Weather conditions can get in the way of forklift operations. The weather can drastically slow down the business operation. Unforgiving rain, chilling temperature, strong wind and even snow can put the operation at a delay or standstill.

If uncooperative weather comes in, you need to protect the workers from the elements by providing them with forklift cab enclosures.

These enclosures are heavy-duty clear vinyl plastic tarp that goes over the truck and can be installed on standard-size forklifts. It only takes a few minutes to have it fitted in your truck.

Even the work on a wet or snowy day can be accomplished with the cab enclosure set up on your forklift. It makes the operators comfortable and dry during the unforgiving seasons of the year making them efficient what weather there may be.

If you don’t own one yet and you are planning to buy for installation in your trucks, here are the best forklift cab enclosure brands in the market today:

Atrium Full Forklift Cab Enclosure by Eevelle



Atrium by Eevelle Universal Clear Forklift Cab Enclosure Cover, Windshield & Rain Canopy Cover, Heavy Duty, Waterproof Vinyl for UV Protection, OSHA Complaint, 33" L x 45" W, Universal Fit

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Probably, the first thing that pops up in your mind is what size should fit it in my truck.

The Atrium has three sizes you can select: the standard one which suits a 6,000-lb forklift; the large size which is ideal for 8,000-lb forklift and the extra-large size which can be fitted to a 12,000-lb or heavier truck.

You will need to be aware of the width and length of the truck where you want to put this on.

Here are the good points you can get from the Atrium enclosure when you buy this item:

The atrium is a perfect cover to protect the operators during horrible rainy days. It can be installed to most universal size forklift in just a minute or two, thanks to its design.

It has zippered doors that can easily be shut or unzippered, can easily be rolled up when not in use. The 18-millimeter vinyl plastic material is precisely tailored to perfection it has no raw edges that could inflict wound abrasion to someone who can come into contact with it.

What’s good about this enclosure is with it being very clear; it doesn’t obstruct the operator's visibility, giving him a 360-degree of the surrounding. It conforms with the current OSHA standard 1917.43(e)(1)(ii) that says overhead guard should not hinder the operator’s line of sight.

Vinyl materials when exposed to extreme cold temperatures become weak and brittle. This is what experts called cold crack. When you have a full-swing operation during the late autumn and winter months, would it be great to have a forklift cab enclosure that can withstand this severe drop in temperature. Thanks to Atrium, the material is made tough and it has been certified to be cold crack resistant up to minus 10-degree F.

Stadry Enclosure Co Brand


Heavy Duty Full Forklift Cab Enclosure Cover Clear Vinyl Extra Long Size

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This brand is behind the Unicab, a universal forklift enclosure and an alternative to costly hard panel enclosures.

The Unicab has three sizes you can choose from, of course depending on the capacity of your forklift. Just like the previous brand mentioned above, it has standard, large and long sizes.

The standard size can be attached to an 8,000 to 10,000 capacity forklift, the large can be installed to a 10,000-capacity or large truck, while the long size is the same size as the standard but it has longer doors and body panels. The standard size has been rated the best among their products.

The positive features of this forklift cab enclosure are that it has 2 roll-up doors per side that can be folded when not in use. Having 2 doors per side it makes comfortable for the operators to alight the vehicle in which direction they want to.

Made of Ultra Clear 20 GA PVC heavy-duty material, it is the clearest plastic vinyl enclosure in the industry today.

The enclosure is attached securely with bungee hooks to grip it firmly in place to the truck.

Having a forklift enclosure that has been tested for 15 years in the market, they can say that theirs are the best product you can buy. We can say they’re an authority when it comes to forklift cab enclosure and cab cover.

SolarCap Super Clear Tinted Vinyl Covers


Solarcap Universal Tinted Forklift Cover, Sun & Rain Canopy Cover, Heavy Duty, Waterproof Tinted Vinyl for UV Protection, OSHA Complaint Forklift Accessories, Universal Fit 

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If you are working in sunshine, you will need a tinted roof vinyl cover instead to protect you from sunburn and heat. This is ideal also if you working inside the warehouse for protection from falling debris.

The key feature of this product is that is tinted yet very clear. You don’t have to squint when you’re working in the direction of the sun.

It is fastened on the roof by a super-strong cord and hooks so that it stays firmly in place. The material is made of 16-millimeter double polished vinyl.

This cover fits almost any type and capacity of the forklift.

To Finalize This

We cannot correctly predict what may be the weather tomorrow or on a particular working day. That can be a big problem when you are doing work outside and you have a big task need to be accomplished.

Fitting your truck with a cab enclosure is the solution to the problem. The forklift cab enclosures are the perfect protection for the operators to function in any weather conditions would it be in the yard or in the warehouse.

Equipping your trucks with a cab enclosure only involves s small investment, it’s cheap. But the comfort it brings can boost workers’ efficiency to the top level.

Buy NOW for you to be ready what weather there may be.