providers in Maine

Before enrolling, you need to figure out what training course you need. You need a training based on the type of training you will be operating.

  • Steve’s Safety Services - 65 Penney Rd, New Gloucester, ME,  +1 207-713-7211
  • NITCO Materials Handling Solutions - 23 Foss Road, Lewiston, ME 04240
  • IVES Training - 1-800-643-1144
  • University of Southern Maine - PO Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104, +1 800-800-4876
  • US Forklift Certification - (866) 556-8732 (USFC)
  • CertifyMe - 888-699-4800
  • Mullen's Driving School - New Gloucester High School, 10 Libby Hill Road, Gray, ME 04039-9698

The amount that you can spend is minimal, it only cost as much as $100 to $200 depending on the comprehensiveness of the training you required.

Why having a forklift license is important

  • Efficiency and productivity boosting. Being certified operator can definitely increase level of workers’ productivity. They’ve been taught how to get the job done quickly and safely during the training course.
  • Safety awareness is one of the concerns during the forklift training, therefore, licensed operators were more inclined to avoid accidents.
  • Employers hate property damage and you, becoming a licensed driver can definitely reduce incident of employers’ property being damaged while in operation.
  • Increase your level of competency thus improving your confidence. This is important as the nature of work of forklift operators is meeting deadlines and accomplishing loading/unloading in specified time. You can perform more work if you’re competent.
  • When applying for a job, you’re a ripe fruit in the eyes of the employer to be picked. You have the best chance of getting hired if you have license.

Forklift Operator Salary in the state of Maine

An experienced and licensed forklift operator can make as much $15.32 per hour or $31,860 when translated yearly. In New Hampshire, the hourly pay is lower. 

You can be hired and employed by other business in nearby states, if you preferred to work in other state, you can take your license with you, the license in nationally recognized. However, you need recertification every three years and prove that you have maintained your skill, simply by showing your certificate of your passed employment.

Contact Authorities

Governing Authorities to inquire about forklift licensing, wage-related matters and health and safety standards:

Department of Labor
54 State House Station Drive
P.O. Box 259
Augusta, ME 04332
Main Switchboard:(207) 623-7900

Where to Get Forklift Training Near Me?

For all of you who are just starting a career in forklift driving and don't know where to get forklift certification to get a new job, in this website, we have prepared the tutorials of each state, we've listed down the list of training schools, operator salary of each state and steps to take the training. Just select the state where you are in the left side bar.

Major Cities of ME

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