Getting your high reach forklift licence is an effective way of improving your career as forklift operator in Australia. If you had your LF licence, then, it might be the time to take an LO licence in which high reach forklift is classified as. It is also a sure fire way of getting into the logistics and warehousing industry, as many of these businesses prefer and employ LO licenced operators. Getting LO licence is your best qualification that will give a competitive edge over other applicants for the job.

What is High Reach Forklift Truck?

high reach forklift licenceThe operational control of the high reach forklift is different from ordinary forklift. The worker is raised together with the forks and controls. The worker stands on its platform to reach required heights and to drive the truck along the aisle to pick up items. The platform serves as loading stage and worker’s cab. It can lift the operator and loads on a platform and it can reach to maximum lifting height of ten meters. A high reach forklift operator will be required to wear fall protection harness at all times.

This type of forklift is very suitable to use in high-density warehouse with tall racking, right spaces and narrow aisles because of its maneuverability and versatility. It is suited to be utilized indoor where floor surfaces are smoothly flat and even. It’s electric-powered and it cannot be used outdoor where it can be exposed to environments. The most vital feature of this truck is that it can transport loads and materials at high elevation where an ordinary counterbalance cannot achieve.

High reach forklift truck comes with many synonymous names such as order picker, cherry pickers, stock picker, or order selector.

Determine What Licence You Need

When taking a forklift training course, you must determine your need as there are two classifications of licence in Australia, namely: LO and LF licences. High reach forklift is in the classification of LO licence. When you had your LF licence, this licence doesn’t allow you to drive forklifts classified as LO. You need separate training specific only to LO-classified vehicles such as turret truck, load shifting order picker truck and high reach forklift.

When you are decided that an LO is the one right for you, I would like to browse the advantages of having high reach forklift licence.

Advantages of Having High Reach Forklift Licence

  • You can land a job very easily. Forklift operator who has high reach forklift licence (LO) is easily being picked by employer over to those job applicants who have LF licence. You have your competitive advantage in terms of employment.
  • LO licensed operators are highly in demand. Employers prefer to hire individuals with this kind of licence. You can easily find work in logistics and warehousing industries. Never miss this chance entering this field of material handling.
  • You will receive higher wage. Having high reach forklift licence shows that you are certified and educated handling this kind of truck. With that competence you’ve attained, the employer will more willing to offer you better pay.
  • Job promotion. If you foster your knowledge by taking a high reach forklift training, you will be the right pick for a job promotion. Beat those people eyeing for the same promotion you are targeting.
  • Less job competition. Because there are less people who have acquired the skills and experience operating this forklift, there are fewer people applying for the same position.

Duration, Cost & Content of High Reach Forklift Training

The high reach forklift training can last for up 8 hours. It can be taken in single day. For absolute beginner, the course can be taken for up two day because the trainees have to be taught extensive knowledge with regards to safety and proper operational procedure.

The cost you will be spending to take high reach forklift training will be around AU$150. The cost may vary depending on the depth of the course, training materials and the modernity of the training facility. If you want to get government funded forklift training, click here.

The training covers fundamentals on inventory and record-keeping, principles of the truck’s operational controls, the physics behind its operation such stability and balance, the course also covers the proper loading, stacking and retrieval and truck’s maximum load capacity and limitations. The training will also tackle the issues on preventive maintenance and equipment inspection and battery recharging and checking.

The course will also cover the current government regulations related to forklift operation, the responsibilities of the operators and his designated supervisor and the obligation of the employer to both of them. The course will also include work planning and management.

But the most vital aspect is safety. That because with the truck’s ability to raise the operator at very high elevation, the most important subject to focus on during the training course is safety. Trainees have to be trained about fall protection and instilling to their mind the use of safety harness at all times when working with high reach forklift. And in some instances, trainer will teach safety analysis and risk assessment and reporting to mitigate risk and danger to prevent accidents.

Applying for HRW High Reach Forklift Licence

  1. The best way to earn LO licence is to enroll for a course. You can take the course from a registered training organization (RTO). There are many RTOs you can find across Australia. We have the list/directory of RTOs in each territory/city, just select the location where you are in the menu.
  2. Once you are enrolled you will be taking the classroom theory/lecture and practical training as compliance to government standard. These two parts are your requirements for earning your high reach forklift licence.
  3. Once you’ve completed taking the classroom and practical training, an assessment will be administered to measure your knowledge and competency. Usually assessment is being conducted by representative of WorkSafe, WorkCover or local government licencing authority.
  4. When you passed the assessment, you will be issued with statement of attainment (TLILIC2002A or licence to operate high reach forklift) and notice of assessment (valid for two months).
  5. Forklift driving is considered as high risk work, and you need HRW licence to operate high reach forklift. To apply for HRW licence, you need to lodge your application. Application of HRW licence may vary depending on the territory where you will be submitting your application. You can ask your trainer/RTO about the processing.
  6. Once you had your HRW licence, it is now has 5 year validity. You need to prove that you’ve maintained your skills and knowledge operating the high reach forklift when renewing your licence.

HRW Licence Renewal

If you are current high reach forklift licence holder, generally, you will receive notice 4-6 weeks before the licence expiration. The notice will be sent to your mailing address you indicated in the application form when you first applied for it.

You need to submit the unsigned renewal notice, you will sign it in the Australian Post where you will submit it together with 100 points of proof of identity, recent passport size photo of the applicant, and renewal fee. Renewal process varies depending on the territory where you are in Australia.

To Conclude This

While you cannot be guaranteed of instant employment after taking the training course and applying for high reach truck forklift licence, it does make a big difference, you can land a good paying job in a short period of time when you go out there to prospect for employment.