how long does it take to get a forklift licenseYour responsibilities as forklift operator are to move and relocate materials and stack and maintain proper inventory of the merchandise. During your performance of your work, there is high risk of danger involved. That is why you need a forklift license or certification before you can put your hands on the wheel. OSHA is very rigorous about its legislation protecting the forklift operators. It vehemently oppose to the toleration of unsafe and untrained operator given the task to drive forklift. Now, in order for you to operate one, you need to get a forklift license.

Many of you may ask how long does it take to get the forklift license. I will try to answer that question here.

How Long is the Duration of the Forklift Training

There are several types of forklifts and the forklift course must correspond to the type of truck you are aiming to operate. Therefore, the duration of the training will depend on the complexity and comprehensiveness of the training. Commonly, if you are planning to operate a counterbalance forklift, the most common type of lift truck, it only takes a day or two to complete its corresponding training. But, if you want to drive a rough terrain forklift truck, the training is comprehensive, hence, the training time tend to lengthier, usually lasts for 3-5 days.

Before you could enroll for a training course, you must inquire with the training company what are your desires are so they can tailor the curriculum to your need.

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The Alternative: Online Training

If you are unsure if this fits your need, then you must understand this. You cannot become totally forklift certified by taking the course online.OSHA states that certification must compose of actual practice test, and you cannot take it through this mean. I am not an advocate of this online training, and I use to discourage someone to take this kind of training.

You may find dozens of forklift training companies online offering online course. I do not know how they can promise you to become forklift certified. This oppose to the OSHA rule. That’s the problem with current standard, there’s no government authority monitoring the kind of training being given to forklift operators by these online providers, unlike in the United Kingdom.

Be Prepared Before Taking Your Forklift Certification

If you are in rush to get a forklift license, you need to prepare first the requirements before you enroll for a course in order to help you speed up the process.

  • You must be a high school graduate or have its GED equivalent.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act states that forklift operator before getting accepted for a job must be 18 years old and above.
  • Must know basic calculation and literate to understand instruction.
  • A lift truck driver must not be in good physical conditioning because the job demands it. You need to work for long hours, for that reason, you must have excellent stamina.
  • Must have a clean background. Background check sometime being performed by employer before hiring a worker, therefore, to prevent you from landing a job, you must “clean.”
  • Must not have addiction of drugs, alcohol or any substance abuse.

These requirements are typical and may differ depending on the training company. When prospecting where to take your forklift training, ask about the requirements first, how long does the forklift certification last and how much.

Some Words for Employers

The law requires you to provide designated trainer who can conduct the forklift training in your company. The success of the training program will depend on the competence of the trainer. Though the law doesn’t specify the skill level of the trainer, it only states that trainer is knowledgeable and capable to deliver such training. It would be much appropriate to exceed the standard.

You can send someone from your force to take “train-the-trainer” forklift training from an outside source. Assign him to become your internal instructor. There are myriad of benefits doing this such as: refresher training will be done by the instructor, you can save lots of money in the long term because you do not need to send each operator for a refresher course outside, having an internal trainer can conduct training that tackles condition of the workplace in order to diminish accidents and close-calls thus reducing the amount of money you pay for insurance, instructor can maintain training records that you can show whenever OSHA inspector visits your site, by showing the records you are in compliance and it eliminates fines and penalties.

Last Word

The forklift license will be given after you have successfully passed the written exam and practice driving. The forklift license is a wallet-size card that you present anytime when you are asked about it. It does not take long to get a license, forklift operator must only spend sometime and effort attending the training and having one can boost your career as forklift operator.


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