Do Warehouse Supervisors Need To Be Trained, Even If They Do Not Use A Forklift?This is one of the most common questions we hear from our clients. And it is the easiest to answer.

Yes, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) Regulations 1998 state that “all persons who supervise or manage the use of work equipment have received adequate training for the purpose of Health & Safety”.

Not only it is compliance with the law, warehouse supervisors will feel more valued knowing that they’re being given importance by the employer.

Forklift training for supervisors and managers make the warehouse runs efficiently. It establishes a workplace where all the members of the organization practice safety and health and abandon the habit of improper handling of materials.

What If You Haven’t Trained Yet

We are all aware that every year, thousands of injuries are being reported and they are caused by lack of operator training and supervision by the superior.

Workers should be routinely monitored for their performance not only for the job they’ve accomplished. They should be supervised when operating forklifts to determine whether they follow the safety procedures. As a warehouse supervisor, you should be too. You need to have up-to-date training.

If you have not renewed your training yet, there are many training organizations you can find across the UK that supply such specific course for warehouse supervisors. You can take this RTITB Managing and Supervising Material Handling Equipment Training.

A distinctive forklift training course for warehouse supervisor covers important subjects in the performance of the job such as management of workplace health and safety, related PUWER and LOLER regulations, maintenance of the forklift equipment, routine inspection of the equipment, core responsibilities of the supervisor, and many other others that may be deemed applicable.

That knowledge is important to have the competence to run the warehouse and safe operation the forklift. Proper supervision is an important way to ensure that safety is being enforced in the workplace so that potential risk can be prevented.

Once you’ve completed a course, you will receive your photographic ID operator card and a certificate of completion. These are your valid credentials which are recognized throughout the UK. You can show them to your current employer or hiring manager (if you’re applying for a job).

Your name and other personal information will be kept in the register of the National Operators Registration Scheme database (NORS) for 3 years.

To Conclude This

Taking a specific forklift training course enable managers and supervisors to know their key responsibilities and job description in relation to the material handling equipment operation.

The course will also make them identify and apply the process to mitigate hazards related to forklift operation in the warehouse.

There’s no excuse why don’t have your training yet. There are of training school you can find. Try to find one in your area, I am sure they have a course that can be offered to you.