Forklift Licence in BayswaterForklift operation is high risk work, in order for you perform such work you need to have forklift licence in Bayswater. Therefore, having such credential is great way to develop your employment opportunities.

If you are planning to find a job in the logistics industry, it would be beneficial for you to have the forklift licence.

The licence is the mark of a professional operator and assurance of your skills. The prospective employer knows you’ve undergone such training, that’s what they’re looking for from a job applicant. They don’t want to hire someone who can become a liability for the company.

Forklift operators who are properly certified are more efficient and productive. These are the qualities you need to have.

Having the required forklift licence will surely give you a competitive edge, you will likely to receive better pay than those who don’t have such certification.

If you are planning to take the training, here are the training schools in Bayswater where you can enroll in for a course.

Registered Training Organisations (TRO) in Bayswater Where You Can Take Forklift Training

Only a few of them are located in Bayswater, they are:

  • Pro-active Training And Assessments
    2/6 Wigan Road - (3153) Bayswater VIC Melbourne Area

  • Star Training and Assessment
    9 / 381 Bayswater Road, Bayswater VIC 3153 or
    Phone: (03) 9720 7666

  • GRJ Forklifts
    9/200 Canterbury Rd, Bayswater VIC 3153, Australia
    Phone:+61 477 839 595

Here are some ideas in choosing an RTO. Find the one nearest you so that you don’t have to travel long distance saving you precious time and transportation cost; choose the one that is reputable in the industry, you can ask your colleague about the school you are planning to take the training in; if you can find a school that also offers job placement after you having the licence, so that you can easily find a job;

How to Apply for HRW Forklift Licence 

Operating forklifts are considered high risk work in Australia, therefore it is required for you to have the relevant HRW licence. Such licence can be applied in WorkSafe Victoria.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Complete the forklift training – you can do this by enrolling in a course, the list of training schools in Bayswater is listed above where you can take the course. The duration of the training usually takes only several days depending on the type of forklift you want to get licensed on.

  2. Get the necessary application form and notice of assessment – You can obtain the application form either from the RTO where you took the training from, in the participating Australia Post or in WorSafe Advisory Service; while the notice of assessment will be issued to you by the RTO after you’ve completed the training. Complete the application form as instructed.

  3. Submit 100 points of identification - you must provide original proof of your identification. Each ID has its corresponding points. The ID which has the biggest number of point is the Australian Birth Certificate or Birth Card issued by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, it has 70 corresponding points. For the list of other accepted IDs, follow this page.

  4. Pay the corresponding payment – at of this writing, application fee for each class of HRW licence is $65. You can pay the fee at the participating Australia Post nearest you.

  5. Submit the requirements to participating Australia Post – you need to bring the completed and unsigned HRW licence application form (you will have to sign it in front of the post officer), original green copy of the notice of assessment, you recent photo (the post offier will attach this on your application at the time of lodgment), original proof of identity documents totaling to 100 points, the $65 payment.

  6. Post officer will verify the completeness of the application requirements – once the application requirements have been checked, the application will be forwarded to WorkSafe for processing. It may take up to 4 weeks or longers for you receive your HRW licence. It will be sent to your mailing address.

  7. Keep your receipt issued by the Australia Post and the pink copy of notice of assessment – These documents will serve as your interim licence when you are looking for a job. You can show this to a prospective employer and explain to them that your HRW licence has been lodged and pending for processing.

The HRW licence issued to you by the WorkSafe has a 5-year validity.

Types of Forklift Licences You Can Apply For

When you want to get into this type of job, it is better for you to understand what licence you need to apply for. In Australia, there are two classifications of forklift licences, namly the LO and LF licences.

  • LO Licence – an LO licence only allows the holder to operate an order-picker or stock-picker kind of fork truck;

  • LF licence – LF licence allows the holder to operate any type of forklift but with the exclusion of order-picker and stock-picker type of truck.

The mere reason there is distinction is because each type of forklift is handled differently in terms of the operational controls and functions.

Basic Requirements in Taking the Training & Getting a Forklift Licence

  • You need to be at the right age of 18 years old and above.
  • You know how to speak and write in English.
  • An applicant must show proof of residency as required in the application of HRW licence.
  • You need to obtain at least 100 points of identity, you need to show proof of identification such as a driver’s licence, passport, certificate of birth, and other ID; ach ID you show has its corresponding points.
  • Since the nature of the job is physically demanding, you must be in good physical and health condition.
  • In some cases, you need to have a Unique Student Identifier, you can apply here, if you don’t have it yet.
  • You will need a recent (no more than six months old) passport-sized photograph.

Renewal of Forklift Licence (HRW Licence)

If you are a previous holder of an HRW licence and you want to renew it, you will receive a renewal notice 90 days before the licence expiry date.

Since the renewal notice will be sent to you via registered mail, it is important to update your contact information held by the WokSafe. Notify the WorkSafe if you have changed any contact details. You can keep in touch with the WorkSafe Advisory Service to do this.

The renewal is a straightforward process, you have to go to the nearest participating Australia Post and submit the following requirements:

The completed application form for licence renewal (don’t sign it yet, you have to sign it in front of the post officer as witness), your existing HRW licence that you need to be renewed ( it will be returned to you after being verified), your recent passport-size photo, poof of identity totaling 100 points, renewal fee of $49.10, the post will offer will verify the application requirements, if complete, it will be submitted to WorkSafe for processing.

To Make a Conclusion

If forklift operation a career you want to get into and you don’t have prior experience doing such job, the very first thing for you to do is to enroll in a forklift training course. You can take the training at the RTO.

Having a forklift licence in Bayswater will open varied job opportunities. It will make you more employable. The licence is the first thing that will be asked from you by a prospective employer.