forklift training at the local job centre in your areaIf you made a choice of driving forklifts as your career for the future, but do not know how to get employment, then the best option for you is to go to the local job centre. Unemployed individuals in UK who would like to develop their chance of landing a good paying job can get the forklift training for free at the centre as well.

In some occasions, job centre offers various occupational trades training, and this includes driving fork trucks. There are government-funded employment centres in your area, such examples are ESF and The Big Lottery, and many others, find one nearest you, talk to the advisor and enquire about your requirements. When you find one, then there are some factors you need to satisfy to become eligible for the forklift training.

How Can You Qualify for the Forklift Training

Some criteria the job centres require before they can accept you for the forklift training for free are:

  • If you are jobless for six consecutive months, the centre could send you to the training course
  • The length and duration you’ve been receiving the assistance
  • You need to show the job centre the evidence that the forklift job is really available or proof of a job offer to you. The advisor will check this though, it could be easy for you, if the job is advertised in the classified ads online, or announced in local paper job listings. You can ask the job centre advisor to call directly the business where the forklift job is being offered.
  • You need persuade them that the training you are requesting will give you an edge of getting employed.
  • The centre can give you guidance to help you make a better decision on training and employment opportunities you need.
  • They can help people with disabilities find a suitable job for them with full range of curriculum and scheme to assist them.

There is nothing to lose testing the water, but there’s a lot to gain if you find a centre. You can save lots of money!

How Can Job Centre Help You Find A Forklift Job

The fact that job seeking is not always easy, it requires smart approach to find one. No matter how experienced and trained you are driving fork trucks and how attractive you curriculum vitae is, it could take some time to get a job as forklift operator. The fact that you are an unemployed and jobless for months just added to your personal stress. Fortunately, there are job centres that can you help you shorten the journey.

  • Advisor can give professional advice in your location, and other scheme that may be appropriate to your plan of action.
  • The job centre has contacts with employer where they can refer you. The qualifications can match up with the requirements of employer. You can actually get a forklift job specific to your level of competency.
  • The centre can give you the information about the social benefits you are entitled with.
  • The advisor can tell you the jobs available in your area or where at the place where you want to get employed.
  • The centre can process quickly your job application with the employer, especially when the employer asks about for the kind of qualification in which you have.

Some Job Boards/Agencies in UK That Offers Fork Truck Training

Be ready and prepared when approaching the job centre, the more persuasive you are to them in getting a job, the more likely they will help you get the forklift training you need. That’s the very nature of their existence. Here are some of them:

  • Phoenix Training Services (Midlands) Ltd. - Phoenix Wharf, Bolton Street, Bordesley, Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 4HH, Tel: 0121 772 4551, Facsimile: 0121 772 3079 / Offer free training and employment support
  • Total People - Unit F, Halesfield 14, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4QR, England, T: 01952 681030, F: 01952 681031, M: 07811 374059, offers training on monthly basis.
  • N-Gaged Training and Recruitment Ltd. - Broomhill Road, Bristol, P: 0117-971-0883, F: 0117-960-2976, provides training and apprenticeship

In addition, you can receive your forklift licence at Free2Learn (, they offer free training course for unemployed individuals. They could give the necessary knowledge to go out there and find a forklift job. The training courses they offered are intended for counterbalance and reach truck types of forklifts. Right now, they provide forklift training at two locations, Hackney (you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and Croydon (you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have enquiries).


Getting a forklift training in job centre is a very beneficial approach for you, as an applicant, for the employer as well. Getting prepared for the prerequisites may seem hard and difficult, but there is nothing to lose when you try. You can save lots of money getting your forklift certificate and effort getting hired.

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