The video below you will watch demonstrates how a forklift operator travelling with load struck and hit a fellow worker at high speed. You can see that the victim is in pain and in serious condition after he was struck. Obviously, there are ignorance for the part of the operator. He was not following speed limit, driving with his view blocked by the load and he did not follow safety signs in the workplace.

There are action to be taken against this operator. He could be reprimand for dismissal from work, if found to be deliberately violating company safety rules. 

Aside from dismissal from service, OSHA can imposed penalty to him - a criminal one. He could face criminal charges. As for the company, he OSHA found that the company did not provide any periodical training for the operator, the company could be fined.

You can watch the video below:



You can learn many lesson from this accident. Don't drive the truck at high speed especially when travelling with loads. Always maintain a clear view during operation and always follow safety rules.

I just would like to share with you the compilation of accidents involving forklifts. These accidents may sound funny or some other might say it pure stupidity. Whatever you judgment, there’s only one thing you need to understand here – that is to get a lessons from these accidents.

The first accident involves a driver who doesn’t pay attention behind while reversing the forklift, he hit a water reservoir. The second scene involves a forklift transporting a lengthy load, the driver force to fit it the narrow aisle, he hit the rack, toppling the files of merchandise to the ground. The third scene involves an order picker driver, taking load from height, he did not ensure that the load is balance, sending the load to the ground.


It is essential to know these safe forklift driving tips. These can enhance your skills as an operator. 

This video teaches maximum safe speed of driving forklifts, distance between other vehicles, truck stability, load handling, pedestrian crossing, proper parking.

There are numerous accidents in the warehouses that involved forklifts. Drivers and safety trainers alike must be aware of the source of the accidents. They must know how to mitigate the risk to prevent severe and serious accidents.

In today's world, with all the standards and laws, forklift safety is a top prioirty. Wherever country where a forklift is being operated, one must take precaution. Here's the 8 tips to drive forklift safely.


Watch the video here:


Did you you know that operating forklift truck is a specialized job the require training and certification by your employer to become a qualified driver. This video is an introduction to the troubleshooting and refueling procedure and safety protocols all employees need to know in any types of power industrial trucks or usually know as forklifts. 

The OSHA estimates that hundreds or even thousands of employees injured or killed due to accidents involving improper driving of forklifts. To reduce the statics of forklift accidents, operators must cohere with standard check-up of the machine prior to work. In addition to this, post operation check must also be conducted, which will shown on the video. This video presents three golden steps of forklift safety which every operator must take in order to do the job safely. 

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