Are you looking for forklift repair near you?We know the importance of equipment uptime in running day to day operation. Without the forklifts, everything would come to a standstill and the business could be crippled.

Equipment uptime is integral especially if the company has a large fleet of forklifts. But forklifts, just like vehicles, will come to a point inevitably when they need repair and maintenance.

You will then opt to find a forklift repair near you, and finding one is just a click of the button - we’ve prepared a directory of repair service companies by state. Please click below the state where you are located…

What that does mean is that you don’t have to scour the web or ask friends and colleagues just to find a reliable service to attend to your urgent needs.

In fact, it a wise to choose a repair service company near you to lessen the impact of equipment downtime as the technician can come to you in no time to get the equipment back on track.

Whether you have a Yale, Toyota, Clark, Hyster, Caterpillar, Linde, or Nissan, and you are looking for a repair service, we invite you to browse the directory below to make things simple for you.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Repair Service Company

You would be surprised there are plenty of service companies and if you do your assignment beforehand, you would find the best one to deliver quality service. Here are some of the few things to consider when you are looking and choosing for a forklift repair near you:

  • Choose a reputable service repair company – a company with many years in the industry is a good sign that they’re reputable. The longer they’ve been in the business, the more likely they have the high experience level fixing a broad range of forklift models.

  • Check the experience and qualifications of the service company’s technicians you’re eyeing – Apart from the reputation of the service company, it would also be wise to check on the qualifications of the technicians. Some of the good signs are that they been doing repairs for years and that they have extensive experience in the different brands and models of forklifts.

  • Make sure to ask about the technicians’ credentials and certification – you might have heard crazy stories of other people who had experience hiring technicians and billed them quite a lot of money for the repair that did not get fixed. To avoid being in that situation, make sure the service company you’re talking to has qualified/certified technicians.

  • Know the technician’s response time – there’s nothing more important than to have the downed forklift get back on track as every second that passes without it costs time and money. The technician must arrive on-site at the soonest possible time to do the much-needed repair.

  • Find a company with 24-hour service – This is ideal if your fleet operates round-the-clock as you don’t know when one piece of equipment would break down.

  • Find a qualified service company that provides a selection of repair and maintenance services including diagnosis of the fuel and power systems, hydraulics, brakes, engine and transmission as these are costly to repair. It would be prudent to let the professionals carry out this kind of repair.

  • Find a service company that also supplies parts and materials - It would be appropriate if the service company also supplies parts and materials so that you don’t have to look for and buy it lessening the time to get the equipment back to operational condition.

  • Get estimates from several service repair centers and compare rates – remember this, no two service companies give you the same prices. Before you commit especially to a major repair, you should make sure to get quotes from them before making the final decision of which one to pick. Also, ask questions such as will the repair estimate be free and how much does the labor rates and do their service repair cover warranty?

  • Ideally, just like mentioned above, you would pick a service repair company near your location - This isn’t just for convenience but also for the mechanic’s quick response time. Likewise, if the forklift repair is significant that it can’t be fixed onsite, and needs to be brought to the shop, the service company can pick up and return the equipment after when the repairs are complete.

  • Don’t decide based on rates – since you’re eyeing an affordable rate, don’t just base your decision on what’s cheapest. The instinct one would do is to get quotes and compare prices. Although, I would not blame you for that but take note that the cheapest rate may not be the worst and the most expensive might not give the highest level of repair you would expect.

Do you need technicians to visit your site to service your forklift? Please make sure to take note of the following advice mentioned above to avoid being in not-so-nice circumstances.

There are plenty of service centers and technicians, choosing one can be a daunting task and confusing, but with the guides above, we’re sure you will not have a hard time finding the right company to fix your truck.

Is the Repair Serious Enough that the Forklift Need to be Brought to the Shop?

The service technician came and inspected your machine and told you that repair cannot be done onsite, it has to be transported to their shop.
This is a dreaded situation you might face and or have encountered in the past.

If you do have to transport your equipment to the service center, it would be appropriate to find the nearest shop in your area as shipping a forklift to the shop and back to your site can be expensive, it might even more costly than the repair itself.

Watch How Preventive Maintenance Is Done

Would You Like to Get into Forklift Repair and Preventive Maintenance Contract?

If you want to get into a repair and maintenance contract, there are several choices you can opt into - emergency breakdown, service contracts, quarterly/bi-annual/annual servicing, complete examination or total/planned maintenance.

Getting into the contract is basically the same as hiring a mechanic to service your vehicle, you get your car serviced and maintained in a particular period to make sure it lasts and that its performance is enhanced.

The same goes with the forklifts, when the forklift is looked after by pros and received regular maintenance, there is less chance for it to break down.
If you’re interested, contact a service company near you and see what they can offer.

Do remember the level of maintenance your equipment receives plays a vital role in its performance. It is much better to rectify the issue before it becomes a big hassle.

To Make a Conclusion

We all know how important the forklift is in running the business. However, it is predestined to break down at some point even with proper maintenance. You should search for a forklift repair near you just in case anything happens.
Please realize that when it comes to forklift repair and maintenance, one service company might not work for you. You end up finding another one that has the plan that’s suitable for your fleet.

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