Forklift Training In HullAre you planning to start a profession as a forklift driver? Then you need comprehensive forklift training in Hull.

So that you can be guaranteed of receiving and absorbing as much knowledge and competency as possible. Your goal is to complete a course with the proper skills required to operate a forklift safely in the workplace.

If you are an employer, you have obligation to ensure that your employees have the proper training before they use of lift trucks and other equipment.

So whether you are an individual or an employer, you have an important responsibility to yourself and to your workers.

If you want to undergo forklift training, here are the training schools where you can take a course:

Forklift Training Schools and Centres in Hull Where You Can Take a Course

Whether you have prior experience or none, you should go to a forklift training school in Hull to take a professional training. If you are looking for one, here are the schools you can choose to enroll in:

Portull Training Services,
Located In Hull (East Yorkshire)
Contact: P: 01482 221 233, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Several courses available: novice, refresher, conversion

Training UK
7 Brackendale Close, Leads Road, Hull
Contact: Mobile: 07711 837868; Telephone: 01482 789115

NFTS Commercial Ltd,
64 Scarborough Street, Hull, East Yorkshire,
Phone: 01482 644855

Selkirk Mechanical Handling
Tel: 01482 502010
Forklift Training can be conducted at their Hull based facility or at your site

T. Kidd & Son Ltd
International House, Kidd Park, Cliff Road, Hornsea, Hull
Contact: Tel: 01964 537000; Tel: 0800 252220 (Freephone); Fax: 01964 537111

All Training (Hull)
55, Cumberland Street, Hull
Tel: 01482 325 054; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Barek Lift Trucks Ltd
Marvel Street, Hull, HU9 1DS
Telephone: 01482 218151, Fax: 01482 324142

Pastel Training Ltd.
1 Ash Grove, Aldbrough Hull
East Riding of Yorkshire HU11 4SQ
Tel: 01964 529006

When choosing a forklift training school, make sure it has modern pieces of equipment and training facility, would you want to drive a rotten and rusty truck; I bet you wouldn’t want. You can verify this by paying a visit to the training school and if you could get into their premise, observe the equipment and facility they use in the training. Also, make sure that the training instructor has sufficient experience and knowledgeable to provide such training.

How to Become a Forklift Truck Driver

  1. Specify what type of forklift you want to be trained on – There are the counterbalance, rough terrain, narrow aisle, side loader, pallet stacker, and pallet truck, reach truck, telescopic, articulated, container handler, order picker types of forklifts. The type of truck you want to get training on will determine the cost and the type of course you will take.

  2. Complete the Requirements - there are some basic prerequisites that you need to attain to become a forklift operator. You need to be at the right age, typically anyone old enough to leave school, but employers won’t hire you if you’re 18 years old or below; you need to have basic skill English and Math; it would be great if you have prior experience as a forklift driver so that you can easily get a job; you need to be physically fit since the nature of the work is physically demanding, thus you should be in good health condition.

  3. Look for training provider or school where you can enroll to take the class – the list of forklift training center and schools are listed above for your reference. When choosing for a provider, make sure that it has up-to-date equipment and facility and offers a comprehensive training course (both classroom training and practical training).

  4.  Complete the Classroom Course and Practical Training – these are the main components of the training course. In the classroom room, you’ll learn stacking and de-stacking methods, driver responsibilities, loading and unloading, accident prevention, risk analysis, safety guidelines, current applicable laws, basic controls of the forklift, and other theories. While in the practical training, you will do the hands-on demonstration and actual operation of the forklift. You’ll learn how to maneuver, reverse, pick up loads, transport loads, driving on an incline or ramp, elevating the loads, etc.

  5. Taking the written and practical tests – in every forklift training course, to become fully certified, you have to pass the written and practical tests. In the written test, you will be given a questionnaire that you need to answer correctly 80% of the items in order to pass. While in the practical test, the instructor will give a set of tasks you need to satisfactorily complete in order to pass the practical test. Don’t you worry, the tasks are basically the things that you’ve done during the practical training.

If you’re successful, you will receive your forklift training certificate and/or operator card that you can show to a hiring manager when you’re looking for a job. These are your important credentials proving that you have completed the training necessary for the job you are applying.

Depending on the Skill Level You Have as Forklift Operator, Here is the Course You Can Take

  • Novice Training – as its name implies, this course is proposed for those individuals without prior skill or experience operating the lift truck. Since this is for those novice drivers, the duration of the training is lengthier and more comprehensive. The course may take 4 up to 5 days to complete and the tuition is more costly as well, somewhere around £600-£800. The aim of this course to teach the basic skill needed for someone to operate a lift truck safely and efficiently. At the end, you will be comfortable operating such truck and be familiar with the handling of loads and materials.

  • Refresher Course – Well, again as its name implies refresher course is intended to be taken up by those drivers who have undergone a training in the past and now desiring to “refresh” their knowledge and skill in the operator of the forklift. The duration of the training is shorter compared to the novice training and it is less costly as well. The training usually can be finished in just a day and may cost around £200. As the employer’s responsibility to supply training to their workers, the refresher course is also given to them in the period of every three years to maintain their skill and competency.

  • Conversion Training – this training is for you if you want to operate other types of truck you are not familiar with. Since every forklift has its distinct operational controls and intended use you must familiarize with, taking the conversion course will keep you on the track. Depending on the kind of forklift you want to operate, the training duration may take up to 2 days and the cost may range around £300.

  • Semi-Experience/Untested – if you are one of the people who has learned and acquired the skill operating forklifts, but have had no formal training, then this semi-experience course is for you. Likewise, if you’ve got your licence years ago and it is now expiring, you may want to take up this course. Again, depending on the kind of truck you want to train on, the duration and cost will vary. In a semi-experienced/untested course, the duration may take up to 3 days and it may cost around £350.

How Often Do You Have to Retake the Training?

You or your employer may opt to take retraining somewhere 3 to 5 years interval to keep the skills and knowledge updated, a refresher course can be taken.

This is not a licence renewal as there’s no authority in the UK that issue such a licence. The operator card that you’ve received when you’ve initially taken up the training is not a licence.

The operator card and the certificate you’ve got is considered as your important credential to prove that you attended and successfully completed a forklift course.

Just don’t get the wrong impression about your card is a licence. The certificate of training doesn’t expire.

Retesting or retraining can be given to a driver if he has been involved in an accident or incident or has been observed operating the lift truck in a dangerous manner. 

What If You Lost Your Training Certificate

You may contact the training school that issued you the certificate and ask for a replacement. Application for a new one may have added cost that you need to pay.

If you’ve taken up an RTITB training course and you successfully pass the tests, your details are registered in the NORS database. You or your employer may check the authenticity of your certificate online.

You may also contact the RTITB for the specifics of the application of a new one.

To Conclude This

Having the proper forklift training in Hull can give you a competitive advantage when searching for a job. You have the qualities of a perform forklift driver. You have been trained and certified to operate the machine. The employer will prefer those candidates with proper training than those without.

If you have receive such training, go enroll in a course. It will only consume a small amount of time to finish the course and a little money to pay for the tuition. But the benefit of having that under your belt is outweighs your investment.