The work environment is not simply a place where you work with fellow workers, but it is a system where every worker is contributing to meet the objective of the company. It is where you perform your duties and responsibilities as forklift operator with sincerity and respect toward others. You and everyone else are expected to perform their own contribution to become successful. Your small success when collected can contribute to the overall mission of the employer benefiting every worker. You are expected to build good relationship and exhibit good attitudes with other forklift operators and superiors. Here are some of the tips you can do:

  1. Perform your responsibilities better than others. In as much as possible, help coworkers to do their job when they ask for your help. This will build friendship and good relation with them. This will make them proud of your as coworker. Work hard and show more effort and interest toward your job. With that, you can influence other to become the same
  2. Accomplish what you have promised with your coworkers and superiors. In the work environment, you are expected to accomplish assigned task. If you said you can complete the task in specific time, do it so. Never give false promises. It will hamper the overall operation and work flow of the business affecting many aspect of the operation. Commit if you do the job on time, and refuse, if you can’t. You can commit minor responsibilities with other forklift operators, take time to complete with you have tell them. You will gain respect from them if you completed it. Your superior will take notice of it. You are becoming mature with this way, thus, you can handle a more mature role.
  3. Make friends with your fellow forklift operators. Make them as close with you as possible. Always remember that their attitude is not perfect. You can expect many flaws from their attitude. Do not argue with personal issues. Always take things professionally. Spend some time with them, hang out with them during break time, talk to them regarding their personal issues, make good advice with their problem. In no time, you can gain their trust. You befriend others by focusing on their positive traits. Your friendship can go beyond work. This will build lasting friendship outside work.
  4. Before starting the day, prior to commencing work, make a plan of work during the day. Include other people and coworkers to be part of the plan. This strategy is good especially when there is a need for team effort. Before starting the shift, ask fellow workers for their inputs and opinions about how to accomplish the certain task. This make them feel as important part of the group. You can also do a toolbox talk before working. During this meeting, you can explain to them different aspects of the job.
  5. Do you know that when you are called by your name, you sense some feeling of belongingness with the group. This is very true. Be casual as possible when talking with coworkers. Call them by their nickname or by the names they want to call themselves. With this way, you can build lasting friendship and good relation with fellow forklift operators.
  6. There are happy days and there are rainy days. Whatever the day might be, share good news, by telling good news instead the bad one, you can create positive vigor thus boosting good morale of the workers. This will also makes them feel good of you also.
  7. A good and professional worker never forgets to bring their etiquette at anytime and in any circumstance. There might be some time that you can loose yourself during an occasion like a Christmas party or excursion seminar. There are moments during this occasion that you can let your slip loose because of alcohol. Be observant with yourself. Always be wary about your behavior during this moment. You do not want others to talk about negative things about you later on.
  8. There are times that coworkers want to give back the favor what you’ve done for them. Say simple thank you and show gratitude with the good deed they’ve done for you. A simple handshake and high five or tap in the back can express your thankfulness. It also makes them feel that you are giving importance with the effort they exerted for you. Gratitude is a distinct attitude of worker, it can break or make a good relation. Ignore it, expect bad things will come to you, appreciate it, then expect coworkers will respect you. Reciprocate! Give and take is a cycle of good relationship. Remember that!
  9. Do not be selfish. There are times you can receive promotion, appreciate it. Help others to receive their own as well. Share your success. Help other to become successful as well. Do not be self-centered. Encourage others to do the same. Pay the favor forward. This will appreciate you as a person, giving them the boost to do the same.
  10. Be unique and different from others. Do not do the same way they do if you can find other ways to do it. If you can perform the job using other mean, better than others, your superior can appreciate it. In every work environment, be resourceful with whatever you have. Do things better than others. You can be a role model of coworkers. You can influence them in a positive way. Help others by giving advice on how to do their tasks.

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