How to become forklift certifiedHow to become forklift certified? This is one of the common question an individual asks who are seeking certification. We invite you to read this tutorial and instruction we’ve provided for you. We readied a step-by-step instruction below so you can easily follow. Since, the certfication process vary from country to country, in the top menu, just click the country where you are situated or on the left side, click the state where you're located. In this blog, we also provided the answers to the most frequently-asked questions, in addition, we also prepared the lists of training schools operating in every state or territory so that it will be convenient for you where to enroll for a course. 

There are Two Choices to Get Forklift Certification

Forklift safety training is vital part of doing business, getting employed or promoted. If company willfully neglects the provision of training for the workers, employer may face hefty fines and cited serious violation by OSHA.

If an individual does not have a forklift license before seeking employment, he may have a difficult time getting accepted for the job. A presently employed operator without the necessary training, may have to wait indefinitely to get his promotion. That’s how important this training is.

There are two to ways you can choose to take the training:

Actual or In Person

The most effective mean of training is attending it in person. You can get forklift training at school or private company near you. An individual or employer can register for schedule, complete the classroom lecture, perform the practice test, and get evaluated by the instructor. This method usually lasts for 2 days and depending on the type and extent of the training, the course could be longer.

We aimed to service you better, for your convenience, in this website, we have prepared directory of training schools in every state, just select your state and check the list of schools where to get your forklift certification.

Online Certification

The online method is another alternative to get forklift training. This type of method simulates the classroom lecture or formal education and evaluation of the course. However, this does not provide students with demonstration or actual driving of the forklift. OSHA stipulates that training must compose of formal education, actual driving and evaluation. How can someone become totally certified if one of the elements is lacking? That’s why I do not propose this method to you.

Here's a Video That Explains Everything You Need To Undergo Forklift Certification


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Where to Get Certified

You can opt to take the forklift training from a private school. The certification can be taken through company sponsorship. The community colleges also provide free training.

If you are individual and without experience, the best choice for you is to take the course from the training school.

An employer can hire a safety consultant from the training school to conduct the training on site. This is a sign that employer gives value to the workers
An employed operator who is planning to get skill upgrade can also take the training from the school. Select the most convenient for you so it won’t hamper your job.

Here are the Steps You Need to Take When Applying for a Forklift Certification 

To begin the process of certification, follow these six simple steps:

Step 1: Self Assessment

For unemployed individual: you may be wondering why self-assessment is important. At this stage, you must choose what type of forklift truck you’ll be operating as OSHA says that the forklift training curriculum should matched to the type/kind/make of powered industrial truck you are intending to operate. After you have thoroughly assessed yourself and readied what you need, you must find a training school. In this website, you will also find directory of training schools, just click the location/country where you are. 

At this part, you need to accomplish also the necessary forklift training requirements  to get accepted for the training course.

If you are currently an employed, who is seeking formal education to get your forklift license: your employer must provide you the forklift training you need. It is the company's sole obligation to supply that for you.

Step 2: Enrolling for a Forklift Certification Course

The role of the forklift driving school is to impart right and sufficient knowledge based on OSHA standard. There are companies you can find on the internet that conduct online certification, this training method that these companies offer do not comply with the OSHA regulation, therefore, you cannot be guaranteed that you can become forklift certified. The best choice of taking the forklift training is in-person. It only takes a day or two to complete the course.

Step 3: Attending the Classroom Lectures

This part of the course usually last for eight (8) hours and the topics to be discussed focus most on OSHA regulations, general safety and health, forklift safe driving, and many other special topics necessary for the training. At this part, trainees will learn useful techniques to prevent accidents and mishaps that can lead to lost time injury, property damage, bodily injury and even fatality. 

Step 4: Passing the Written Examination

At the end of the 8-hour classroom lectures, trainees will be given questionnaire to answer. Usually, the passing grade is 75%, but may differ depending on the training standard of the school.

The written test shall ensure that students have received enough knowledge.

Step 5: Actual or Hand-On Forklift Operation

When you completed the classroom lecture and passed the test, you're now ready to receive the hands-on training.

At this stage, the trainer will assign you to accomplish sets of duties from basic machine starting, loading, lifting of materials at elevated platform to more complex like maneuvering in tight spaces, lifting of heavy load, and many others. The purpose is to do the job in safe and professional approach. The trainer will make performance evaluation based on skill you exhibited driving the forklift.

Step 6: Evaluation

When you completed the classroom lecture, passed the written test, and received a satisfactory rating during the hands-on driving. The school/trainer can now certify you.

You will received your certification and/or license card that you can present when applying for a job or when asked by your supervisor.

The certification expires every three years. You need to refresher training for its renewal.

Cost of Forklift Certification

If you are an individual and decided that you want to enter this career or if you are an operator currently employed, who’s planning to upgrade your skills or if you are an employer wanting to get a forklift training for your operators, the very first thing that may pop up on your mind is how much does forklift training cost. Let’s face it, if you want to get a quality training you need to spend some amount.

You have to pay the school for several hundred of dollars. The forklift training lasts for two days thus it requires some amount of time as well. But its value outweighs the cost. The benefits of having a forklift certification are: it makes you more attractive to get accepted for a job, long-term employment with your current employer and promotion for higher position such as in-house trainer, boost in job productivity and efficiency.

You can refer to this forklift certification cost article, when you want to know how much doest it cost to enroll for the training.

For the list of schools where to take the training, just select your state or territory, here, we’ve supplied a list of training schools you can enroll at.

When to Take Retraining

OSHA required employer that retraining must be given in order to correct the issues and stay in compliance with the law. There are many instances when forklift operator must be re-certified:

  • Expiring license. License and recertification must be given at least one every three years. The more frequent the training is, the better.
  • When operators are not abiding safety rules of the company. When they are exhibiting bad attitude operating the truck.
  • When operator is observed not performing well to do his job
  • If operator is assigned to drive other truck
  • If there are changes in the set up of the workplace
  • If there are near misses and accidents occurred in the workplace.
  • If a new truck has been introduced.

Spend a Little to Get Forklift License

An individual who knows how to drive forklift without proper certification may be having a big mistake. He couldn’t be accepted for a job if he does not have one. The forklift license makes an individual rise to the occasion to get easily hired.

OSHA inspectors may visit company workplace, do not have to wait before you OSHA cited you safety violations. Get the training for your workers in the soonest possible time. Spend some money to get them trained. You could recoup your investment because certified operators are more productive, efficient and effective doing their jobs.

Are you seeking career promotion as your internal company safety consultant? Then spend some amount to complete a Train-the-Trainer certification course so that you could be easily promoted to the position you want.


Final Word

The price of the training is just a small investment but it could give a very big impact on your career. Work hard for your endeavor to attain your goal. Whatever you reason for taking the course, always keep in mind to strive for the quality training not the cost. The question is not how much does forklift license cost but where to get a quality training to become truly certified. 

So here it is, we have provided the details and step-by-step instruction you need to follow on how to become forklift certified. I am ending this article by wishing you good luck on your career!


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