Forklift Operator QualificationsRisk of accidents and personnel injury can skyrocket if forklift operators do not met these qualifications and requirements. With the present legislation OSHA is promulgating related to forklift training, can minimize those risk factors.

Qualified forklift drivers can be a great asset to business, which mean a qualified operator can also get hired very easily by employer if you have the qualities.

Here are the qualities you need to meet before entering this field.

OSHA compliance training

This is the number qualification an operator must possess before getting into this career. Getting a forklift training at a school near you is the very first step to take before anything else. If you do not know how to select the right forklift training school, you can learn here.

OSHA stipulates the implementation of safety program at every workplace that instruct businesses to have safety implementation by providing sufficient forklift training periodically to lift truck drivers. Now, the questions is what if you are an individual who do not have prior knowledge or employment? You can take the forklift training at the school that give OSHA compliant certification.

High school diploma or GED certificate

General Education Development (GED) is a high school graduate equivalent knowledge of individual. This certificate is given to those who have passed an internationally recognized exam. Before taking the test, you must attain requirements to take the test.

Forklift trainees who are intending to become certified operators must have competency of a high school graduate or passed the GED test. Forklift driving jobs doesn’t not only moving and handling of materials, there are some technical aspect of the job that need literacy and numerical skills. Therefore, you must meet these requirements before employer could give an employment offer.


Minimum Age Requirements

18 Years old and above is the minimum age requirements before becoming a licensed forklift operator. Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits businesses from employing people under the age of 18 for non-agricultural work. This mean there’s a large portion of the market affected by this act. Agricultural sectors comprised only of small market, that means people who want to drive forklift under the age of 18 can have a difficult time getting hired because there’s only a handful of businesses that can employ them.

On the job training

Although there’s no formal education need to become hired as forklift driver in the US, other than those high school diploma or GED, many employers prefer operators to have a completed number of hours on-the-job training.

On the job training and mentoring are normal course to learn the “dos” and “don’ts” of forklift operation. But because forklift driving is a dangerous occupation, employers prefer applicants to have a formal compliance with OSHA forklift training.

English proficiency

Proficiency in the English language is also a big concern for companies hiring foreigners whose first language is not English.

This qualification is essential because operators must communicate well with each others and to their supervisor. Miscommunication can be a big deal that could save production quota and break the shift pissing the business owner.

Good communication is also key to prevent accident at the workplace. Statistics showed that drivers who are paying attention or do not communicate with others at the workplace is the leading cause of accidents.

A driver must be physically robust

Driving of lift for long hours can exhaust energy that is why operator must have an excellent physical condition.

Medical Assessment

This qualification is not legally required but strongly recommended.

An individual must pass the medical history, blood pressure check, screening of vision to gauge depth and distance, and other physical conditions necessary as standard procedure before getting hired.

No alcohol and substance abuse

This screening process can be a humiliating one especially if you have something to worry that others could find something of you. Not all states require this qualifications.

But in Connecticut (Simsbury), a federal law is in place to maintain an alcohol and drug free workplace.

Always be committed to federal some federal laws related to forklift operations.


Attain these qualifications and, you can see a brighter future if you really want to go into this field of material handling. Employers can easily pick you and offered a job if you have these qualities and requirements.

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