forklift rental near me: where to find forklift dealer?If you are looking for a forklift rental nearest to your location, we’ve got covered in this subject. We have listed down the forklift rental companies and dealers in every state. We prepared this directory together with the guides so that you won’t get confused when renting a piece of equipment.

Just browse the portion of this website, you will find many guides and answers to your most frequently asked questions. We try to make everything simple and easy for you so that you would come up with the right decision.

To get started, we would like to read these advice when renting.

When You’re Looking for Forklift Rental, Here are Some Important Advice for You

You have a forklift that bogs down, or if your work is for the short term, or if you just want to test out a piece of equipment before buying it, renting a forklift is a good decision to take. It is an economical decision for your business. But before you make the decision to rent, consider this advice first:

  • When renting a piece of equipment like forklift there could be an additional cost that the company won’t tell you. These hidden costs are: maintenance, servicing, repair, theft and damage. You could be liable for such charges when you sign blindly to the terms and conditions. Inquire with the company if they have protection or policy about it. Ask also about the tax, if it is already included in the rental fee. Find out also about the delivery and pick up cost if it is to be shouldered by you when making an inquiry, don’t forget to negotiate delivery and pick up of the equipment.

  • Define what work you will be doing and advise that the dealer so that they can give you professional advice on what type of forklift should be given to you. This is very important when you don’t know what forklift you will be renting. Work with the company about your needs.

  • Talk to the dealer if they have a qualified repairman that they can send in the event the forklift breaks down at your site. You would want to suffer work stoppage simply because of the failure of the equipment. Would it be appropriate if the rental company has a technician to do repair work right away?

  • Choose high quality and modern machine. These forklifts typically get the job done easily boosting productivity. When renting a forklift, choose the newest model.

  • You should have trained forklift operators to man the machine. OSHA standard regulation requires operators to be certified first. Following the regulation will save you from being slapped with heavy fines and penalties. You could be fined tens of thousands of dollars when an accident happened and found out that it is your negligence.

Now, that you’ve just understood some aspects of renting, it is time to look for a forklift rental company.

Are You Searching for Forklift Rental Near Me

When you need to rent a forklift, how can we help? We have the lists/directories of forklift rental companies in the US. It is categorized by state so that you would not be having a hard time finding one nearest to you. Just click the state in the menu where you are, then search for a rental company to make an inquiry about.

Aside from that, we have comprehensive answers to your most frequently asked questions about renting forklifts. It will be very convenient for you to make an informed decision.

Know the Specs of Forklift You Need for Your Application

Are you planning to rent a forklift for the long term or just for a short period? Whatever your need might be it is important to note these simple things in order to avoid mistakes:

  • Know the material you will lift and its maximum weight - to avoid making mistakes, it is important to know these specs before choosing a forklift to rent. The rental company will ask for this information so before you go out there, make sure you know this.

  • Know how high the load will be lifted - the lift height is also one of the important considerations to take note of when renting a forklift. Talk to the operators to get the measurement of how high the forklift will lift its load. Again, make sure you have the right measurement as the rental company will ask this to determine the lift height of the forklift they will give you.

  • What kind of environment the rental forklift will be operated in – If the operation is mostly indoors, then you need an electric forklift. Diesel and propane-powered and trucks are ideal for outdoor use for the obvious reason of they emit carbon dioxide.

  • What road surface the forklift will be operated on – if the operation is indoor on a smooth and slippery surface, you may need a polyurethane tire. On the other hand, if the operation is outdoor on the rough and uneven road surfaces, you may need a pneumatic tire.

  • Determine the right taper and length of the forks – This will base on the type of load you will be hauling. Does the operation involve loading standard-size pallets or picking up lumber? The operation the forklift will be used in determines the taper and length of forks you need for the rental forklift.

Knowing first the above information before you pick up the phone to contact a rental company will save you lots of time and prevent you from making mistakes.

Is Renting Forklifts the Right For Your Business?

  • When your business is just starting out, renting equipment could be an advisable option for you. Doing so can conserve business capital. Forklifts can cost thousands of dollars, renting save you lots of money because there is no expensive upfront equipment acquisition.

  • Renting a forklift can be an effective way to budget money. If you are thinking about the future of your business, renting eliminates overhead expenses in maintenance.

  • A forklift is like a car, it becomes outdated when time passes. By renting, you can choose the modern types of equipment that suits your business needs.

  • If the workloads spike up because of the seasonal demand, renting can make your business capital outlay small. This is the typical advantage of renting lift trucks. Renting also abstain you from other operational expenses.

  • Have you experienced an equipment breakdown? I bet you have. Downtime sucks! Renting forklifts can be a fast solution when such an unfortunate event happens. Rent so that you will be able to meet business targets and deadlines.

When the Rental Forklift Arrives, Inspect It Before Signing Any Document

Now, that everything is settled and the rental forklift has arrived at your Jobsite, before signing any document, it is a must to do an equipment inspection first. Perform a visual inspection and drive test it to make sure that everything is in order and that the truck is in good working condition.

Another thing you can do is to take photos of the forklift from every angle so that you can document the damage to the truck when it arrives at your workplace. If you see some dings and dents there, tell that to the rental company so that you would not be charged for the damage.

After doing the visual inspection and driving test and you’re not comfortable with equipment for whatever reason, you always have the option to exchange it for another unit.

To Bring This to a Close

Forklift rental is the best solution for every business needs you have. When the time arrives for you to rent a forklift, you may be thinking what to do and expect. This is when we come in. At this section of my blog, you will find directory of forklift rental companies in every state. You can come to this blog by just searching the term forklift rental near me.