Do you need Forklift training SouthamptonForklifts are widely used throughout the logistics and transport industries because of the convenience they can provide when transporting and loading heavy loads. They’re just simple to operate. With its simplicity to operate and sheer weight, they tend to post danger to the person operating it. Hence, the a forklift training is needed before someone could operate one.

If you are an employer or individual and planning to get forklift training in Southampton, England, then here are the things you need to know before you go out there. If you have questions, in which I am very sure, we will try to answer that in this guide.

How To Get Forklift Training

1. Decide what type of course you need to take

There are several type of lift trucks, from counterbalance, reach truck, rough terrain, palter truck, and many others.

When choosing a training course, you must determine first the forklift you will operate so that instructor can give a course specific to that type of truck.

2. Choose a Training Provider (If you opted to get the training outside)

Whether you are a company or an individual, the best option for you is to hire someone as instructor from a training school. The list is below for your reference.

The training school has the capability to provide the training you want. They have wide range of courses and packages. They can either train you at their own facility or send an instructor to your company premises. The latter is a better option for, if you are a company.

3. Attending the Training

Once you are enrolled, you must go through a classroom lectures and practical driving. In the classroom, you will be taught of the safety aspect operating the truck, control procedures, the truck’s capability and limitation, technical aspects of the trucks, refueling, parking, maintenance and other topics that may be deemed necessary.

Once you’ve finished the lectures, a test will be given to you, this will measure your knowledge you attained. Passing the exam will also elevate your skills.

Once finished taking the exam and passing it, the instructor will then let you drive the forklifts so that you could have a feel what is like operating it. He may instruct you some maneuvering, from simple loading, transporting and unloading to a more complicated task of reversing with load and driving in ramps and tight spaces.

4. Certification

This is where the fun part comes in because the instruction you need to accomplish is basically the same as the practice driving. You just have to replicate what you’ve done in the practice driving, the instructor will rate your skill, grade your ability on how well you perform the task at hand. If won’t take long.

Once, you are finished and satisfied the instructor, just sit back and relax. Your name will be called to receive your operate certificate.

You can now present this certificate to your employer or prospective company proving you competency.

Forklift Training Centres in Southampton

  • ABR Training - 29 Bursledon Road, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 0BP, Phone: 01489 781899
  • Relmes Training to Lift Your Business – headquarter is in Southampton but offers service throughout the UK, you can contact them at tel: 02380 740 630, Mobile: 07803 619 029
  • W & S Training Ltd. – ITSSAR accredited training is given by this provider, there’s a wide range of training in different types of trucks, Tel: 01724 857066
  • Forklift Training 4u – RTITB accredited training, you can contact them at these numbers: 0845 130 7424 or Mobile: 07929 001 208
  • 2 Start Ltd (Southampton) - Unit 17 Romsey Industrial Estate, Greatbridge Road, Romsey, Contact number: 02382 022975
  • C and P Training Development – specialized in training for companies, also serves other location in the south, Tel: 07775 796674, Fax: 023 9252 0721
  • Forkway Group Ltd. – ITSSAR approved training provider, Tel: +44 (0) 2380 814545, Fax: +44 (0) 2380 813935
  • MSM Training Lmtd. - RTITB approved, they’re located at Quob Stables, Durley Brook Road, Southampton, SO32 2AR, Tel: 01202 826288, Mobile: 07506 013174
  • ABBA Wildern Training - 4 Lake Farm Close, Hedge End, Southampton, Phone: 01489 782 022, Mobile: 07736 724 253
  • Didac Ltd – they provide on site training all over UK, Tel: 0800 773 4230
  • National Forklift Training Association – Wide range of trainings is available for many types of forklifts, make enquiry at 07887 985 689
  • John Gibson Training – Offers service to many areas in the UK, including Southampton, Phone: 07752 223 572 or 01494 864 452
  • Ash Vale Training - provides training in company premises, RTITB and NPORS approved provider, Call them at Tel: 01252 332213, Mob: 07957 890406
  • Trailer Training UK Ltd - Southampton: 0238 173 3019, Mobile: 07840 454617
  • ACE - offers a complete training solution for a wide range of students, Phone: 01256 351581, Fax: 01256 816551
  • NWT Training & Consultancy - 31 St Francis AvenueSO18 5QL Southampton, 07912 618426
  • Fresh Forklift Services Limited - 0845 456 0573, an RTITB approved training provider
  • Morgan Training Solution - ITSSAR Accredited Forklift Training UK, offers services in many areas Phone: 01787 375455

How Long Doest It Take to Finish the Training Course

That will depend on the possessed ability you have. If you are a total novice and do not have any experience operating one, then, obviously you need to allot time and effort to finish the training course. It could take up to 5 days to complete a novice forklift training course. Other courses such as refresher and conversion courses could only take 2 to 3 days.

The forklift training course duration is also determined by what type of lift truck you are intending to use in the workplace. If you will just operate a standard counterbalance, the most common piece of equipment found in warehouses, it only take very short time to familiarize with it. On the other hand, if you drive rough terrain vehicle, a more complex piece of machinery to operate, the training could last much longer.

What Do You Need To Become a Forklift Operator

  • Under the HSE Code of Practice and Guidance, individual below the minimum school leaving age, should not be trained or handle forklifts. If you will be working in ports and docks, you need to be 18 years old and above.
  • You need to be physical able with good mental focus. Working for long hours for every shift requires you to be in great shape, otherwise, you won’t last in the job.
  • In order to get a job, you need to have readied forklift certification or licence on hand. This is your proof that you are properly trained and certified. Did you know that employers desire those applicants already trained, so that they won’t have to. If you do not have such experience yet, having forklift licence is also a solid proof to land a job if you are new to this profession.

How Long Does Your Forklift Licence Lasts

In the UK, there is not government body to regulate or monitor the forklift licence, as a matter of fact, there is no such thing as “forklift licence.” In a typical conversation, licence is referred to as operator card. The card is a proof that the holder has undertook a forklift training course. So therefore, when we say licence we also referred to certification or training.

Your skill you attained from a training course has no expiration. It will remain valid.

If you received your operator card, you need to maintained good and safe working practice in which you need to be done every three years. It is the normal frequency you need to take a training course. The more frequent it is, the better for you.


Taking your forklift training Southampton won’t take much of your time and energy. The training is beneficial to you. You just have to be patient and allot a small of money. The benefits are huge, you can reap the fruits of your labor in long term as the company prefers those who have, you can land a job very easily.