Shifting to Another Job As Forklift Driver

Look for a new forklift job while you’re still employed.

It may take some time before you can get a new job as forklift driver, so as much as possible, try to look for another job while still holding one. This not only offers you financial security but also give your potential new employer more confidence to hire someone like you who is still working.

Don’t speak negatively of your current employer when being interviewed by your prospective new employer.

Even if you’re asked by the interviewer what you don’t like about current forklift job, you can give answer that are still respectful of your current company. Avoid going into details

Don’t inform the other forklift operators of your plans.

Don’t even tell your close friend inside the company. Once somebody share the information to another during an unguarded moment, the news will spread like wildfire and you’ll definitely have a very difficult time leaving peacefully.

Continue to work as if you’re not leaving.

Make no premonition that you are not longer interested in your work. Continue to do your responsibilities and even put in some extra effort. Why? Apart from still being employed by your current company, your incoming employer might also call your boss and ask how you performed. Wouldn’t it be so flattering to hear your old boss say to your new boss, “even up to his last day he continued to work diligently.”

When you are finally leaving

Give at least two to three weeks notice your current employer. As an act of utmost respect, inform your current immediate superior first. The best way to do this is by giving your boss a carefully-written resignation letter. You may also want to tell your boss orally in a private meeting, but it’s a lot better and safer to hand in resignation letter.

Don’t give detailed reasons for leaving. In your resignation letter, avoid giving specific reasons why you’re resigning. You can simply mention that you need to move on and find more career challenges. Don’t forget to tell your boss that you enjoyed working with them (even if it may have not always been the case) and how you have learned.

Handle an exit interview tactfully and respectfully. An exit interview is a final one-on-one either with your boss or some other company executive where you may be asked what you didn’t like about the company and how it can be improved. IF you’re asked to go through this, be careful once again not to speak negatively. Be as positive as you can be by exercising tact, respect and self-control.

Help your replacement get settled to the job. If the company already has a replacement for you before you officially leave your job, train your replacement in the different responsibilities and make him comfortable with the new job. Never tell him what you didn’t like about the job.

What if I am asked to leave immediately or as soon as possible? If the boss can’t get over your resignation and asks you to leave immediately, meet first with the accounting and human resources people and work out your clearances, final pay, etc. Make sure to pact everything up because it would be embarrassing to return and retrieve something you left. Leave and don’t look back.

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