Forklift train the trainer certificationThe forklift train the trainer certification is an integral part of the safety system in the company. The training must be performed by a competent person with essential knowledge and experience to provide training to operators. This person could be an instructor from outside source or a member of the fleet. OSHA does not identify specific training for the trainer. It is the employer’s sole discretion to assign someone to conduct the training. 

If company has a forklift training program in place, they can send their trainer for skill upgrade to receive supplementary certification. Having an in-house trainer can definitely be useful in terms of compliance with OSHA and safety application. Having someone to supervise the whole fleet of operators will ease the operation thus boosting the work production. The company can definitely save up tons of money by eliminating the need to hire outsider that can cost thousands of dollars. 

If you are wondering, who are those members of the organization qualified to receive the forklift train-the-trainer program, here they are:

  • The most senior of the group of operators
  • Safety supervisor/officer
  • Warehouse superior employees such as foreman, supervisor, manager .

It is paramount to choose someone who had a professional degree and certificate, capable to give verbal and instructional training.

By implementing the train-the-trainer course inside the workplace and designate someone as certified trainer, you no longer need to send forklift operators to a training school to be certified, it will save you from paying their wages while off-work and their enrollment expenses. The trainer can do the task. 

In addition to this, refresher course for operators involved in an accident, mishaps and property damage incidents can easily be done inside the warehouse. Just allocate a training room and prepare the classroom presentation materials, and in just few hours, everything is finished. Just don’t forget to keep a record of the training so that you can present this when OSHA inspector visited your company.

Now, if you are an experienced and certified forklift operator wanting to improve or seeking promotion, having a train-the-trainer certification in your portfolio can definitely increase your chance to be appointed for higher position. You can quickly be designated as safety trainer.

How would you want your employee to take the certification course?

There are THREE methods in order to receive the certification, each one has its own advantage and disadvantage. You can choose one of these which is more appropriate to you.

#1 - Sending Your Employee to Study Center

Employers wishing to have their employee certified can send him to a study center. The course may take 2-3 days to complete. The course can cost up to $250 per person depending on the length and comprehensiveness of the training.

Advantage: No Advantage


  • Obviously, the employee will be away from his work, you need to pay his wages while off the work and his travel expenses.
  • Can create work backlog, due to the reason the employee is away from his work.
  • If the employee resigned, you cannot take back your investment. You need to resend someone to training school, thus you need to pay for his enrollment again.

#2 - Online Training Course

There are many vendors online that give such training. Though this method is somehow effective, it does entail some drawbacks. This certification can be done in-house, without leaving the premise. You just need an internet connection.


  • It gets rid off additional expense to send someone to a school.
  • You can access the training anytime after work and while at home.


  • Again, just like previous method, if the employee left the company for good, you need to designate someone to replace him and retake the train-the-trainer certification, you need to spend again.

#3 - OSHA Compliant Training Package

Your investment is intact. This is the most efficient and cost effective method to take trainer certification. This will save you up lots of money in the long run.


  • Training can be done anytime and anywhere. Since the format is digital, you can watch the program over and over again, using your laptop.
  • When the trainer left, you can hand over the training package to someone who replaced him.
  • You do not have to send employee to study center, eliminating additional expenses.
  • The training package is bundled with complete training kits, certificates, operator card, student hands out, evaluation checklist and more. You get the value of your money.
  • Vendor gives a 30-day money back guarantee. Absolutely risk-free!


Here Are The Training Packages You Can Avail

You can choose one that is appropriate to you. Each package is bundled with free materials and bonuses that you can use. Select One and Avail.

US Forklift Certification - Complete Safety Training Kit

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 FLC Forklift Certification Kit

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Liftow Ultime Forklift Training Kit

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Having a solid training program can absolutely save you from deep trouble. OSHA inspector could visit your company and can impose thousands of dollars as penalty for each operator found uncertified. So, getting your trainer and the rest of the crew prepared and ready will reduce the chance of getting fined and penalized.

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