forklift license in the State of North DakotaNorth Dakota is famous for its agricultural industry, this state is also a hub of energy supplying industry. The demand of labor workforce is steady, especially for licensed forklift operators. If you are seeking employment to become one, you must understand that you need to acquire a forklift license before you are allowed to operate the machine.

In compliance to the OSHA Req. 1910.178, all operators should be properly certified to make sure they do not post danger to himself and workers around the workplace. If OSHA inspector visits your company and found out that operators have no license to show or established that they are not certified, every operator could be penalized and charged to pay $8,000. Employer could face heavier fine.

In order to get your forklift license, follow these steps:

What You Need to Do to Get Forklift License

  1. Evaluate what training requirements you need because the training should be specific to the type of forklift truck you’ll be using.
  2. Enroll for the certification course. The list of schools that provide forklift operator training is below for your information.
  3. The training comprises of three parts: the classroom training, written examination and practical assessment. During the classroom lectures, applicants will learn basics of forklift operation, pre-inspection, OSHA laws and legislation, fundamentals of operation, safety awareness and advocacy, accidents mistakes and prevention, danger synopsis, incident reporting, proper operational procedure, pedestrian traffic, machine stability, weight calculation, and other subject that are relevant. This part lasts for 5 hours.
  4. After the classroom lectures, the applicants will be given written exam in which they need to pass 70% of the questions in order to be eligible to take the last part of the course.
  5. If all is well and completed, the applicants will be subjected to actual forklift operation. This is where applicants must demonstrate their skills driving the forklift. They will assign to complete sets of duties like maneuvering, pallet arrangement, stacking and de-stacking, moving of materials from height, placing of heavy materials from one location to the another, and other tasks that the trainer ask you to do.
  6. If satisfied, the trainer will make recommendation about your eligibility. The school will then issue you certificate of course completion and license card.
  7. The license is valid for three years. The forklift license can be used anywhere in the state and recognized anywhere in the US.

Forklift Training Providers in North Dakota

It is imperative for applicant to complete the training course, it is the utmost important step of acquiring the forklift operator license.

In order to get hold of forklift operator license, the applicant must join a training course to be provided by a trade school, nearby colleges or center near your resident or location. Here are some of the schools and centers that offer forklift operator training in North Dakota:

  • Forklifts of Minnesota Incorporated
  • Safety Training North Dakota Pro - 14049 Highway 2 Williston, Parshall, ND
  • Herc-U-Lift Inc. - 701-219-5811
  • Minot Safety Training
  • North Dakota Safety Council
  • Safety Works, LLC - 18 1st Street West, Dickinson

Benefits of Having a Forklift License

  • It is your big ticket item to get accepted for the forklift driving job. Employers prefer those applicants who have readied license than those without.
  • You are more productive doing your job. You can easily get the job done in less amount of time.
  • You more aware about safety. Safety is the first priority when doing work, this mean less accidents, material damage, property damage, mishaps and near misses.
  • Trained operator can do work efficiently.

How much you can make as licensed forklift operator

The expected salary of licensed forklift operator in North Dakota is $18.72 per hour or when converted, that $38,940 per year. The wage for a forklift operator in this state is ranked 3rd highest in the US. In South Dakota, salary is much higher.

If you can prove your worth and loyalty with the company, you can expect for promotion as on-site trainer, this mean you can ask for salary raise.

Governing Agencies:

If you require advice about wage and related benefits or have questions about occupational safety and health, you contact these authorities in North Dakota:

Department of Labor and Human Rights
600 East Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND
(701) 328-2660

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
521 East Main Avenue, Suite 200
Bismarck, North Dakota 58501

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