Getting forklift operator certification in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaOttawa has the second largest population in Ontario, Canada, the largest is Toronto. There are lots of job opportunities in this city such as forklift driving. Companies are always looking for professional and competent forklift operators to man their warehouses and worksites. In order for you to get a job, you must have a forklift certification. Introduce your professional background and prove your skills, and you might become the perfect candidate for the job.

Having the forklift training can boost your employability. If you are an individual , then getting trained is your fastest route to enter into this field.

An employer, seeking certification for their fleet of operators , can improve business operation, save insurance money, avoid equipment maintenance cost, prevent industrial accidents that can lead to injury or damage, if operators are properly trained.

Hence, we have prepared this tutorial, to help you somehow, to achieve your goal.

Forklift Operator Job Requirements

  • Forklift certification, as mentioned initially, is the number one requirements employer is asking from candidates. I strongly encourage you to take the training first before venturing out there for job hunting.
  • Some employers require applicants to have WHMIS and Fall Arrest Training. You can take these two after you’ve taken the forklift certification. Attaining WHMIS and Fall Arrest Training can help you land a job easily and offered higher salary.
  • High school graduate or in possession of GED. This may require from applicant to prove your education. Forklift driving is not just simply transporting and moving goods, it requires numerical skills thus you need to prove your literacy.
  • Employers also looking for ideal applicants who are physically fit since the nature of the job is physically demanding and tiring. You need to work for long hours, and meet production quota.
  • Having prior experience as forklift operator can dramatically improve your chance of getting hired. If employer sees that you have adequate experience, then assure you will be picked.

Forklift Operator Training Schools in Ottawa

The school has experienced trainer and complete facilities and taking the certification at the school is the best place to get trained fast. Here are some of the forklift school in Ottawa:

  • Ideal Forklift Training - 19 Briermoor Crescent, Ottawa, +1 613-739-1816
  • Labor Tek - 1370 Triole, Ottawa, 613.741.1128
  • Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd. - 46 Antares Drive, Unit 3, (613) 225-5169
  • Yale Industrial Trucks - 3205 Swansea Crescent, 800-763-3605
  • Raymond Johnston Equipment - 2100 Bantree Road, Unit 10, Ottawa, (613) 745-0744
  • Industrial Safety Trainers, Inc. – 1-800-219-8660
  • University of Ottawa - 1 Nicholas St. (room 840), Ottawa, 613-562-5892
  • Ontario Truck Driving School - 1-800-799-5627
  • Liftow Limited - 2090 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON, CA, (613) 737-3776

When selecting for a course from one of these schools, it is a good option to choose the most comprehensive, do not get cheap. Do not choose the package for the mere reason that is cheaper. Read the coverage of the training package, the more contents is has, the better it is.

Likewise, when choosing a school, you can ask your colleagues where to best take the training, they might have the ideas. You can also browse the internet to get better understanding of the school.

Forklift Certification Process (step by step)

The training could take as much as 2 days or as short as 8 hours, depending on the depth and comprehensiveness of the curriculum or training package you’ve chosen. These are the steps you need to complete to finish the course:

  1. Determine what training you need. There are many types of forklift trucks, the training must be specific to that type of truck you want drive. There are some packages, the forklift school can offer, inquire with them what best suits your need before enrolling.
  2. When enrolled, you need to be present during classroom discussion. From the lecture you will understand the fundamentals of the forklifts, its basic controls, usage and function, workplace safety, assessing risks, environment factors affecting forklift operation, and many other pertinent topics that may be deemed required. Some school online training, where you can complete the classroom lecture at the computer, during your vacant time, at home or office.
  3. Taking the written exam. This is to administer by the trainer upon completion of the classroom education to measure the knowledge you’ve acquired.
  4. Practice driving follows. This is where you will learn the safe maneuvering of forklift, proper handling of loads, load placement, transporting, and correct unloading.
  5. Evaluation is the last step. At this stage, the trainer will assign different tasks you need to complete. Because you have attained skills from the practice driving, passing the evaluation will be convenient for you.
  6. At the end, you will be issued with certificate and credit card-size license. These are your evidence training completion.

Salary of Forklift Operator in Ottawa

The duties and responsibilities of forklift operator are receiving of goods, picking of ordered materials, loading and unloading of heavy cargos, warehouse material inventory and tracking, transport merchandise, and other general assignment that may be required.

For doing all of these duties, an operator can earn as much as $13 to $16 per hour minimum wage.

If you can succeed to advance your career as internal safety consultant or trainer, you can yield long term career and better salary. If you show your loyalty and professionalism to your job, you are ripe for promotion.

To Wrap This Up

Ottawa can be your haven to get employed as forklift driver. The city has big businesses you can get employed at. Getting licensed will increase your change of getting a job. I strongly advise you to take the certification, get the training completed and it will skyrocket your career.


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