Forklift Training in KentAccording to statistics, there are around 8,000 injuries reported involving forklifts, it varies from minor to severe, while others are fatal. Accidents are what you and any employer want to avoid.

Hence, you have to take forklift training in Kent to get the knowledge and practical skills required to perform the job safety. Forklift certification what makes you different amongst others

It will only take a small amount of time and small investment to take the training and get certified to be a forklift operator.

The certificate you will obtain can elevate your career and open employment opportunities as employers want those individuals who have taken such training proving that they’re qualified for the job.

If you want to be a forklift operator, here’s the steps you need to take and below are the details you have to know to get into this occupation.

How to Become a Forklift Operator

  1. Decide if being a forklift driver is the job you want to get into - choosing is a career could be one of the most important things you have to do. The career you would like to enter to must be aligned with your interest, skills and values. If you like material handling and warehouse type of work environment, then there’s a good chance being a forklift operator is the job for you. Making the right decision can give a sense of direction to your life now and in the coming future, so take time in deciding the job you want to get into.

  2. Complete the requirements – If you’ve made up your mind if being a forklift driver is the profession you want to pursue, the second thing you have to do is to complete the requirements. The very basic you need to be is you must be old enough to leave school or you must be at the age of 18 to be considered by an employer. You need to have a forklift training certificate, and be physically fit. For more information about other requirements you need to have, please SEE BELOW.

  3. Know what skill level you have – since taking the forklift training course will depend on the skill or prior experience you have. If you have totally no experience, the novice training is the for you; if you an operator who is experienced but without formal training, you need to take the semi-experienced training; while the conversion training is for those individuals who want to operate other types of fork truck they’re not familiar to; and refresher course is for those who want to renew their forklift certification.

  4. Choose the type of forklift you want to be trained on – there are many types of fork trucks, counterbalance is the most common, while other are rough terrain, VNA, telehandler, reach truck, side loader, many other. Before you take the course, you need to be assured of the type of truck you want to get the training on.

  5. Take the forklift training course – Even if you are a novice or an experienced pro who wants to land a job or get a promotion, enrolling in a forklift operator training course is the way to go. There are many forklift training providers in Kent you can enroll at. SEE BELOW the list of centres. The training school will teach you in the proper operation of the truck, in the safety aspect of the job and in the efficient way of working in the warehouse or work environment.

  6. Getting a Job as a Forklift Operator - You can get a job in many industries as a forklift driver, but you mostly get employed in a warehouse as materials handler or in the construction site as forklift driver. These are the sectors in sought after for qualified individuals to man the heavy equipment such as forklift trucks.

Forklift Training Providers and Schools in Kent

It is obvious that it is important to have sound grasp of the theoretical and practical knowledge about forklift operation. You need to be updated on the current regulations and laws governing forklift operation and to have the hands-on experience on it.

Where else you can get those skills and knowledge? Of course, the training school will bestow you that. If you are in the hunt for forklift training providers in Kent, here are they:

  • Kent Forklift Training
    Unit 39 Blenheim Close, Pysons Road Ind Est, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2YF
    Office: 01843 603 199; Mobile: 07595 021 623
  • A&M Training Services
    Unit 3 Ratling Court Farm, Ratling Road, Aylesham, Kent CT3 3HN
    Phone: 01304 842682
  • Kent Metro Ltd
    Based in Medway, Kent
    To Make an enquiry, contact: 01634 255905
  • Industrial Training Services Ltd
    Service Kent and other nearby areas and across the UK
    Phone: 01268 560400
  • AFI Forklift Training
    Provides service in surrounding areas of Kent
    Phone: 01342 712 094; Mobile: 07921 761 007
  • Forklift Training Services (Kent) Limited
    Globe House Eclipse Park, Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3EN
  • TGS Forklift Training
    Offers ITTSAR standard and offers counterbalance, reach truck, side loader, bendi/pivot steer, telescopic, moffet, and pedestrian pallet truck training courses
    To enquire, call: Phone: 01303 210653, Mobile: 07817 890586
  • Safe Handling Southern Ltd
    Vicarage Lane, Hoo, Rochester, Kent. ME3 9LB
    Phone: 01634 252250; Mobile: 07802 357887
    Aside from forklift training, this provider also conducts other health & safety training courses such as Manual Handling, Risk Assessment, Accident Investigation and Fire Warden, and others
  • Robinson Training Services
    Training courses available are as: On-site forklift training, corporate forklift training, full forklift training; also offers service in other areas near Kent
    To make an enquiry, use this number: 01708 868 038
  • Kent Business Solutions
    Offers RTITB accredited forklift training courses
    Contact: 01502 712939; 07513266048
  • Polaris Training Ltd
    The Nursery, Dunn Street Rd, Bredhurst, Kent ME7 3ND
    Phone: 01233 526966
    Offers counterbalance, reach tuck, bendi/flexing, rough terrain, mounted moffet, road traffic incident management, powered pallet truck, manual handling training courses
  • Mark One Hire Limited
    Office number 01702 561818; 01702 561818
    Offers novice and refresher training courses; for novice, this provider has 1:1 ratio for absolute beginner while for refresher course or for those with prior knowledge, the training can be given at 1:3 ratio.
  • Medway Forklift Training Ltd
    07456 048246; 07463 747656
    The main area of service is Kent but they also provides training for clients who are on Medway and Maidstone areas.
  • Euro Training Services Limited
    Summerville, Petfield Close, Minster, ME12 3NU
    Phone: 07799 660810
    Gives counterbalance forklift training for novice, sem-experienced, and refresher courses, also offers on-site training
  • ACE Trainers
    Unit 6 Berry Court, Bramley Road, Little London, Hampshire RG26 5AT
    Phone: 01256 889489
    Gives RTITB accredited training courses for bendi Counterbalance Driver Training; courses available are 1-day conversion for single experienced operator, 2-day conversion course for three experienced operators, 3-day course for single novice operator, and 5-day training course for three novice operators; types of forklifts they offer training on are counterbalance, rough terrain, telehandler, electric pallet, instructor training, multi-directional side loader, VNA truck, reach truck and vehicle mounted forklift.
  • A+ Lift Truck Training
    They provide training in London, Kent, and other counties
    Phone: 077 3307 0549
    They are an ITSSAR accredited training provider; training courses available are for counterbalance, reach truck, Bendi, Flexi, Pivot Steer, Very Narrow Aisle, Pallet Truck, Lorry Mounted Crane, Hiab, Fassi, Telescopic Handlers, Side-loaders and Multi-Directional Side-loaders, Combi-lifts, Order Pickers, Rough terrain
  • MJL Forklift training
    Hawley, Kent, England, United Kingdom
    Phone: 07809 413577
    Provides on-site training at client’s premise, and courses available are for these types of forklifts: Essex and the South East for a variety of different lift trucks: Counterbalance,
    Reach, Pivot Steer, Multi directional, PPT & manual Pallet trucks, Pedestrian Stackers,
    HLOP & LLOP, Loading Shovel, VNA/ High level man-rise, MEWP, Manual Handling, Rough Terrain Counterbalance
  • MV & Sons forklift training services LTD
    Offers service for clients in Ken, and other areas in London
    Mobile: +44 7878 514 009; 01473604923
  • FLT Training by Sigma One Ltd.
    Telephone: 01621 742997; 01621 742997; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Employs qualified MEWP instructor to conduct the training, gives on-site training for novice and experienced forklift operators
  • Inline Training
    Service throughout East Anglia and the South East of England
    Mobile: 07534 790302; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Training courses available are novice, refresher, conversion, experienced uncertified operator, familiarization training, operator skill assessment

Helpful Tips in Choosing the Correct Forklift Training School

  • With modern and up-to-date forklift - Find the training school with current forklift machines being used in the practical exercise. We know that technology gets outdated so as the forklift trucks. To be assured of that the school has modern type of equipment, visit their facility and see what trucks they’re using.

  • With low number of students per class – you cannot get the necessary knowledge if the class is too crowded. The instructor won’t be able to focus on every student, thus quality of education will suffer. When you are enrolling in a course, ask the school how many students they have in class.

  • Don’t get enrolled in online forklift certification – you cannot be truly certified by just doing the course online. The practical exercises should be done in actual, in a simulated or in actual work environment. If you see a training provider promoting their online certification program, back off, you won’t be guaranteed of right training even they offer much cheaper price. Only the theory class/part of the course can be done online.

  • Can do forklift on-site forklift training – this particular item may only be applicable if you are an employer who is looking for training to be conducted on-site. Doing the on-site is the most practical way; you don’t have to send the workers to the school saving up time and money; the instructor can tailor the course based on the behavior of the workers and types of work environment the employer has.

How to Become a Certified Forklift Operator

The training school will make easy for you to become certified. But before the certification process, you have to take the classroom lectures and hands-on exercises – these two parts are what compose the training course.

The certification is when you have to take the written test and passing the performance evaluation. You can only pass these tests, if you’ve properly taken and obtained knowledge and practical skills from the training.

Here’s a Video Explaining the Forklift Certification Process:

A Certification program can be completed in just as little as 1 day, of course depending on the skill level you have. If you are a total beginner, it may take 3 up to 5 days to complete a course. If you taking a semi-experienced training, you can finish the program is just 2 days; while for conversion training, it can be completed in just a day also. The type of forklift equipment you want to get certified on also a factor on how long you could finish the training.

What Do You Need to Be/Have to Become a Forklift Driver

  • You need to be at the school leaving age or be at least 18 years old to be considered by an employer to work in warehousing type of work environment.

  • You need to be physically fit and in shape as the nature of the job is physically tiring.

  • You must have tolerance for working long-hours and in most cases, when the company business is in full swing, render much longer hours at work.

  • You must forklift certification certificate, this is your solid proof that you’ve undergone a training course and been properly certified by a competent instructor in the operation of the forklift.

  • You need to have the experience for the job. You cannot find a job advertisement without the required experience. It is difficult to find a job if you a new comer in the industry. Here is a guide on getting job even if you don’t have experience.

  • Math skill and English communication will be necessary as you might use these in the inventory of merchandise and to work with others as a team.

  • It starts with you; if you have good work ethic, adaptable to change, and a fast learner, then you have the best chance to become a forklift operator.

To Wrap This Up

If you are one those thousands of individuals looking for a job as forklift driver, the best chance you can get into this industry is to have a forklift training in Kent. There are many training providers you can enroll in Kent and in the surrounding areas.

The forklift training is necessary so that you can obtain the theoretical knowledge and practical skill necessary in the operation of the forklift safely and efficiently. You will need those knowledge in order to get certified as well.

Make things bright for you, take the training now and get your certification. The job outlook of forklift operator is good. You won’t be running out of employment opportunities. You can get a job in the manufacturing company, logistics, warehouse and in the construction site. The list just goes on and on.

Kent is the place you can have job. This county has a lot to offer for you as forklift operator.

Where is Kent Located in England & its Employment Opportunities

Kent is located in South East England, it is one of its home counties. In the north west is the Greater London, Surrey is locate in the west of it, and in the south west is where East Sussex is situated.

Kent is an industrialized county and it is been dubbed as the “Garden of England.” The number of businesses and enterprises just keeps on rising in this county with its booming economy.

Haulage and logistics are the industries that make Kent’s economy flourish. This is where you can find the best employment opportunities to land a good and high-paying job as a forklift operator.