Getting forklift course in SheffieldDriving forklifts looks simple and easy but do you know accidents involving forklifts is the most prevalent accident in warehousing industry utilizing these trucks, that’s why you need to be responsible handling this, you need to take forklift training in Sheffield before you can be permitted to drive one.

Having been trained will result a better job prospect, employer can easily offer you a job if you had one. If you an are employer, having properly trained operators can boost your production and profitability. Whatever your intention might be, getting trained is your main concern.

Forklift Courses You Can Take

Before you can operate forklift, you must select a training course intended that matches your qualification. Here are the courses you can choose:

Novice Training – It is intended for individual without any skills operating forklift. Because of the nature of this training course, the duration may last for 5 days because the training must cover all the topics and courses to make the student knowledgeable of operating one. The average training fee for such course may range from £500-£700.

Refresher Course – Refresher training are for those skilled and competent individuals who have undergone previous training and wanting to “refreshed” or “retrained.” The training will cover the present government rules and legislation and current HSE operating standard.

This course is also given to forklift drivers by their employer every three years to keep them up to date. This course is also intended for drivers who have had lose competency driving forklift because of their absence at work of driving forklifts who want to get back on the wheel again.

It only take 1 day to complete the training and may only cost around £150-£200 depending on the training school.

Conversion Training – Are you advancing your career and wanting to operate other kind of forklift, then conversion course is what you need. This is 1-2 day training course to learn the basics of driving forklifts you are not yet familiar about driving.

Different fork truck has different operational controls and standard therefore, in order to operate one you do not know, conversion training will help you operate one.

It may cost around £150 and £250 for full rage course.

Semi-Experience – you may know how to operate the forklift, but don’t have prior formal training, semi experience training is what you need to legally drive one.

It will only cost £250-£350 to have it completed. It will only take about 2 days to finish the course that include theory and practical skills demonstration.

Steps in Taking The Forklift Training

  1. Select the course intended for you as mentioned above.
  2. Choose the type of forklift you want to operate (e.g: counterbalance, reach truck, telescopic handler, etc). The training curriculum to be given to you will depend on that.
  3. Enroll for a forklift course. The list of training providers in Sheffield is listed below for your reference. Make an enquiry, tell them what you require, and ask them if they have such course available.
  4. Attend the theory training (classroom discussion).
  5. At the end of the classroom discussion, a written exam will be administered. Pass the exam and you off to taking the practical skills training.
  6. Take the practical skills training. This is the demonstration of driving forklift. You will simulate what the trainer is doing. You may be asked to perform several tasks. Complete the this, and you step up to the final level which is practical testing.
  7. Practical testing involve operating the forklift and performing sets of instruction that the trainer will give to you. Don’t worry, it is very much them same way as taking the practical skills training. If you pass the practical skills training, then you won’t be having a hard time passing the practicing skills testing.
  8. At the end of the course, you will receive your certificate or licence proving your competency and skills.

Forklift Training Centres in Sheffield

In Sheffield, there are dozens of training school you can find that offer forklift training for different level of skills. Training school is the best place to start your training. They have the facilities, equipments and trainer that will help you become confident to operate forklifts. Here are some of the training schools in the area:

  • A&S Transport Training Ltd - Unit 11 117 Leigh Street, Leigh Street Industrial Estate, Sheffield, Phone: 0114 243 1578, Mobile: 0751 111 2229
  • TAL Training Ltd - Training can be available at their training centre: Globe II Business Centre, Maltravers Road, Sheffield, S2 5AZ, Phone: 0114 281 3022
  • Peterman Forklift Trucks - Bailey Drive, Norwood Industrial Estate, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 2JF, Call 0114 248 8180
  • Elevation Training & Development Ltd - This company serves Sheffield and other areas, call 01709 914625
  • Euro1 Training - This is company is in the business for 25 years, serves Sheffield, Tel: 0800 859 5940
  • Logistics Training Services Ltd - 9 Jasmine Avenue, Sheffield, S20 1FS, Tel: 0114 251 4444, 07456 303201
  • DG Truck Training - Mistel Barn, Hollin Edge Farm, Sheffield, S36 2UD, Tel: 0114 2831543, Mob: 07765 602581
  • Direct Training Services - 5 Birchlands Drive, Killamarsh, Sheffield S21 1GL, phone:0114 247 0253, fax:0114 247 0253,mobile:0786 068 0562
  • PLP Lift Trucks Ltd - Units 1, 2, 3 & 4 Monksbridge Business Park, Monksbridge Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, for inquiries call 01909 564 257
  • Barry Meakin Forklift Training & Consultancy - offers service in Sheffield and other nearby locations, T: 01773 819 464, M: 07869 123 294
  • Viamaster Training Ltd - Serves Sheffield and other nearby areas, You can call 0113 307 6575 if you have further inquiries
  • Rightline FLT Instruction - Provides beginner, refresher, conversion and semi experience forklift courses, Telephone 07775 291457
  • CAM Handling Solutions - This company deliver various types of training depending on all levels of skills, call:0114 243 3332
  • AVW Training - This training school specializes in forklift training, courses are available for Counter Balance, Reach, Pivot Steer, PPT, Rough Terrain FLT, Telehandler, Cherry Picker, Scissor Lift,Plant Machinery, You can call them at Mobile: 07946721601, Landline: 01144570248
  • Simon Fanthorpe Training - Serves Sheffield and other surrounding areas, Call:07817 784867
  • John Gibson Training - service throughout the UK, visit:

If you are an employer, you can contract one of these schools to have the forklift training onsite. This is the better approach.

If you an individual, you can have a free training by applying for a grant at the job centre.

Basic Requirements to Become a Forklift Operator

  • You need to be at the school leaving age, if you are above 18 it is better for you.
  • You must have forklift certificate to present to prospective employer.
  • You must know basic math and some record keeping skills, you will need these skills since you will be handling materials and inventory
  • You must have great physical condition. Driving forklift for long hours in every shift requires you to be in shape.


Taking forklift training can boost your career. It does make a difference. You may only spend some time, effort and money to pay for the training but the value of having one cannot be understated. Having a forklift training in Sheffield could make or break your chance of rewarding career.