about counterbalance forklift jobs and things you must know in applyingHaving a job as counterbalance forklift operator is a rewarding career. The wage is good and it is very stable occupation. There is an abundance of opportunities waiting for you out there. It has been foreseen that driving forklift will be in demand for the next 10 years according to BLS statistical report. Warehouses, factories and storage facilities are the industries that have the highest demand for forklift operators. If you are planning to switch career, without a doubt, you can make a good living now and in the coming years driving forklifts.

If you are interested entering this field, you should be aware that there are some prerequisites – that’s having a forklift training. To become a counterbalance forklift operator, it only takes a full day or maximum of two days to complete a certification program. Once you completed the course and issued with certification, it will be quite easy for you to become prepared to handle the job application.

But because counterbalance forklift is a common piece of machinery and its use is widespread in many industries such as in warehouses and factories, there are many individuals who are experienced and skilled driving it, which means it could be a big challenge for you finding such job considering the number of candidates out there applying for the same position. The competition is tough and it is a huge struggle to get a job offer.

Hence, we’ve came up with this article to teach and help you go through in finding forklift jobs. This will assist you on what to do and give you the requirements before you start looking for work.

To Land a Counterbalance Forklift Jobs, You Must Have These:

Are you still struggling to find work as counterbalance forklift operator? You’ve submitted your application to countless number of companies but you haven’t heard from them. You you’re still out of luck but don’t get frustrated. You may be missing some important requirements.

There are four (4) essential factors at play here when finding a forklift job that you may be lacking:

Safety Training Specific to the Operation of Counterbalance Forklift

As a job candidate, you may be required by the hiring manager to demonstrate your skills driving counterbalance forklift. The demonstration is a tool to determine if you are confident in operating counterbalance forklift and to perceive your attitude toward safety. You will be having no difficulty demonstrating your driving skills if you’ve undergone such safety training.

If you are outdated with the safety procedures and your knowledge is no longer current, it would be ideal for you to take a refresher course before applying for a job.

The time and effort you invest in training will greatly help you. It will give you the assurance to do your job well.

Still Valid (not expiring) Counterbalance Forklift License

As with other professions, training is very important before someone can be permitted to do his job. It is basically the same with driving forklifts. Before you can hop in to operate it, you must have a valid forklift license.

Your prospective employer could look into the validity of your forklift license. If they find out that it is expiring soon, then you may be asked to take a refresher course at your expense. In some cases, they may skip over your application and look for someone else whose license is yet to expire.

Employers know that it is their duty to train their fleet of forklift operators. Employers don’t want to spend for your training and they don’t want to see either that their forklifts are unmanned stopping the production because its operators are out taking refresher training. So make sure before you apply for a forklift job, your license will not expire soon.

Preserving a valid forklift license can absolutely help you find a job or keep your present one.

Related or Prior Experience

If you are fresh and still without prior experience, finding work is fraught with complexities. This is particularly true if you are switching career and that your previous employments are irrelevant to the job that you are applying now.

How do you then convince hiring manager to choosing you? It is important to highlight the skills and qualifications you already had that are applicable to the forklift job that you are applying for.

You need to explain clearly that you have the ability and skills to perform your duties and responsibilities. In some cases, having positive attitude and mindset can be more important and are the traits hiring manager looks for from the job applicant than having work experience.

You can read this article that could help you find the job even if you have no related experience:

Award and Recognition from Previous Employers

Recognition is an acknowledgement of an employee’s good work behavior. Receiving award and recognition from the company you are working for provides you many good benefits. If you’ve given commendation from your previous employments, you can use them to persuade manager to hiring you.

Submitting your recognitions together with other requirements is an easy way for you to get noticed. It could be a deciding factor for potential employer to choose you if there’s a large number of candidates as qualified as you applying for the position.

How to Search for a Counterbalance Forklift Job

Searching for a forklift job could consume much of your time and effort if you do not know how to apply. Here are the two common ways when applying for a forklift jobs:

Look for Staffing Agencies or Job Placement Centers

Staffing agencies can help you find a job as entry-level operator. This is very ideal especially when you are just still garnering work experience. Not only that, agencies can prepare you by giving you necessary counterbalance forklift training. It is their interest to give their client qualified workers. They don’t want to look bad at their clients.

Downside is that staffing agencies could charge for you of small amount when they train and place you for a job.

Submit Application Direct to Hiring Companies

You can do direct application via your favorite job boards or go through online application hiring companies posted on the internet. You can also visit their website, typically they posted their vacancies in their corporate websites and there you can directly submit your application.

By doing this, you will get a good chance of getting scheduled for an interview and land a job in just short period of time.

Duration of Counterbalance Forklift Job

Know whether your employment is temporary or contract. Temporary forklift operators may have the opportunity to attain permanent status when they have been assessed by the company in accordance to their rules. On the other hand, contract forklift operators may only be employed in specific time duration stated in the employment contract, chance of getting permanent status is non-existent.

The normal working hours per week is 40 to 48. If you will be working less than 35 hours per week, then you are considered a part time forklift operator. Having a part time job is beneficial if you have other commitments with other companies.

There is also the possibility that you will be working during night shifts. The working hours mean from Monday to Thursday starting at 9pm up to 6am. If you are not used to this kind of working hours, specify preferred shift schedule when applying.

Forklift Operators Minimum Requirements

  • The very least you must be to become a counterbalance forklift operator is you must be at the minimum age of 18 years old. Applicable federal laws regulate age requirement before getting employed as counterbalance forklift operator. In the other states or countries, 16 is the legal age depending on the environment where you will be working. Companies prefer to hire teens because they have the vigor and enthusiasm since working with forklifts is a physical task.

  • High school equivalency certificate or General Education Development (GED) as they say it can be one of the requirements to get a forklift job.

  • Counterbalance forklift operators will be required also to take a certificate course as mandated by the government body. In the US, OSHA lay down the standards (29 CFR 1910.178).

  • In some instances, you must have specific training how to handle hazardous materials and toxic substances. Though such training can be provided by the employer.

  • Good physical stamina is one of the requirements employer looks for from the applicant. Browse through job advertisements and you can frequently find this in the description. Operating forklift long hours everyday is not a laughing matter, and in fact, there are other physical task you need to perform at the job aside from driving the forklift.

  • Ability to make calculation and maintain material inventory. Math skill is needed when calculating load capacity and keeping/tracking of records and inventory.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities of Forklift Operator

Working with forklifts is not easy. The role of the forklift operators in the organization involves a lot of obligations. To summarize it up, here are the primary responsibilities you need to perform:

  • Forklift operators are mainly responsible for loading and unloading of heavy goods and merchandise from and to different destinations. As mentioned above, driving forklift requires a lot of physical agility and strength.

  • Forklift operators are in the frontline to make sure that the incoming and outgoing deliveries of materials are accurate and in total. This is the primary reason why you need to have math skills and can do inventory tracking/recording.

  • Maintain safety at all times and follow protocols. Operating forklifts is not without risk. You can endanger yourself and the people around you if you don’t pay attention to safety.

To Conclude This

Getting counterbalance forklifts jobs that you will be satisfied with takes meticulous effort. There are a myriad of reasons why failed in your attempts. If you don’t have what it takes and you go venture out there hoping to land a job a job, all your endeavor will just go to waste.

Here is an article of mine that could help you on your journey: How to Turn Forklift Operator Job Into A Lifetime Career

Be prepared and equipped first before you go to war. Counterbalance forklift operators are in demand, you just have to have what the employers require, and you are off to reap a good career.

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