How to take forklift license in Mississauga, OntarioYou do need forklift license when seeking employment or to comply with govenment legislation in Mississauga, one of the cities of Ontario. This is your proof of competency. This is your evidence you’ve taken and completed a forklift training course. A license is some sort of wallet-size card, or certificate. This certificate allows you to operate forklifts for three years, after which, you need to get recertified or refreshed your knowledge.

If you’re here that’s because you need to know intricacy of getting a forklift training, take the course and get certified. Hence, we have prepared this simple tutorial to help you guide on your journey.

Here are the information we’ve collected for you to know, here it goes:

When Applying for Forklift License, you need to:

  • Be at least at the prescribed minimum age, minors are not allowed to take the training and get hired by the company.
  • Be physically fit. Working with forklifts requires individual to have physical vigor because working for long hours demands it.
  • To have English proficiency to better understand the course and communicate with others when doing actual job at the workplace.
  • Have high school diploma or GED equivalent certificate
  • Numerical ability may be required when taking the forklift training. This is because some computation of loads and weights may be discussed in the course. It is also needed in the job, receiving and distributing to maintain proper inventory require basic numerical skills.
  • The significant aspect of the training is to advocate safety. Trainee must be an advocate and implement what they learned from the course.

Taking the Forklift Training

  • If you are a person without prior knowledge, decide on what type of forklift you want to get trained on. The course must be specific to that type of truck.
  • Enroll for an available forklift training schedule at the school. Below, you can see the list of providers in Mississauga.
  • Employer who is seeking forklift training for the workers can hire an outside consultant and conduct the training onsite.
  • Trainees must attend the formal education. This is to be carried out inside a classroom. The discussion will revolve around the topics about basic controls and operations, hazards and risks, present rules and legislations. Workplace-specific topics, and other necessary subjects that may be deemed necessary.
  • Pass the written test. To gauge the wisdom acquired by the trainees from the classroom lectures, a written exam will be administered.
  • According to latest CSA b335-15 standard, practice driving must be included. Driving the forklift to get familiar with is good learning path when on-the-job training is not available. This is where you can learn the intricacies of driving forklift, acquaint about its control and use.
  • Get evaluated by a trainer. After everything is completed, you need to be certified by your designated trainer. At the end, if you are successful, you can receive your forklift license, proving you have completed a training.

Forklift Training Schools in Mississauga

When choosing a training provider, make sure that the training is in compliance with provincial and federal regulations and effective in the provision of quality training to the students.

If you are an employer, it is best for you to hire a trainer from one of these school and let the training be perform in the actual workplace. So that trainer can modify the course to suit with the condition of the workplace, behavior of the workers and observed and foreseen hazards.

If you are an individual seeking certification, you can enroll to the school. Take course and get certified in 2-3 days depending on the depth of the course you’ve taken.

Here are the training schools in Mississauga:

  • L.I.F.T. Training - (905) 461-0039, 6130 Tomken Road, Mississauga, ON L5T 1X7
  • Industrial Lift Safety - Mississauga (905) 696-8372
  • Canadian Forklift Training Centre (CFTC) - 7270 Torbram Road, Unit #2, 905-673-7300, 1-888-825-1999
  • Liftow - 4180 Sladeview Crescent, Unit #3, Mississauga, ON, 905-461-0262
  • CN Forklift Training Center - Unit 4,7033 Telford Way, (905)-405-0001
  • TNT Truck and Forklift Training Center - 7150 Tranmere Drive, (905) 676-7575
  • Johnston Equipment - 5990 Avebury Road, 9057126000
  • Safety Training Canada - 7270 Torbram Road Unit #2, Mississauga, 905-362-2111
  • Youth Driving School - 7699 Kimbel Street, (905) 677-1299, (416) 877-1299
  • Lift North America Inc. - 6355 Kestrel Rd, Mississauga, (905) 670-5433
  • A-1 Truck & Forklift Training School - 7585 Torbram Rd, Unit 6, +1 905-405-9990
  • Young Canadian Driving Academy - 2960 Drew Road, +1 905-362-4747
  • New Punjab Truck & Forklift Training School Inc - 1339 Khalsa Dr, Mississauga

How do you know if the training provider is reliable? First, know how long have they been in the business, do they have licensed and experienced forklift trainer, do they have large facility to conduct the classroom lecture and practice driving at, do they have training program that meets or exceeds present CSA standard, do they have different types of fork trucks you can do practice driving, do they supply what they advertise. These are some of the questions you can ask yourself when choosing a provider.

The best advice, when selecting a school, is from your colleague who had training from the school. You can ask your friend or someone you know about their experience taking the training.

You can find some schools from the city like Brampton, Toronton and Ottawa, where you can get enrolled also.

Laws and Legislations on Forklift Safety Training

Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act

General duty of the employer according to this act is to designate a competent supervisor who shall conduct forklift training to the workers. Competent supervisor is define as someone who has the appropriate knowledge and experience to organize a training program and deliver the training to the workers. He is also the person who is familiar with the present forklift safety related acts and legislation. Person who knows the hazards and risks involved in the operation of forklift in the workplaces.

The another duty of the employer is to let the workers or their designate supervisor of the hazards in the workplace and train them in the use of the forklift truck.

Duty of the workers is to report defective forklifts and those needed maintenance, for proper repair and conservation. Worker is also asked to report safety hazard observed at work that could hamper the operation of the forklift and endanger the worker and people around.

Worker is also required not to take out or alter any protective devices (guarding, basket, platform, etc) provided by the employer for the forklift.

Not to operate the forklift if worker do have appropriate training on this type of truck. This could endanger himself or other workers around.

Not to do horse playing, or any boisterous misbehavior when operating forklifts. This include letting other person ride the forks and hind of truck when in operation, racing the truck, or any competition.

CSA Safety Standard B335-15

This new edition discusses the newest components that must be included to a forklift training course. This new standard replaces the previous two and it is now being used as provincial and federal legislation.

The retraining or refresher course of forklift operators is still every three years.

The reevaluation period of every 18 months is no longer recommended. It is replaced by on going monitoring of the employer. Retraining can be initiated when there’s new forklift introduced in the workplace, when there’s change in the working environment, when operators are observed lacking important skills, when there’s a new provincial of federal legislation.

To Wrap This Up

Skills you can get from a forklift training will boost your career. It will open a variety of opportunities. You can be your own company’s safety trainer, you could get easily hired as well, you could also receive your much awaited promotion.

A forklift license is your confirmation of your experience, skills, and knowledge.

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