forklift license costWhen you work with some kinds of powered industrial truck there’s always entailing serious injury or fatality. That’s why you must have a forklift license or certification, that’s the certificate for passing a forklift training course and proof of competency doing your job. If you are someone who are looking for new skills driving forklifts to add to your portfolio, the QUESTION is how much doest it cost?

Three Options for Securing Forklift Certification

Single Person

An individual seeking employment will have to enroll for a training course. You can get your training at school or center near you, for your convenience. Here, we’ve given you instructions and list of schools to enroll. Select your location/state. The certification that the school will issue you is nationally-recognized, you do not have to enroll for another training when you moved to other state. Read this to know how to get certification.

Employer/Company Sponsorship

forklift safetyCertification can also be obtained through employer sponsorship. This only applies when an individual is currently employed. OSHA specifies that an employer must provide adequate training to their operators, in such circumstance like: driving forklift but no prior license/training, involved in work accidents, driving the machine improperly. Such training must be carried out by a certified trainer. A certified trainer must be someone with sufficient education and experience.

Typically this trainer is someone who had completed a train-the-trainer program and gained authority or seniority of the group. If you’ve picked someone but you do not have Training Materials, here’s an FLC OSHA-compliant Training Kits for both operators and trainer you should get: OSHA Compliant Forklift Operator COMPLETE Training Kit + Train the Trainer BUNDLE! Certificates Of Completion, Operator Cards, Student Hand Outs, Hands On Evaluation Checklist, & More!

Having an in-house trainer can save you time and money. You should be ready and compliant at any time especially OSHA inspectors are randomly checking companies. Avoid FINES and PENALTIES!

Free Training 

The third option you can avail is free training, though this is very uncommon, but there are community colleges that grant forklift training free of cost. Check with your community college near you if a training is existing and schedule is arranged.

Companies the offer paid forklift training (for an individual and employer)

CertifyMe– PO Box 16205 Phx, AZ 85011. Also severs many other states.

For warehouse forklifts (classes 1, 4 and 5) costs $49.95 which is available in English and Spanish.

For pallet jacks and order pickers (classes 2 and 3) also cost $49.95 which is also can be provided in both languages.

For Rough Terrain Forklift (class 7) also costs $49.95.

For Qualified Trainer/Evaluator Certification, this company charge $110.00 each trainee.

Springer Equipment– 4263 Underwood Industrial Drive, Birmingham, AL 35210

This company provides flexible schedule to meet your availability and accepts individual and group. This training provider charge $25.00 per student and only $15.00 if in group of more than five.

Suncoast Safety Council – Clearwater and St. Petersburg Offices, 727.373.SAFE (7233)

This company provides 8-hour forklift training on propane-type forklift covering classroom and actual forklift driving and charges $125.00 for member and $150.00 for non-member.

McFather Technical College – Florida, (754) 321-5753

This training provider only accepts students with prior knowledge and experience driving forklifts. The cost of the tuition and fees is $44.00 per student residing in Florida. For non-resident, please inquire at the phone number provided.

Goodwill of North Georgia - 235 Peachtree Street NE, North Tower, Suite 2300, Atlanta, (404-420-9900)

The forklift training this company provides lasts 2 to 4 weeks that covers comprehensive certification on stand-up reach, pallet jack, counter balance, order picker types of forklift trucks. The program curriculum also includes OSHA General Industry Standards and First Aid Training. What’s best about this company is they provide job assistance upon training completion. You may contact them at the phone and inquire how much does the training cost.

AAA ForkLift Inc.  – 1271 Columbia Ave F6, Riverside, CA, (951) 200-4272

This company gives forklift training which follow CAL/OSHA in sit-down, stand-up, pallet jack, cherry picker and clamp types of forklift trucks for $30.00. The whole training is short for just only 2 hours. They provide immediate job assistance on the same day of training completion. Interested applicant can come to their office with no appointments needed.

AllState Training – 249 Pearl Street, Seymour, CT, 800-246-9567

This company has three-training packages: the Three-Day, Five-Day and Seven-Day Packages. The Three-Day package covers certification on sit-down propane, sit-down electric and electric pallet jack types of trucks. The Five-Day covers the three type plus the Raymond stand-up Narrow Aisle Picker with Reach is included. While the Seven-Day Package includes the three types initially mentioned plus the Stand-up Electric Forklift and Order Picker.

For company with experienced operators or individual seeking re-certification and refresher programs, this company can customize the training curriculum based on operators’ experience, can choose combination of forklifts and they can provide training at employer’s worksite or at their warehouse.

Atlas Forklift Training– 464 S. Pershing Ave., San Bernardino, CA, (909) 888-4088

They accepts walk-in applicants from 9am to 3pm (M-F) and 10am to 12pm (during Saturday). The basic forklift certification with them is $35.00.

Atlanta Technical College– 1560 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, (404) 225-4400

This company offers two-day forklift certification program during Friday and Saturday at 8.30am to 5.30pm. The instructors are Brian A. Easley and Darren McCall. The cost of the license is $238.00 per student or $119.00 if only needs to attend one part/day of the course.

I do advised you that prices of forklift training that these companies provide may change every now and then, but as of this writing, it's their current cost.

Before you on, I would like to invite you to READ these important article related to getting certification:

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Cost of the Training from Private Companies and Community Colleges

The prices and schedules of trainings that these schools provide may change from time to time. I strongly suggest to make an inquiry with them about what you need. We have indicated the contact number, email address and website of each company so you can easily communicate to them.

A-1 Forklift Certification
$39 for one year and $49 for three years (online)
10820 Beverly Blvd Whittier, CA
phone: (877) 922-5438

Atlanta Technical College
1560 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta
(404) 225-4400
$238.00 – in person two day course every Fri and Sat only

Atlas Forklift Training
464 S. Pershing Ave., San Bernardino, California
Phone: (909) 888-4088
$35.00 – Daily schedule is available

Cuyahoga Community College
Cleveland, Ohio
+1 800-954-8742
$200 – one day training, max of 4 trainees per schedule

Forklift Academy
5737 Kanan Rd, Suite 508
Agoura Hills CA 91301
(877) 388-3239
$49.50 - one-day and runs six hours, provides complete package

AAA ForkLift Inc.
1271 Columbia Ave F6, Riverside, California
(951) 200-4272
$30.00 – available only for sit-down and stand-up pallet jack, order picker and clamp forklifts; 2 hours duration

Tips: Do not enroll for the course that will promise you to become licensed in just few hours. The promise those training schools give is flawed. Register for a course that addresses the three vital elements: classroom discussion, practical test and evaluation.

Price of Forklift License is Just a Small Investment

I know for a fact that spending small amount of money for forklift license is difficult especially if you do not have a job yet. However, many individuals do not realize the value of the having a license. The certificate does make difference. Obviously, employers seek applicants with readied forklift license on hand as they do not have to train them. If you’re currently employed, you can look up a long-term job if you’re licensed. Do not be bothered with the cost of the forklift license.


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