how to get trained to drive forklift in ManitobaStatistics shows that operating a forklift truck in the workplace create dangerous situation for the operators and the people around them. Thus the creation of Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Code of Practice for Forklift Truck to help employers implement a training safety program to give protection to drivers of powered industrial trucks. If you are an employer or individual, getting a quality forklift training is a must to have.

It is important to take note that employer must provide forklift training to all of the workers, this is vital part of any safety program. It ensures the competence of the operators in performing their duties and responsibilities safely and securely.

Individuals who are seeking certification on this field can seek guidance from the school. This is where they can learn the operation of the truck at beginner’s level. So it very much ideal to enroll at the nearest school from where you are, we have listed below the training schools in Manitoba where you can register.

How is the Training Given?

  • The Workplace Safety and Health Act obliges trainers and employers to familiarize the trainees with the operation of the specific forklift the trainees intended to use. The training must be specific to specifications, model, use and controls of the truck.
  • The best place to conduct the training is at the workplace itself, in real and actual business operation. This is because trainer can inform the operators of the risk and hazards associated with the present site condition.
  • Safety first! Yes, it is indeed a priority among other things. It is therefore instill to the mind of the workers that safety must be given top priority. The trainer must have a set power point presentation and video presentation to show to the trainees. This may include graphic photo of fatal accident, mutilation due to accident, serious damage to property, and many others that are relevant.
  • The training can be given either by an external consultant hired by the employer or internal trainer appointed to deliver the safety course.

Vital Elements of the Course

There are two parts that must be included in the course: formal education and hands-on training.

  • The formal education can be done in-person inside the classroom or at designated place. The classroom lecture may only last for 4-5 hours. You can complete this stage online. Online course is much appropriate if you want to take the course at your own pace. A written test usually administer at the end of this lecture. If you want to see how to pass the written test, click here.
  • The second stage is the hands-on or practice driving. This should be done in front of a competent person or supervisor to assess your skills driving the truck. The trainer will make the satisfactory evaluation for you to become certified. If you want to see at what areas you will be assessed with during hands-on driving, you can read this article.

Training Schools in Manitoba

Now, that you have decided that forklift driving is your career to choose and you are looking where to start the training, here are the list of providers in the province of Manitoba:

  • Safety Services Manitoba – Winnipeg, P: 204.949.1085
  • Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba Inc. - Winnipeg, +1 204.775.7059
  • Province Wide Safety Training – Winnipeg, 204-612-7651
  • Construction Safety Association of Manitoba - 204-775-3171, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Corporate Health Works - (204) 953-1700, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Assiniboine Community College - Offices in Brandon (204.725.8741 ), Dauphin (204.622.2222 )
  • Rae’s Training and Consulting – 204-654-0879, Toll: 1-866-271-7771
  • Discovery Safety – Virden, 204-748-3553
  • Premonition Safety Solutions Inc. - 204-808-9710

Getting and completing a certification course from the school will definitely increase your marketability and boost opportunity to land a good paying job.

Here’s an article about how to choose the best forklift training school, click here.

Other Cities

Flin Flon, Morden, Portage la Prairi, Selkirk, Steinbach, Thompson, Winkler, Stonewall, Swan River, The Pas, Niverville, Neepawa, Minnedosa, Lac du Bonnet, Gillam, Carman, Altona

Online Certification

There are many companies you can find from the internet who is offering online course. Do not be fooled by other companies with eye-catching websites. When you are looking for this type of course, you should set a criteria choosing one.

You can ask the provider with these questions: how long is the course? How long does the certificate issued? Do you also provide hands-on training aside from online? What are the formats and coverage of the course? How much should I pay?

You can make those enquiries through the telephone or email communications. If you are near from school’s office, you can pay a visit to talk to them in person.

To Conclude This

Getting a forklift license or certification can surely make your life easier when looking for a job. It can increase your chance of landing a job in short period of time. A new individual who are seeking a career path on this field can expect a brighter future, driving forklift is never-ceasing, it is always in demand.

I eagerly advice you to take the training in-person, I do not encourage you to take the online course. You can learn a lot by taking the course with other students in the classroom. In as much as possible, if you can spend time and money, take the course at a reputable training school.

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