Forklift Licence ToowoombaForklift licence is Toowoomba is stringent because operating a forklift is a high risk work, thus licencing an operator is a must in order to perform the work on-site safely without posing injury to people around, minimizing accidents and mishaps. If inspector found out that you are operating a truck at work without proper licence, you and your employer are at risk of paying a $3,000 fine, more than that a criminal conviction could be imposed if related accidents will happen. The operator needed to complete an informal forklift training and accomplish the TLILIC2001A licence as required by the Work Health and Safety.

How to Apply for Forklift Licence

  1. Complete formal lecture and practical training. The lecture and practical training should be carried out by a certified Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Your chosen RTO is tasked to provide the TLILIC2001A to applicant after a satisfactory evaluation and assessment.
  2. Applicant should undergo an informal training. It is the actual operation of the forklift truck. While performing, he should be under the supervision of a licenced operator. The applicant should log the number of hours. Minimum of 40 hours is required. These completed hours must be verified by the licenced operator.
  3. The RTO will arrange the final written and practical examination. The Workplace Health and Safety will send an inspector to check the examination. The Work Health and Safety must be notified 3 days beforehand.
  4. The TLILIC2001A licence will be issued after all requirements have been met by the applicant. Submit requirements to Australia Post for processing of HRW photographic plastic licence.

For employer, you can request the RTO trainers to come to your site to conduct the lecture and training. This is very ideal because they can provide the training that matched exactly to your workplace.

Toowoomba Registered Training Organizations

RTO formal and practical training could be flexible to suit with the level of competency of applicant or employer requirement.

Here are some of the certified RTO in Toowoomba:

  • Barclay Thomas Forklift Training
  • Ideal driving school
  • AG Training
  • SWQ Training
  • Tafe Queensland
  • A1 Group Training

Requirements of Forklift Training Course

  • The applicant should be a resident of Toowoomba
  • He must be more than 18 years old before getting accepted.
  • Applicant must be literate to understand and follow instruction.
  • With the ability to read, write and speak English
  • Forklift job is physically demanding, an applicant must be physically fit.

Other papers and documentation may be regarded as essential if TRO and third parties may consider it obligatory. Information contained herein this guide are compacted to give you sufficient knowledge on how to get a forklift licence in Toowoomba.

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