List of Training Schools in Wellington and Requirements for Forklift OperatorsIf you are looking for forklift training in Wellington, then, we have this guide prepared for you.

Are you an employer? Did you know you are liable for accident that could happen in the workplace if you failed to supply such training. The employer could be fined by the court of up to $500,000 or two years in jail or combination of both. Things also become complicated because the insurance firm may not cover the claim because of the failure of the employer to provide sufficient training for the forklift operators. In addition, if OSH inspector makes a surprise site visit and found some breaches and violation, he can issue infringement notice against the company and impose hefty penalty.

Are you an individual who are moving to this profession? Getting trained to drive forklift is the number one requirement prospective employer is looking for in a candidate. It is imperative for you to take such training prior to application. You can read this: to determine if driving forklift is the right job for you.

Taking the forklift training doesn’t take long to complete, actually it only takes a day or maximum of two. There’s a lot you can gain from it. You avoid getting penalized by the law and your probability of getting employment increases.

Where can you take the forklift training from? Here is the list of training schools in Wellington you can enroll for at:

Forklift Training Schools in Wellington

If you are a company or an individual planning to go through such training, we strongly recommend taking the training at the registered school.

Central Group Forklift and Trucks - 124 Waterloo Quay, Port of Wellington, Wellington City, Ph : 04 471 4060, Fax : 04 471 4069
AB Equipment - 42 Seaview Road Seaview Wellington, Phone: 0800 30 30 90
AMS Group - 38 Bouverie Street, Petone, Wellington, Freephone: 0800 267 476
Agoge – Offers fortnightly course in Wellington, also provide on-site forklift training, You cam call them at: 07 957 7606; 0508 GET TRAINED
PassRite Driving Academy - 14 Broken Hill, Kenepuru, Porirua, Wellington, Phone:04 2375950, Mobile:027 697 0744, Free Phone: 0800-PASSRITE (0800 727 774)
TranzSkills Ltd - Call: Freephone: 0800 87 26 97, Mobile: 027 285 6844, F: 04 232 7051
TR Group Master Drive Services - Level 1, 71 - 73 Port Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, Phone: (04) 566 2341, (04) 566 2358
Forklift Training Ltd. – This is company is in the business for 25 years, provides DOL certification course and F endorsement training, offers service in Wellington and other regions, Phone: 063568407, Mobile: 0272275568, Fax: 06359439

Provisions stated in Health & Safety in Employment Act 1995, and the Approved Code of Practice for Forklifts Operators that all workers who are operating forklifts are properly trained in its safe operation by undergoing a thorough training. If forklift shall be driven on the road or highway, an additional requirement is needed which is an F endorsement.

Requirements to Become a Forklift Operator

  • You must have a full car driver’s licence to apply for an F endorsement.
  • Present proof that you have satisfactory eye sight that meets the standard. You can obtain a certificate from registered optometrist. The certificate should not be 60 days old otherwise, it may not be accepted.
  • You must have an OSH forklift training certificate that proves that you have underwent and completed a course. The minimum age is 15 for someone to be able to take forklift training.
  • You also need an F endorsement in your driver licence. This will serve as confirmation that you are allowed to drive the forklift on the road and public places.
  • Must pass the pre-employment exams and drug test. Though, this is optional, but some other companies require applicants to go though these tests.

Please keep in mind that the forklift certificate and the F endorsement go together, the operator entitles him to drive forklift in workplace if you have the certificate, but you cannot drive it in public places if you don’t have an F endorsement, it must be indicated on your driver licence. The certificate categorizes that type of forklift you are capable operating while the F endorsement classifies the weight of the forklift you can drive on the road or public places.

Who are Those Who Will Need an Forklift (F) Endorsement

Those operators who will be working in public roads need to apply for it. This is separate from the training certificate. If you don’t have an F endorsement yet reflected in your driver licence, you can apply for one in the nearest driver licencing agent.

You also need to determine the class of the driver licence according to the weight of the truck including its loads it can carry.

  • Class 1 licence – given to those operators who are driving forklift with a weight up to 18,000 kilograms including the weight of the materials it contains.
  • Class 2 licence – is issued to those operators driving forklift with a weight more than 18,000 kilograms including the weight of load.

When applying for an F endorsement, you need to show proof that you’ve undergone a training course that teaches driving forklift on the road.

The F endorsement you applied for has the same expiration date as your driver licence.

Refresher training of forklift operators is done every three years as compliance to the Code of Practice.

Salary of Forklift Operator in Wellington

A forklift operator working in Wellington can receive an average wage of NZ$18.22 per hour. The hourly salary ranges from NZ$15.41 - NZ$23.49 or that equates to yearly salary of NZ$32,121 - NZ$66,331.

If you have more experience you can exhibit for the job, the employer can offer higher wage.

If you are matured enough in handling work responsibilities, you can be promoted to higher position. If you want to take a better route, you can become your company’s internal forklift instructor. You can take a forklift trainer course.

Advantages of Forklift Training for the Operator and Company

  • If workers are adequately trained, there will be boost in productivity, thus increasing the profit for the company.
  • Forklift operators will feel they’re are valued by the company, thus, improving their morale and self-esteem.
  • Forklift operator will have increased confidence to doing their job. They will likely to commit less mistake leading to less accident and material damage.
  • There will be reduction in equipment downtime and maintenance cost because forklift operators who are educated know how to drive the forklift with care and safety.
  • Trained operators who are trained know how to maneuver and drive the forklift even there are pedestrians around. They know how to anticipate the movement of the workers around to avoid hitting them thus reducing of injury and fatality.


The forklift training is aimed at producing trainees that will have the knowledge and education to drive the forklift safely and efficiently. They will also be able to demonstrate their capability and responsibility in prevention of accident that could lead to damage to property, injury and casualty. We all have one common goal: accident-free workplace and efficient work performance. You can achieve all of these by taking forklift training. In Wellington, you can find reputable training providers where you can get quality training from.

image attribution: By PATCHANAT2701 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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