Forklift Training in Glasgow, ScotlandAre you aiming to get a forklift licence so that you can start working? If yes, then you have to take forklift training in Glasgow.

Having a licence is a good way to improve your career. This is the very first credential a hiring manager will ask from you. The certificate is your solid proof that you have had a proper training. Without it, it is merely impossible to get land a job. It is your key to enter into this profession.

The best place to take the professional training is at the centre. They are equipped with such facility and equipment. If you are looking for one, here the training centres in Glasgow where you can register in for a course:

Ritchies Training Centre Ltd
Hobden Street, Glasgow, G21 4AQ
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; T: +44 (0)141 557 2212; F: +44 (0)141 558 8252

GTG Training Limited
330 South St, Glasgow
For enquiries, contact: 0141 950 5600; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ritchies Training Centre Ltd
Hobden Street, Glasgow, G21 4AQ
T: +44 (0)141 557 2212; F: +44 (0)141 558 8252

BB Training Services
Covers Glasgos and other areas in Scotland
Phone: (+44) 01236 843 708

Alba Forklift Training Ltd
21 Lenziemill Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, G67 2RL
Tel/Fax: 01236 630300

Woodville Forklift Training Centre
209 Woodville St, Glasgow G51 2RQ
Phone: 0141 445 4321

Contour Training Ltd
Netherton Of Glenboig, Fintry, Glasgow, G63 0YH
Telephone: Office: 01360 860 088

NAS Recruitment Services Ltd.
2nd Floor 41 Main Street, Rutherglen, Glasgow, G73 2JF
Phone: 0141 249 0546

Northern Forklift
85 Keppochhill Dr, Glasgow G21 1HX
Phone: 0141 333 0400

Liftec Handling Services
Office phone: 0141 587 4646; Mobile: 07836 243602

Bridgend Training Facility
169 Glasgow Road, Barrhead, Glasgow G78 1DT
Contact 0141 445 0404

MG Scotland Limited
Unit 11 Strathclyde Business Centre, 391 Langmuir Road
Bargeddie, Glasgow G69 7TU
Tel: 0141 771 0040

James T Whitaker (Fork Truck Training) Ltd
Phones: 0800 781 4739 or 07899 852 601

National Forklift Training Association
Contact: 07387 851 811
Other courses are available

Criteria in Choosing a Forklift Training Centre

  • Choose the one that is nearest to your location so that you would be having a hard time going to the school. It can save you travel time and cost of getting there.

  • Choose the forklift training school that has modern facility and equipment being utilized in the training. You can check for yourself if the school is modern by visiting their premises. Ask the permission from the training school. Observe their facilities; see if they are current and up-to-date.

  • The course complements the current government regulations – applicable government laws and regulations change every now and then, make sure the course curriculum complies with the change. You can make an enquiry with the school to know the curriculum and if it satisfies you.

  • The school offers an opportunity for job placement and gives career guidance – often times, employers and companies source out talents from the training centres; if you are one of the lucky ones who can be referred to by the centre to an employer, you can get an instant job. By the way, a good school doesn’t only train, it also gives career guidance so that you can be on point to progressive career.

  • The trainer must be experienced in teaching and delivering the course – Ask the training centre who is the instructor and what is his/her credential.

  • Low students-to-instructor ratio – Find a class that has a small number of students per class. The ideal number is 6-8 students per class. If the class has a large number of students, you won’t be having attention and focus to absorb much needed knowledge from the training.

Cost of Taking the Forklift Training

The amount of tuition you will spend will depend mostly on the skill level you have and what type of equipment you intend to operate.

You are looking to pay around £150 for a refresher forklift training; but if you are a complete beginner with no prior experience, you may pay anywhere from £700 up to £800.

Other courses you can take are the conversion course and semi-experienced/untested training. If you know how to operate a certain type of forklift and you want to transition to another type, conversion training is what you have to take, and it cost around £200 to pay the tuition; while the untested/semi-experienced training is intended for you if you have prior experience but without formal training, and it cost £300 to finish such training.

Other factor that affects the cost of training is the type of equipment you want to operate. For counterbalance forklift, which is the most common piece of forklift, the cost is not that expensive if you are taking let’s say a telehandler/telescopic forklift training.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Forklift Course?

The training duration for refresher training is just one day; for conversion and untested/semi-experience training stretch up to two days. But if you are taking a novice training, the duration you have to spend could be three to five days.

Your skill level plays a role in what training category you have to take; it then affects the cost and duration.

There’s a lot you need to learn during the training duration. One of topics you have to focus on is the safety aspect of it. The forklift accident is the common cause of injury and fatality in the warehouse. The training centre know about it, they spend a lot of training time instilling safety to the students.

How Long Does Your Forklift Licence Last?

If are able to earn a licence, you might be thinking how long will it last. The good news is that your certificate of initial training doesn’t expire. It is your solid credential that you’ve undergone a formal education.

However, there is a three-year rule. The certificate you’ve attained is your proof of abilities for three years. Employers and companies don’t accept certificate older than this. That’s why you have to keep your knowledge and skill current by taking another course before that period to keep the licence up-to-date.

The retraining is needed because the forklift models, working environment and the applicable government regulations may change during this time. If you have had a training 4, 5 or 6 years ago is no longer updated, thus renewal/retraining is required.

Retraining can be taken in as little as 1 day. While the amount you have to spend is just £150 – small amount investment comparing to the benefits you can get for having an updated forklift licence.

Your Salary as Forklift Operator If You’re Working in Glasgow

According to the latest report of Indeed.Uk, the average salary for a forklift driver working this city is £9.26 per hour. The wage does meet the national average.

Of course, you know that experience and skill affect how much you would get working as forklift driver. Novice operators tends to receive an average or below average salary. But if you are an experience individual who had gained a lot abilities, you can get much higher offer.

You can expect long term employment and good pay with this profession. If you still have doubts entering this field, you might get encouraged that the demand growth for forklift drivers will continue to rise as more people retire and more construction projects and structure being built need workforce like you.

To Make a Finalization

If you aim to be a forklift driver, then you are on the right track. This job is in demand around the country and the demand for qualified forklift driver will continue to climb in the next coming decades. This mean you won’t be running out of employment opportunities.

But before you can get employer, you need to have a forklift licence. And you need training to earn that. Where Can You Take Forklift Training in Glasgow, we have listed the training centres around this city as stated above.

Just choose the one that satisfies your liking; you can select the one that is nearest to your location.

We wish you good luck on your journey of becoming a forklift operator.