Do Forklift Drivers Need To Undergo Medical in UKThe employers require medical from forklift operators to confirm his suitability for the job. The medical requirement can be requested by the employer during job application process or during employment. The forklift operators need to undergo medical if the employer advises them to do that.

In a typical scenario, it is normal for the companies to know the health assessment of the workers prior to hiring someone or on regular basis at once or twice every year.

It is the discretion of the employer to request for medical procedures for their workers to ensure that they are capable to perform the job since the nature of forklift operation is physically strenuous.

What Does the Health and Safety Executive Say Regarding Medical

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) doesn’t impose regulation about the need for medical requirements of forklift operators for suitability to drive forklifts, as a matter of fact, there is no present legislation concerning this matter.

However, the employer may oblige potential lift truck drivers before employment to undergo medical to determine the applicant’s medical fitness as per company standard.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) published “At a glance: Guide to the current medical standards of fitness to drive” a sort of a guideline when to perform the medical assessment.

It states that medical can be done once if the driver is in between the age of 21-45. If the driver is between 45-65 years old, the medical is required to be completed every five (5) years. And if the driver is 65 years old and above, the medical is required every year.

Depending on the medical diagnosis and advice of the doctor, the period needed for medical can be reduced.

What Covers Medical Examination

The medical examination covers the vision and hearing test, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG and cardiovascular exam, laboratory and x-ray, kidney and liver function and lipid profiles. There could be more or less depending on the request of the medical practitioner.

As a part of a drug-free workplace, you may be asked to submit yourself for a drug test. Alcohol testing can also be included.

Some medical is job-specific and therefore the tests that need to be done are dependent on the nature of the job. Forklift operators need to have the understanding why such medical tests are required and why are they important to the job.

Importance of Employment Medical Assessment

The employer may compel their lift truck drivers to undergo medical to prove their health and physical abilities to conduct the job they are assigned to perform.

Safety in the Workplace and Accident Prevention

It has been conclusively proven medical screening of workers has helped in the maintenance of safety in the workplace and lower the risks of accidents.

A lift truck driver with a prevailing medical condition can adversely affect his ability to operate the equipment leading to a situation that could expose him to danger. Employing someone “not fit for the job” only puts them and other workers in the workplace at risk.

To maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace, medical test to screen for workers may be done regularly. You don’t want employees who are under the influence driving forklifts, their recklessness could result in a serious accident putting everyone at risk. Even your business can be subjected to rigorous inspection by the authority, fines and penalties can be imposed if found negligence on your part as an employer.

For Improved Productivity

The company can definitely benefit from having sound healthy workers. Lift truck drivers who are physically able and in good health condition, lower the risk of absenteeism from work and tend to concentrate more in improving their job, and even the lift truck driver comes to work and if he is not feeling well, he won’t work as efficient as could be. This costs the employer more liability and creates unsatisfied employees. Productive workers make productive business.

Reduced Medical Insurance Cost

The company’s medical screening for forklift operators is to monitor their well-being to create the previously mentioned two factors – the keeping of safety in the workplace and to improve productivity.

With improved workplace safety and happy employees, you can expect fewer accidents or none at all. This lessens the insurance cost for the company.

In A Nutshell

It is the responsibility of the company to conduct medical check-up for the lift truck drivers to assure that the workforce is up to the company’s standard and to maintain safety at the workplace which it should be the top priority of any company.

Lift truck drivers must undergo medical screening. The physical fitness and good health condition are the ones they need for the job. The medical can also alert them of otherwise unnoticed condition that would be likely become grave. The lift truck drivers can seek early treatment.