Forklift Rental in MiamiIf you are in Miami and if it’s the time for you to rent a forklift to expand your fleet without adding capital expense, you may be wondering what to expect. It is the same as renting a car – contact a dealer and a lot of same guidelines apply but in a slightly different way.

If you have never leased a forklift before, you may be amazed at how affordable and cost-effective it can be. Although some might say that owning makes sense financially but that doesn’t apply to you may be right now.

Let’s be honest, you opted renting instead of buying because you don’t have yet the ability to spend on this pricy piece of equipment - and that’s a good decision. Knowing when and why to rent can be a big advantage.

And since there are more than meets the eye, we’re here to help you. We made this brief article to help you find the best forklift rental dealer in Miami and guide you through the process so that you won’t get lost.

Let us first list down the companies that offer such a service. Here are the dealers:

Forklift Rental Companies & Dealers in Miami

The city of Miami has a lot of dealers in the area, talk to them so that they can assess your needs, here are your choices:

  • Atlantic Forklift and Parts, Inc.
    1015 SE 9 Court, Hialeah, FL 33010
    Phone: 305-885-1490
  • ABC Rental
    401 E. Boynton Beach Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33435 Palm Beach County (561) 739-9888
    2849 Ravenswood RD Dania Beach, FL 33312 Broward County (954) 318-1947
    50 NW 20th Street Miami, FL 33127 Dade-Miami (305) 403-1947
    North Miami -Aventura 305-978-9950
  • Mr. Lift Truck Inc.
    10450 Southwest 187th Terrace Miami, FL 33157
    Phone: 305-252-0900, Fax: 305-238-7122
  • Alltool Rental
    Serving Miami and other nearby locations
    Phone: 954-981-1414, Fax: 954-981-0200
  • OJL Forklifts & Equipment Inc.
    3701 NW 62 Street, Miami, Fl. 33147
    Phone: 305-836-4337
  • South Dade Forklift
    Office:305.823.4626, Fax: 305.823.4696
  • BigRentz, Inc.
    Has a wide range of selections: telehandlers, rough terrain, warehouse & industrial forklifts
    (888) 242-4715
  • United Rentals
    4301 NW 27TH Avenue, Mami, FL 33142
    Phone: 305-888-1919
  • Poes Rentals
    Ph: Miami (305) 670-7706, Fax: 305-556-5638
    Has wide range of equipment to choose from
  • Ring Power Corporation
    Call Us 877-544-5438
    Serving Miami, and other locations in Florida
  • Herc Rentals
    5850 NW 77th Ct, Miami, FL 33166
    Phone: 305-592-5770
  • Grower's Equipment Co.
    4801 NW 77th Ave, Miami, FL 33166
    Phone: 305-592-7890
    Briggs Equipment
    16500 Northwest 54TH Avenue, Miami, FL 33014
    Phone: 305-624-1511
  • 305 Hookup
    1800 Coral Way Suite 450025
  • Taylor Forklifts
    8351 NW 64th Street • Miami, FL 33166
    Call: (305) 599-2070
  • KELLY Tractor Company
    8205 NW 58th Street, Miami, Florida 33166
    (305) 592-5360
  • Roly’s Forklift, Inc.
    25 Nahkoda Drive, Miami, FL 33166
    (305) 884-1564
  • National Lift Truck Service Inc.
    7200 NW 77th Street Miami, FL 33166
    Phone: 305.884.2000 Fax: 305.884.2005
  • Miami Forklifts
    7340 N.W. 56th Street, Miami, Florida 33166
    Phone: 786 507-1408, Fax: 305.463.7101
  • Action Equipment
    3007 NW South River Drive, Miami, FL 33142
    Phone: 786-693-8210

How to Choose the Best Dealer or Rental Company

Not all rental companies are equal. Here are what to look for in a forklift rental dealer:

  • Choose a forklift rental dealer that has a sales crew dedicated to providing excellent customer service. So that when you have complains or you need assistance on your rented forklift, there’s someone to help you. In fact, having good customer service makes customers feeling valued.

  • Choose the dealer with competent technicians and maintenance staff. It is important so that when the rented equipment breaks down on site there will be someone to come there. For that, you’re going to need technical assistance by competent persons.

  • Find a rental dealer that has a good reputation. As the saying goes, reputation isn’t given, they are earned. A reputable company doesn’t just rent you equipment, they’re there to help you along the way. You can easily find a good company by networking or asking your colleagues, they probably have the first-hand experience with the company you preferred. A reputable dealer has a long line of history.

  • Has a wide range of equipment and attachment selection. When looking for a rental company, consider the types of forklifts and attachments they have to offer. For that reason, it is important to determine the type of forklift you need for your intended purpose, and if you do need an attachment.

  • Find a forklift rental company that also provides operator training. When you don’t have a certified worker on the unit you are renting, they can easily offer such training. It is important to have a certified operator as this is a strict OSHA requirement.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Forklift

The cost of renting a forklift in Miami differs extensively from one company to another. The cost depends on many factors as well such as type of forklift, capacity, rental period, etc. But on average, you could rent a forklift between $250 and $700 a day. Long term rental basis such as for a month will be on a discounted price of $1500 or $6,000.

Just as we mentioned, capacity and rental period play a significant role in how much you could rent a forklift. To give you a better understanding, here are the industry standards:

  • 3,000 – 5,000 lbs capacity forklift – it will cost you around $250 to $300 a day to rent or $800 to $1200 a month.
  • 6,000 – 10,000 lbs capacity forklift – the per-day rental rate for this capacity is almost the same as the previous one, it will cost around $220 - $350 a day; $400 - $800 a week; or $1,300 - $2,000 per month.
  • 10,000 – 30,000 lbs capacity forklift – the daily rental rate for this capacity is between $350 - $750 a day; $600 and $2,200 a week; $1,700 and $5,000 a month to rent.

It is important to note that aside from the rental rate, there are other factors you should consider as this will add to your expenses such as delivery and pickup.

If you found a forklift rental company in Miami and it is far away from you, you will be charged for the trucking expenses as well. And as long the rented equipment is in your hands, you will be charged for any repair or maintenance.

The cost to transport the forklift to your site depends on the distance and weight of the equipment. It is recommended to let the pros do the job of transporting. The company may charge you about $150 in a specified delivery radius.

Talk to your dealer and negotiate the price. You may find a dealer that will waive the delivery cost.

Technical Details To Consider When Renting a Forklift

  • What type of forklift you are looking to rent – counterbalance, rough terrain, narrow-aisle, aerial lift, walkie stacker, order pickers are some examples of a truck. It is best to determine what type you need.

  • Define how much weight the rental equipment can accommodate and how high it can lift in the air. When talking to a company, provide detailed information about the weight and volume of loads the rental equipment will carry, as well as how high you need to lift them. Be sure to provide this information so that the rental company can provide the right truck for your specific requirement.

  • Will the forklift be used indoor or outdoor to define what type of tire it needs to be equipped with. If the job is inside the warehouse, the cushioned tire type is best to use for smooth and hard surfaces. While the pneumatic type is suited for outdoor use.

  • What fuel source you want the rental forklift to run. The choices are electric, diesel, or propane. The electric forklift is suited for indoor use as it emits no exhaust, the diesel-powered truck is for outdoor use for obvious reason, and the propane-powered forklift is handy for indoor and outdoor use.

Once You've Decided, You Can Take Note of These Specifics

  • Will you need additional attachment or extension for the particular truck you want to rent? Do things like strobe lights and alarms are required to be on the machine? If the answers is yes, talk to your rental company about these requirements.

  • If the forklift you want to rent is electric, you will need to consider the battery charger requirement. There are some models of chargers that must be hard-wired, if this is the case, you need a competent person for installation.

  • If you consider renting the forklift for a long-period, try to discuss with the company the aspects of maintenance and repairs. Usually, it is you, the client, who is in charge of this but with good negotiation with the company, you could make a better deal.

  • While the rental company insures the equipment, it is important that you have an insurance policy that covers forklift operators, other workers, and the facility so that in the event an accident happens, you have some assurance.

To Bring This to a Close

Before renting a forklift and finding a dealer in Miami, the right way is to create an action plan and determine the important details so that you won’t commit mistakes as it saves you time and money.

Things like make and model, lifting capacity, type of forklift and the renting period as well are important technical factors to consider as it affects how much you would spend on rental equipment.

Plan ahead and define you what you need, it avoids you from future hassles.

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