forklift licence NewcastleYou need to be licenced to do High Risk Work (HRW licence) in order to operate an industrial power equipment such as forklift, you need a forklift licence in Newcastle. This licence could either be LF class (forklift) or LO class (order-picking truck).

To determine which training you need, you need to evaluate which machine you will be operating on. An LF licence is given to those operator who operate forklift truck with mast and elevating loads, while LO licence is issued to those drivers who’s driving a forklift truck with control elevates with the load.

How to Process Your Forklift Licence

  1. Find an RTO or Training Provider in your area. They are certified to deliver vocational training you need in forklift operation. They have their own assessors to evaluate you after course completion. RTOs in Newcastle are mentioned below.
  2. Select your preferred course (LO or LF licence training). The training cost ranges from $AU450 to $AU600.
  3. Submit requirements. Applicant must 18 years and older, basic English proficiency, must wear proper PPEs (hard hat, reflector vest, long sleeve shirt, pants, safety shoes and glasses).
  4. It takes 3 days to complete the course. The first day will be lecturing in classroom, there will be a lot topics to be discussed. The second day will be actual operation of forklift. And the third day will be trainer’s evaluation. You need to pass the evaluation.
  5. After your satisfactory evaluation, RTO will give you HRW application form and certification of assessment. If applicant did not pass, he can come back after several days for reassessment, additional fee may apply.
  6. Bring the form to nearest Australia Post, together with your 100 points of Evidence of Identification, passport type photo with your name and birth date printed on the back. The WorkCover fee for the licence application is $AU67.

For those who already experienced operator, RTO can give you a 2-day training course instead of 3-days which is only applicable for those novice applicants.

Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in Newcastle

  • 123 Training Solutions
  • Alltrans Training Services
  • Health & Safety Training Limited
  • All Class Pty. Ltd.
  • AACP Training
  • Training Wheels
  • Forktrain
  • A1 Forklift Truck Training
  • Aspire Training Development
  • Transqual
  • ATB Training
  • Hunter Driver Training
  • The Hunter Plant Operator Training School
  • DAT Training
  • ACE Forklift Assessing Pty. Ltd.
  • Koolat Safety Quality Training Solution

Please be advised that only those RTOs listed on National VET Register and those with agreement with WorkCover NSW are authorize to perform training course for high risk work.

Replacing Your Old Forklift Operator Card

A licence card could be replaced in a circumstance like it contains printing errors or applicant did not receive after lodging application, no fees to be collected for reapplication.

If applicant damaged or lost it for any reason, the licence card need to be replaced and corresponding fee may be applicable.

You could do this through online application, click here []. Or you can submit a replacement application to WorkCover NSW, here’s the form and instruction to follow, click here [].

Renewing your license card

WorkCover NSW will mail you an application form two month before expiration to your address you stated when you first applied. Submit the completed form together with application to Australia Post.

For more additional information about rules, guidelines and policies being implemented or you need an assistance, you may visit WorkCover NSW website, click here. [].

For processing requirements of Australia Post, see their guidelines.

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